Newman News Term 4 Week 9: From the Principal

Dear Newman Families

Well, we have reached the end of the term and the conclusion to the 2023 academic year! We celebrated and gave thanks for 2023 in recent days with the Thursday Community Mass, liturgies and assemblies. In each celebration, we focused on the joy of the year, our expression of Marist characteristics and the varied contributions of our students to College life. In recent days, we experienced the Christmas joy of the Primary Christmas Carols Evening and K-5 Awards, the Marian Advent Liturgy, the celebration of the Ed Support Music Rocks End of Year Christmas Concert, Discovery Festival Years 7 to 9, and the Year 6 Graduation and Awards event. Our Year 11 Philippines Immersion returns soon after a truly enriching experience and our Marist Cricket team are enjoying the competition of the Marist Carnival. The term’s end reflects the nature of our whole year program – wonderful opportunities for our students to Shine Through Discovery, both inside and outside the classroom.

Staff Farewells

A sincere thanks to all of these staff; whether they have been with us for a short period or many years, each has made contributions which have helped our students flourish. Some are moving into leadership positions in other schools which speaks highly of their abilities as leaders, and the support Newman has provided in nurturing their leadership. Many of our other departing staff will take their great experience and formation at the College and add to the rich fabric of their new schools. Farewell to Ciaran Allsop, Kate Barlett, Gemma Beekink, Dante Bonarrigo, Rosalba Bottega, Tom Brajdic, Miriam Dell’Oro, Nalini Demma, Lydia Emanuele, Maria Famiano, Annalise Gangemi, Holly-Hope Grainger, Ann Joyce, Steph La Brooy, Terry Leece, Julie Maher, Lana Macpherson, Sophie Monisse, David Nelson, Stella Northey, Angelia Papiccio, Cameron Perrett, Donna Sadgrove, Matilda Sergeant, Jo Smith, Sharon Thompson, Judy Tolcher, Jane Trinder, Tony Vu.

A particular farewell to three of our College Executive who are moving to promotional positions.

Dr Lucie McCrory takes leadership of Mercedes College as incoming principal. Lucie has been an outstanding leader with us, demonstrating her knowledge and skills across our learning, pastoral, child safeguarding and management of our PK-12 environment. Lucie is

set to become the Principal of the oldest continuous Australian Catholic school on one site, as Mercedes College is the origin of Mercy education in the country.

Mr Simon Martino moves to our Marist school Red Bend College in Forbes, New South Wales. Simon has been appointed to the role of Deputy Principal and this appointment recognises his commitment to, and passion for, Marist education.

Mr Thomas Wagner, our Director of Engagement and Operations, has been appointed to the Association of Independent Schools WA as the AISWA’s Director, Strategic Communications and Business Development across the sector. Tom has been pivotal in leading the growth and development of our campus and resources.

Congratulations Lucie, Simon and Tom! We look forward to following the growth of your careers and thank you for your leadership to Newman College.

In turn, we have an exciting group of new teachers joining us in 2024. We have completed our staffing for next year and I am excited by the range of experiences and talents our incoming staff will bring to Newman. I look forward to introducing them to you in the first Newsletter of 2024.

End of Year Message

American novelist, Ursula. K. LeGuin wrote ‘It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.’ Another writer, Douglas Adams, made this observation ‘I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.’ The 2023 academic year ends with today’s Newsletter and it has been quite a journey for our community. In our students, we witnessed a positivity and determination to make the most of every opportunity, event and program. Our whole staff have been professional and generous not only through important in-class learning experiences but a full range of full co-curricular activities across the year. As always, we received great energy and support from our families throughout 2023- thank you to you for the many warm expressions of gratitude to teachers and staff in your Christmas messages. At the end of this article are the key Term 1 dates for 2024.

Advent and Christmas

We are in the season of Advent and we have begun this beautiful liturgical celebration which draws us towards Christmas. The notion of ‘waiting’ figures strongly in Advent; we await the birth of the Saviour. What an interesting message of patience and focus this presents for us against a backdrop of the more commercial tone of rush and a countdown of shopping days left until Christmas. Father Richard Leonard makes this observation about Advent:

‘The early Christians knew that there was no point professing faith in Jesus Christ unless our daily behaviour reflects his kingdom. …. If every Christian lived out the Gospel in his or her daily life, the world would be transformed and Christ would come in spectacular fashion.

…I know that the Lord returns to us every time we love, forgive, share, are compassionate, are generous and sacrificial toward one another. It may not be as grand as dancing suns and tidal waves, but the heroic love of a parent for a child, a spouse for their sick partner and the first world sharing with the third world are spectacular enough for me to believe that Jesus’ kingdom comes every day, in every hour, at every moment.

….May the Advent season sustain us in our waiting and give us courage in our living.”

R Leonard sj: Liturgy Help November 2015

From us at Newman, having the opportunity to support, guide and celebrate your child’s journey is the greatest privilege any educator and mentor can possibly have. I wish every student, staff, parent, guardian and family of our community a joyous and blessed Christmas. I know many parents will have only a small window of opportunity over the break for rest and time with their families, but I hope it is precious time. See you all for the new academic year in 2024!



Newman News Term 4 Week 9: From the Vice Principal

Over the course of the last few weeks students have been engaged in learning and in several community building activities. These experiences have helped to close the year with a sense of Marist family spirit and love of work. Students and families are thanked for the ongoing support and collaboration.  

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the teaching and support staff at Newman College. This is my last year at Newman College, I hand the Vice Principal reins to Mr Michael Chiera in 2024. It is hard to say goodbye to such wonderful students, staff, and families. The place, and the Marist spirituality, will remain in my heart as I move onto my next chapter as Principal. I wish the Principal Mr Andrew Waston, Executive Members and Advisory Council, teaching, and support staff, and of course the students and families all the very best for a bright and happy future.  I look forward to hearing about all the exciting and worthwhile education adventures that the Newman community takes as the years unfold. I wish you all a restful and festive holiday break. 

Commencement Dates 2024 

Please refer to the key dates and events section to confirm commencement dates for all students, new and existing.  Students in Years 1 to 12 must wear full summer uniform and comply with College uniform and personal appearance requirements as outlined on the College website.   

The College will distribute Welcome to 2024 letters mid January that will provide information to assist with your child’s return to school. 

PK-Y12 Family Mass – Wednesday 7 February 

The College invites families to join with staff and students, to celebrate our PK-12 Family Mass to commence our 2024 school year. The Eucharist will commence at 5.30pm on the Marcellin Oval. 
More details will be sent out early next year. 

Leaders of Wellbeing 2024 

PK-2 – Edwina Battersby 

Y3-6 – Justin Kirry 

Year 7 – Will Hofman 

Year 8 – Scott Smith 

Year 9 – Lucy Lane 

Year 10 – Luke O’Mara 

Year 11 – David Husband 

Year 12 – Nathan Pereira 

Uniform Shop Holiday Opening Hours 

The uniform shop opening hours during the holiday break are: 

Thursday 25 January, 9.00am – 12.30pm, and 1.00pm – 5.00pm. 
Saturday 27 January, 9.00am – 12.30am, and 1.00pm – 4.00pm. 
Monday 29 January, 9.00am – 12.30pm, 1.00pm – 5.00pm. 
Tuesday 30 January, 8.30am – 4.30pm. 


Primary – reports are available to view via SEQTA Engage. 

Secondary – all semester two reports will be available on SEQTA Engage after Friday 8 December. 

Should your child not be returning to Newman College in 2024, we remind parents of the requirement to download all reports from SEQTA Engage by 31 December.  After this time the student record is archived. 

Stationery for Primary Students (Year 3 to 6) 

There are no booklists for students in Years 3/4/5/6.  Supplies will be provisioned by the classroom teachers.    

Students will however require the following items:    

  • pencil case   
  • ruler  
  • sharpener  
  • highlighters x2  
  • eraser x 2  
  • coloured pencils  
  • coloured textas  
  • lead pencils x 8  
  • scissors  
  • earphones  
  • glue sticks x 5  
  • whiteboard markers x 5  
  • 5 x blue pens & 5 x red pens (Year 5 & 6 only)  


Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Principal

Dear Newman Families 

Y7 to Y12 Principal’s Assembly  

In keeping with “Shine through Discovery” – Celebration, we were pleased to present a range of academic excellence and co-curricular activity awards at this recent assembly. I was delighted to witness the diversity of talents and skills showcased by our students. The recipients of these awards exemplified the core values we uphold at our College, demonstrating qualities such as perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. 

Congratulations to all the award recipients, and a sincere thank you to our dedicated staff and parents who continue to support and nurture the talents of our students.  

Newman Parents Forum

I extend my appreciation to all the parents who attended the recent Parents Forum meeting to discuss important aspects of our College, including the new Primary build, uniform alignment, OSH Club, communication, bus service, and traffic flow. Your active participation and insightful contributions made the meeting a valuable and productive exchange of ideas. 

Primary School Recitals

I was delighted to attend the recent Primary School recitals, where our talented students left us all in awe with their incredible performances. 

Over the course of several days, our young performers showcased not only their musical and artistic abilities, but also their dedication and passion for the arts. The level of talent displayed was impressive, and it was evident that our students had put in considerable effort. 

I would like to extend my congratulations to all the performers for their outstanding contributions. A special thanks also to the teachers, staff, and parents who supported and encouraged our young talents throughout the preparation process. 

These recitals are a celebration of the vibrant and dynamic spirit of our Primary School and I look forward to experiencing many more recitals in the future.   

Marist Cricket Games 

The Marist Cricket game was held on Monday against Bunbury Catholic College. The enthusiasm from the players, coaches, and spectators created a great atmosphere on the field. Such events not only contribute to the physical well-being of our students but also foster a sense of unity within our school community. 

Well done to all the players for their performance and commitment and I would like to acknowledge the coaches and organisers who worked tirelessly to make the event a success.  

Year 10 River Cruise

The Year 10 River Cruise held last Wednesday was a success!  The event was filled with positive energy. 

Our Year 10 students demonstrated exemplary behaviour, reflecting the positive culture we strive to foster at our College, their attitude and enthusiasm were key ingredients in making the Year 10 River Cruise a night to remember. 

A special thank you to David Husband, the Leader of Wellbeing and the dedicated team of teachers who played a crucial role in assisting and overseeing the event. Your hard work ensured that the evening ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all. 

Once again, a big thank you to everyone involved. 

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day was acknowledged across all campuses and a brief but meaningful service was held to honour and remember the sacrifices made by those who served in the Armed Forces. 

During the service, students and staff gathered to pay their respects, reflect on the significance of this day, and express gratitude for the courage and dedication of our veterans.  


Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Vice Principal

The term is moving quickly, and the students continue to be engaged in their learning across the school. The Primary Build is taking shape, and it is becoming easier to visualise what this wonderful new space will look like. This week we welcomed our new little Newman Beings to the Kindergarten Orientation for 2024, and we had our Year 7 Newman Beings of 2024 return to the Marcellin campus for another transition afternoon. These activities help our incoming students to form mental models, relationships and hence prepare them for a smooth and welcoming start to 2024.  

Class of 2023 Photos

If your child attended the Year 12 Graduation Evening, please access the images here to view and order.

The School Access Code is: NCMC142 

Christmas Carols & Primary Awards Night 

Due to several events taking place across the College we ask for parents support in following the below directions in relation to attending the Newman College Carols event:

  • Parents must park on the Cricket Oval. Enter via Dolomite Ave. With an event also taking place in the Auditorium and the Gymnasium, College car parks must not be used.
  • Toilets for parents are located in the Sports Centre. Students will be escorted to change room toilets by their teachers. Toilets in the Auditorium will not be available for the Carols event.
  • A BBQ will be available for all students and parents on the night.

Kindy to Year 5 2024 Transition Afternoon and Class List Distribution

On Friday 1 December, students from Kindy to Year 5 will participate in a transition session ‘Move Up Day’. This is part of our Wellbeing program, which aims to provide students with a smooth move into their 2024 class.    

Students will be informed of their 2024 classroom allocation on this day and will then spend the afternoon session with their 2024 classroom teacher and classmates. This session will be focused on familiarising students with their new learning space, learning more about their teacher and undertaking some fun activities.  

Class lists will be distributed to families that afternoon, and parents are encouraged to support their child’s placement and successful transition by engaging in positive discussion about the process and excitement about the future possibilities for their child.  

Please note: Class lists are final and no changes are possible.    

Year 3 2024 Transition

On Friday 1 December, as part of our Transition program, all current Year 2 students will attend a Transition Day at the Lavalla Campus, in preparation for 2024.   
The purpose of the day is to familiarise students with the Lavalla Campus and will involve a range of lessons and activities that will allow them to familiarise themselves with and experience their new Campus in 2024.  
Year 2 students should wear their blue Newman College sports uniform and bring their school bag containing recess, lunch, a water bottle, and the College hat.   
Families can drop students off at the Lavalla Campus from 8.15am, and students need to assemble in the Lavalla Hall where their Year 2 teachers will be waiting. Students should be collected from the Lavalla Hall from 2.45pm.   

Year 1 to 6 Swimming Lessons

A reminder Swimming Lessons commence on Monday for our Year 1-6 students. Important information regarding swimming lessons was emailed to all Year 1-6 parents on Monday of this week. Please refer to this email to ensure your child is prepared to start swimming on Monday.  

Click here for swimming information

Water Fun Day at Marian Campus

In Week 9, Marian Campus will be hosting their annual Water Fun Day including water slides, bubbles and all sorts of water play fun for the last day of school!  

  • Kindy – Water Fun Day will be held on Tuesday 5 December.  
  • Pre-Primary to Year 2 – Water Fun Day will be held on Wednesday 6 December.  

Please ensure your child is wearing sunscreen before school. Class teachers will ensure students reapply during the day as necessary. Students from Pre-Primary to Year 2 can wear their Sports Uniform for the day. Students may wish to wear their bathers underneath their clothes/sports uniform.  At different times throughout the day the students will be participating in the water fun activities.    

Students will need to bring:   

  • Bathers  
  • Rashie  
  • Towel  
  • Sunscreen  
  • Hat  
  • Spare bag for wet clothes  

This year, Pre-Primary to Year 2 students will have the opportunity to order a special Pizza meal deal from the canteen on this water fun day.  Parents can view the meal deal for the pizza order on Flexischools. All orders must be placed on Flexischools by 2.00pm on Wednesday 29 November. No orders will be accepted after this date. The canteen will still be available throughout this week, with a limited menu.  

Please note, parents are unable to attend the Water Fun Day. Supervision will be provided by teaching staff.

Lavalla Pizza Pool Parties  

As in previous years, Lavalla students in Years 3 – 5 will take part in a Pizza Pool Party at the Newman College pool on the following days from 11.00am until 3.00pm.  

Year 3 – Monday 4 December  

Year 4 – Tuesday 5 December  

Year 5 – Wednesday 6 December  

Students will need to bring:   

  • morning tea   
  • water  
  • school bathers  
  • rashie  
  • towel  
  • shoes and socks  
  • thongs  
  • hat  
  • Sunscreen  

Students may wish to wear their bathers underneath their clothes / sports uniform on this day.  

Parents can view the meal deal for the pizza order on Flexischools.  All orders must be placed on Flexischools by 2.00pm on Wednesday 29 November.  No orders will be accepted after this date. If your child is not ordering a pizza meal, they will need to bring their own packed food as usual on this day. The canteen will still be available throughout this week, with a limited menu. No other food is to be delivered on the day.  

Please note, parents are unable to attend the Pizza Pool Parties. Supervision will be provided by teaching staff.   

iPad Program 2024  

The College will continue with its rollout of College owned and managed iPads. In 2024, students in Years 2 – 4 will have a College owned and managed iPad. Students in Years 5 and 6 will continue to use their BYOD iPad.  

Parent Representatives 2024  

Each year, a Parent Representative is selected for each class in Pre-Kindy to Year 6.  The Parent Representative role is purely a pastoral and social role for members of the class. In 2024, the College will be advising those selected as a Parent Representatives that their focus is purely and primarily a social, community-building role, which may involve liaising with the class teacher with regards to any support required.   

In 2024 we will be asking parent reps to refrain from providing their parent groups with reminders or information about classroom/school events, dates, etc. The Primary staff have done a lot of work this year in building communication to parents, through initiatives such as the weekly SeeSaw slides from each class. In 2024, it is essential that parents refer to official College communication (SeeSaw, email, Newsletters) as their main source of information as all details are provided through these channels, and not rely on parent reps for this information.  

In the coming weeks an electronic form will be sent to Primary parents asking for nominations for the parent rep role, as well as asking parents to provide consent for their details to be shared with the class rep. Once received, we ask you to fill out this online form as soon as possible.  


Newman News Term 4 Week 4: From the Vice Principal

Last Friday, we acknowledged and celebrated the role that teachers play both in our school and in society. After parents, teachers are charged with the most significant responsibility of forming and educating the whole child. Teachers, therefore, play a vital role in cultivating and influencing the future of society. We sincerely thank all our Newman educators for their work, going above and beyond for our student community.  

Earlier this Term, myself and Deputy Principal, Mr Simon Martino, represented Newman College by attending the Marist Schools Australia regional end-of-year dinner. Key staff in our region were recognised with awards and accolades. We also celebrated the magnificent work of our students and teachers throughout 2023. The Marist characteristics of Family Spirit, Love of Work and Presence were evident throughout the night. It was clear that the school communities are connected, regardless of distance. The Brothers, special guests, school leaders and staff in the region had a great night sharing successes and fellowship. It was an excellent collaboration and celebration, in line with our Vision for Learning. 

NPF Meeting

The next meeting is being held on Monday, 6 November commencing at 6.00pm in the JHN Learning Hub. The agenda will include the following discussion points: 

  • Uniform alignment 
  • Changes to before and after-school care 
  • OSH Club 
  • Primary Build 
  • Communications App 
  • Bus Service Review 
  • Traffic Flow Carpark 

We acknowledge the importance of partnership and collaboration with parents, and we encourage as many of you to join us.  Alternatively, please use the following link to join the meeting online. NPF Online  


Students and visitors to the College are reminded that WACE exams are currently taking place, and Year 11 exams commence next week, Monday 6 November.  The final exam date for both is Friday 17 November.  We therefore ask you are quiet when walking around the Marcellin Campus, especially around the Auditorium and the Exam Centre.   

Christmas Carols and Awards Night  


A reminder that all primary students are required to wear a hat during recess and lunch times, as well as during sports lessons. If your child does not have a hat, please ensure they are provided with one as soon as possible. Please also check the lost property on both primary campuses if you are missing one. 

Secondary students should be reminded they are required to wear a hat if they are on the oval at recess or lunchtime. 

Parking at Marian  

Please ensure all cars are parked in appropriate car parking bays when dropping off and picking up your children. Parking is not allowed on the grassed area outside the pre-primary playground and outside administration or in the staff carpark. Cars parking in these locations are encroaching on footpaths and carpark entries, which is a safety risk for our community. Please pass this information on to grandparents, carers or babysitters who collect children. Council rangers frequently monitor the area to ensure cars are compliant with road parking regulations. Thank you for your support. 

Drop off at Lavalla

We ask for parent support when dropping students off at the Lavalla Campus in the morning. Please ensure you are using the dedicated, albeit temporary, ‘Kiss N Drive’ drop-off lane in the morning to ensure your child can exit your vehicle safely and walk into the campus using the footpath. If dropping your child off from a car bay or alternate location in the carpark, please remind your child they must use the dedicated marked zebra crossings located throughout the carpark. The remaining upgrade works to the carpark, including the permanent ‘Kiss N Drive’ lane, are likely to be completed over the Christmas break. This will significantly improve the carpark safety and functionality moving forward.  

Cross Walk on Tuscany Way 

The traffic warden has observed some students do not follow/ignore the instructions when using the pedestrian crossing on Tuscany Way, making it difficult for him to manage the traffic flow. 

  • Children are crossing the road 100 – 200m away from the actual crossing.  
  • Children are crossing without waiting for the traffic warden to give the clear-to-cross signal. 

The safety of our students is paramount, and students should be reminded to use the crossing correctly.  

Postural Awareness Campaign

Our Scholar in Resident Eric Brukwinski is continuing to work on the Posture Awareness Campaign at Newman College.  Eric’s background prior to pursuing a new career in teaching is a practicing Chiropractor in Perth.  Working with patients of all ages over his career caught his attention on how important posture plays on the demands both at school and home.   Preventative measures at a young age may help prevent long term health issues.   Having awareness of the demands of technology when using mobile phones and laptops require proper strategies to maintain good posture.  Just like we take care of our teeth we need to maintain good spinal hygiene.   

This week a couple posters have been shared across the campus TVs on awareness with backpacks. It is important the students are wearing them properly using both shoulder straps and keeping the backpack above their waistline in the small of the low back.  A backpack should not exceed 10% of the student’s bodyweight. 

Eric is grateful for the opportunity to share some insight over the 5-week program and hoping the students will practice good habits over the years.  The students will be getting a copy of the poster campaign on their Teams in Week 5.  He wishes everyone much success for the rest of the Term 4. 

Thank you Eric for sharing your insight with Newman College.