Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Vice Principal

We have had another fortnight full of events, Newman Parents Forum, Twilight Tours, NAPLAN testing, ACC A Division Swimming Carnival, Y10-12 Parent Teacher Interviews, Y6 IPSHA Basketball Carnival to name a few. The continued collaboration and partnership between our parents and staff enables us to provide a safe and positive learning environment for our students. 

Special thanks must be given to our staff and students who participated in our sporting events. Thank you for your continued hard work preparing for these events, and for our students who showed great participation and engagement on the day. It is with great joy that we celebrate a third place finish in the ACC swimming and our Marist Cricket carnival team continued to thrive winning their third shield this week.  

The end of term is fast approaching and I would like to remind students of our expectations relating to their personal presentation.  Winter uniform must be worn in Term 2 – students in Years 4 – 12 will need to wear their blazers. Information regarding uniform expectation can be found online or in the College diary. 

Assessment Policy 

Assessment is an integral part of the learning process, providing students, parents/guardians and teachers with information on academic progress and feedback to inform future learning. Assessment procedures need to be fair, reliable, valid and transparent. Assessments should arise naturally out of the teaching and intended learning of the curriculum and syllabus. They should be carefully constructed to enable judgements to be made about students’ progress in ways that contribute to ongoing learning. Information collected to establish where students are in their learning can be used for summative purposes and for formative purposes. 

Please familiarise yourself with the College Policies 

Y7-9 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures 

Y10-12 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures 
(Please be aware that students in Years 10 to 12 in the event of illness, are required to submit a medical certificate to the College absentee email address). 

Extended Absences 

Parents are reminded that all extended absences must be referred to the Vice Principal by email. 

Simon Martino (VP Acting) – until Thursday 6 April 

Lucie McCrory – from Monday 24 April 

City of Stirling Parking Notification 

The City of Stirling have advised the College that Mantua Crescent will soon be regulated with timed prohibitions on parking.  

Newman College has ample parking for staff, parents, and students.  

The College expects all students who drive to, and park at school, to use the allocated parking.   

Thank you for your continued support of our College community. 

FAME JR Production


DIRECTOR – Joshua Lang

An exciting lineup of students attended the FAME JR auditions this week. The students are to be commended for the enthusiasm and gusto they each brought to the audition process, working hard to learn choreography and music, to perform for our directing staff and their peers. It was gratifying to witness the students’ love of performing in an atmosphere of fun, courage, commitment, and support.  

It is with pleasure that we announce and congratulate the Cast and Ensemble on a sensational beginning to our senior Newman College production. 

Click HERE for the cast list. 

Key dates: 

Cast meeting: Monday 3 April 12.55pm – carpeted steps, Marist Auditorium Foyer 

Rehearsals commence: Tuesday 2 May, followed by a compulsory parent meeting from 5.45pm – 6.30pm 

Rehearsal schedule: Every Tuesday and Wednesday 3.30pm – 5.00pm  

  • A full rehearsal schedule will be available at the parent meeting with details regarding technical and dress rehearsals. 

Rehearsal intensive: Wednesday 30 August 8.50am – 3.15pm at Newman College  

Performances dates:  

  • Performance One, Thursday 31 August  
  • Performance Two, Friday 1 September  
  • Performance Three and Four, Saturday 2 September  

2023 Adolescent School Based Immunisation Program – Y7 and Y10 

There have been significant changes to how you provide consent for your child/children to receive immunisations via this program.  Consent must be given via a new online program VaccinateWA  

Further details can be found HERE 

Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 May Y7 – HPV (human papilloma virus), dTpa (Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis)  

Tuesday 6 June Y10 – Meningococcal ACWY vaccine  
Please note: only students that have registered their consent via the online platform by Monday 24 April will receive immunisations on the above dates.    

If you have any queries, please contact   

Fiona Halden  
CAHS – Community Health  

Clinical Nurse – School Based Immunisation Program  

16 Rheola Street, West Perth, 6005 |    

M: 0405 657 994  t 08 9321 1312  |  w  w  

Code of Conduct

Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

The Year 12 Ball

The Year 12 Ball is always a highlight on the College Calendar and this year was no exception. Our Year 12 students arrived at Frasers looking fabulous!  Students and staff enjoyed a night of fun, good food and dancing. 

Years 10-12 Parent Teacher Interviews 

On Thursday 23 March, our teachers on Marcellin Campus set aside time to meet with the parents/guardians of our Year 10-12 students: half of these were conducted face-to-face in the Marist Auditorium and half of these were conducted online via Teams. The conversations in the Marist Auditorium were informative and animated with many students attending with their parents/guardians as we continue to prioritise a partnership between staff and parents in support of our students. Our Years 7-9 parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet with their classroom teachers in Term Two on Thursday 27 April.  Details will be forwarded nearer the time. 

Years 9-10 Vaping Presentation 

As part of our Wellbeing Program, last Wednesday 15 March, guest speaker Azelene Williams spoke with our Year 9 and Year 10 students about vaping; she spoke to our students about the effects of vaping on a person’s health, the legalities surrounding vaping and the real risks associated with engaging in this practice. Azelene was able to speak from personal experience, and shared the impact that this has had on her life inclusive of her diagnosis of Stage 1 Emphysema. She took the time to challenge some of the myths associated with vaping. Azelene will return to our College via Zoom in Term Two to speak with our Year 7 and Year 8 students. 

International Women’s Day Speed Mentoring 

On the 8th of March, myself, Ariyana Gaudoin and Evie Liddell were privileged enough to take part in a speed mentoring event at Albert Facey House. The experience was extremely beneficial for all of us, and we each gained knowledge about how to approach our careers both mentally and intellectually. Each of us spent 10 minutes with inspirational women mentors from different career backgrounds surrounding media, politics, STEM, public sector and the arts. They each provided us with advice which would benefit us when entering the job field after school and how best to approach this when the time came. The whole experience was incredibly valuable, and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in the program.  – Bethany Avins Year 12 Catherine  

I felt incredibly honoured to be asked to participate in a mentoring program organised by the Equal Opportunities commission on International Women’s Day, 2023. Becoming the leading women of our generation, it was an honour to be among such accomplished women in the fields of politics, business, and marketing to gain perspective on what a future in that profession might look like. We were given 10 minutes to engage with intelligent women including Alannah MacTiernan, Bianca Sandri, and Lacey Filipich in a speed mentoring style. The opportunity to do so with integrity, empowerment, and leadership gave us the chance to enquire and receive knowledge about the workplace we will soon enter after high school. I feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of such an incredible event, which I hope will go on for years to come and inspire the outstanding young women of our generation. Thank you again Miss B for this outstanding opportunity, it has been a highlight of my year thus far. – Ariyana Gaudoin 12 Marcellin 

Wellbeing Program 

Our Secondary Wellbeing Program is well underway on our Marcellin Campus. Please find below a link to our Wellbeing Program for Years 7-12 and our Scope and Sequence document which highlights the times at which we focus on aspects of the Keeping Safe: Protective Behaviours Curriculum. Please be aware that the Wellbeing Program is subject to change if issues arise. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant Leader of Wellbeing.  
2023 Secondary Wellbeing Program.pdf 

World Health Day Friday 7 April

Friday 7 April is World Health Day. This day is celebrated annually and this year, the World Health Organisation is recognising the importance of Health For All. During Week 10, students and staff will take part in activities and conversations to raise awareness and support students in the different aspects of their health: these aspects being mental, physical, spiritual and social health. More information will be posted on Teams in Week 9. 

Student Parking off campus 

Ample parking for our Year 12 students is provided near the Lavalla Campus which is accessible from Empire Avenue. To use this carpark, students need to speak with Miss Gemma Beekink about obtaining a parking permit.  

When our Newman College students choose to drive to school, we expect that they utilise the carpark provided for them near Lavalla Campus. If this Lavalla carpark is full and students then choose to park in surrounding streets, students are advised to pay close attention to parking restrictions and signs. We also ask that students are mindful of the impact that parking in surrounding streets can have on residents; please refrain from parking on both sides of the road as to allow residents to still use the road safely and have access during the day. The Council have been notified of concerns about parking and signage that denotes parking restrictions is expected to be implemented in the very near future.  

Principal’s Assembly – Wednesday 5 April 

This Principal’s Assembly will be an opportunity for us to highlight two of our pillars as part of our Vision for Learning: Celebrate and Challenge. We will have the opportunity to celebrate the success of our ACC Swimming Team and reflect on the challenges that we have been presented with in Term One of which we have met with perseverance and resilience. 

Maths Support Y7-12 Students 

Students requiring Maths support are encouraged to seek help through their classroom teacher during class time, recess, or lunch.  Additional support is available by attending the following support sessions that run every week on a Tuesday and Wednesday.   

All Y7 – 12 StudentsTues 8.00amS13Bern Willet, Rick Bartlett Ramesh Naidu 
All Y7 – 12 StudentsWed 8.00amS12Nanette Hollis, Paul Schrader, Shirley Muller, 

Students wishing to attend the maths support sessions will need to: 

  1. Bring work that they need assistance with  
  1. EMAIL one of the support teachers listed to inform them of their intention to attend. (This should be done 12 hrs prior to the session they are attending) 

Free STEM Careers Event

The Innovators’ Tea Party is running a FREE careers event for Year 7-9 students and their parents/teachers, showcasing the incredible diversity of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers in WA. And your students are invited!

It’s called Inspire in 5, and involves short 5-minute presentations from Women in STEM Mentors, who will inspire students with their journeys to become successful STEM professionals.

Event details:

Where: Engineers Australia Beeliar Auditorium (Perth CBD) Allendale Square, Level 10/77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

When: Wednesday 29th March, 6-7.45pm (doors open 5.45pm)

Tickets: FREE (reservations are essential, and all students must be accompanied by an adult).

Year 10 HaSS (Geography) excursion to the WA Museum Boola Bardip and Trigg Beach

On Wednesday 1st March, students in the year 10 extension Geography course attended a facilitated workshop at the museum. The purpose of the excursion was to learn more about the way in which Aboriginal peoples over time, developed complex systems of understanding and listening to Country to inform the processes of securing food sources and shelter, and caring for lands in the long term. The second part of the day centred on fieldwork at Trigg beach with an emphasis on looking at the human activities that impact this area and how these activities are monitored & managed to ensure the sustainability of this environment for the future. Despite the very warm conditions on the day, students were very productive and should be commended on their impeccable presentation and participation.

Year 10 Fremantle Prison and Anzac Museum Excursion

On the 1st of March, 2023 Ms Lloyds, Mrs Lanes, Ms Clark, Ms DeGennaro and Ms Gangemi’s Year 10 classes went by bus to go and see the Anzac Museum and the Fremantle Prison. First up was the Army Museum where we got to see the types of guns that were used in the Battle of Kokoda as well as the different types of medals given to soldiers. After we finished looking at all the different artefacts and paintings at the Anzac Museum, we headed to the Fremantle prison.

The Fremantle Prison tour guide gave all of us a tour around the prison. The guide showed us how small the cells that the prisoners stayed in were and how terrible the living conditions were for the prisoners. We were then directed outside to the courtyard which the led to the area where the prisoners were punished if they failed to follow the rules. This place where the prisoners got punished had a room where the prisoners were locked up in a pitch-black room for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of what they did.

The day was an exciting adventure and the information gained will be helpful in our History assessment, coming up.

Theo Sanchez

HaSS incursion – World War I artefact display.

In anticipation of ANZAC day, students have been learning about the experiences of Australians in World War One and understanding what it was like to fight in the trenches on the Western Front. They are currently furthering their knowledge of Australia’s experiences of war by creating a Museum Display of their own, featuring a home-made artifact which links to a specific Australian battle of their choice. Students were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to view some artifacts from World War One with a Museum Box. 

Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Primary

Year 1B Assembly

Year 1B shared a wonderful assembly with this week, with a focus on their learning in the Biological Sciences. The class took us on a safari adventure where we learnt about the features of a range of animals. We also heard about the book Elmer – where students reminded each and every one of us how we are all unique and special in our own ways. To top off a wonderful assembly, we were then entertained by the song Hakuna Matata from the Lion King. Thank you to 1B for an informative and entertaining assembly!

Parent collection of students 

Recently the front office at Marian has had an increase in parents either collecting their children from school before the bell (5-10 minutes early), or well after the bell (3:20-3:30pm). 

A reminder that the school day officially finishes at 3:00pm at Marian, when the school bell rings.  

Unless a student has an appointment, or similar reason for leaving early, all students should remain in class until 3:00pm, at which point parents can collect students. Regular early pick ups cause disruption to the operations of our front office and classrooms as a number of students are called out over the PA System. Similarly, I ask that students are picked up promptly after the bell. The services of MercyCare are available for families who are unable to be at school to collect their children at 3:00pm. Newman College Out Of School Hours Care Program | MercyCare 

I also ask that you let your child know well in advance if they have a different pick-up routine. We do receive a large number of phone calls asking office staff to let students know of changes/updates in pick-up routines. Again, this causes disruptions to our front office staff.  

Your cooperation in ensuring students arrive and depart the campus in line with our school hours is appreciated

Gardening Club 

Marian campus is delighted to announce the commencement of our Gardening Club. This club began with some Year 2 students expressing an interest in gardening in a conversation with Mrs Nicolaou. Since this conversation, Mrs Nicolaou’s Gardening Club has gone from strength to strength, with these students working to redevelop our garden beds – their first job was to clear out and tidy up the garden beds. Next step – plant some seeds! Well done Gardening Club – we can’t wait to see what you will be growing!

Lavalla Parking – Kiss N Drive now open 

The new Kiss N Drive lane is now open at Lavalla. Parents are asked to watch the video to ensure they understand the new process for Kiss N Ride. You cooperation in following this new process is greatly appreciated. Click HERE 

Primary Easter Liturgies 

Easter is an important time in the Church’s liturgical calendar and this year our Easter liturgies in the Primary school will focus on the events of Holy Week, giving students an opportunity to reflect on the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Christ.  All families are invited to join us for the Easter Liturgies at Marian and Lavalla on Thursday 6 April.  

The Marian Easter Liturgy will commence at 9.00am in St Cecilia’s Church. 

The Lavalla Easter Liturgy will gather in the Auditorium at 11.00am. 

The liturgy at Marian will be led by our Year 2 students while all other students are invited to participate by coming dressed as villagers, wearing accessories over their sports uniform. This may include a tea towel/cloth over their head and/or a gown with a sash. They are also encouraged to bring a small palm branch to wave during the entrance procession. 

We are looking forward to welcoming students and families to celebrate in these significant Holy Week celebrations. 

If you have any questions about either Liturgy please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or myself. 

Jane Short (Religious Education Coordinator) 


Online Safety – Have you heard about  

In today’s world, technology and the internet play a significant role in our daily lives, especially for our children. While there are countless benefits to this, there are also some potential risks that we must be aware of. One website that has gained a lot of attention recently is Omegle. Omegle is a website that allows users to talk to strangers online. The site’s purpose is to connect individuals anonymously and have conversations about any topic. It is essential to know that there is no sign-up required, and users are not vetted. This means that anyone can access this site, including individuals with harmful intentions. 

It is important to note that Omegle’s terms of service state that it is intended for users aged 18 and above. However, children under 12 can still access the site if they lie about their age. Children who use the site can be exposed to explicit content, cyberbullying, and even sexual predators. We highly advise parents to monitor their children’s online activity and to educate them about the dangers of talking to strangers online. 

Here are some strategies parents can use to help their children stay safe on the internet: 

  • Communication: Talk to your children about the dangers of talking to strangers online. Have open and honest conversations with them about their online activity and encourage them to come to you if they encounter anything that makes them uncomfortable. 
  • Limit Screen Time: Set limits on the amount of time your children spend online. Encourage them to engage in physical activities, play with friends, or spend time with the family. 
  • Parental Controls: Consider installing parental control software or apps that allow you to monitor your children’s online activity. 
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about the latest internet trends and apps your children are using. This way, you can keep up with the risks and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. 

Additional information can be found on the Australian eSafety Commissioner site  

Justin Kirry (Leader of Wellbeing 3-6) 

Teaching and Learning 

Literacy and Numeracy Support  

What does support look like at Newman College? Across the Primary we follow a three-tiered structure of support.  

Tier 1 is the most critical and impactful level of intervention. The classroom teacher plans differentiated and explicit instruction catering to the need of all students. This is where the majority of students will benefit most and progress through the curriculum.  

Tier 2 refers to small group intervention. This is for students who are not responding to Tier 1 and have more specific needs. These students receive instruction that is targeted at their point of need. This may occur in the classroom or in a withdrawn group. The aim is to shift students back to Tier 1 after short term targeted intervention.  

Tier 3 support refers to intervention for a very small number of students who have not responded to Tier 1 or Tier 2 supports. Tier three intervention reduces the complexity and intensity of Tier 2 support to move at the pace of the student.  

In the next Newsletter I will share with you information about PLD – our new evidence-based approach to Structured Synthetic Phonics (our Spelling program). 

Catherine Young (Leader of Learning PK-6) 

Zero2hero – Nourishing Strong Minds 

A reminder that our upcoming Term 1 Zero2Hero seminar, aimed at primary parents PK-6, is being held on Monday 27 March) 6:30-8:30pm. Topics being covered in this session will include emotional regulation, developmental behaviour, and nutritional links to mood and mental health. Please click HERE see the flyer for more details and to purchase tickets. 

The Fathering Project 

A new dad-driven parent initiative begins this term for parents of Marian students. The Fathering Project is an evidence-based organisation that aims to promote positive fathering behaviours and fathers’ engagement with their infants, preschool, primary school and adolescent-aged children. A group of Marian fathers have worked with the College to create the first event, aimed at fathers on the Marian Campus. Their first event is Paper Planes & Pizza – being held on the Marian oval on Friday 31 March. Please click HERE for details.  

Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians  

One of the strengths of the Newman Community is our Marist ability to be present to each other, particularly during times of struggle.  The incident that occurred last week on the Year 11 Outdoor Education camp to Brides Cave, with the tragic passing of the External Abseiling Instructor, highlights the need for our community to continue to support one another.  There is a great strength in our togetherness. This sense of family spirit is foundational to our school and has its roots in our Marist heart and spirituality.  

Thank you sincerely, for your ongoing support of the College, the students, and our generous staff.  

With Holy week approaching in week ten and Easter almost upon us, now is a good time to stop and remember what this time means to us.  Easter is a season that represents, hope, new life, and new beginnings. A perfect time to close the term, reorient towards our chosen path, as we move towards the holidays.   

Year 12 Ball   

The Year 12 Ball was held Friday 10 March.  It was an outstanding evening filled with dancing, laughter, camaraderie, and collegiality. The young women were stunning, and the young men looked very dapper. The leadership of this cohort in 2023 has been exemplary and the success of the Year 12 Ball was testimony to this point. A special thank you is extended to the Leader of Wellbeing, Miss Gemma Beekink, the PCG teachers and all staff who supported the event in some capacity.

Newman Parents Forum

The Newman Parents Forum met on Monday 13 March to discuss a number of items including College communication, uniform alignment and our Annual School Improvement Plan.  The meeting was well received with a decent spread of parents attending the event. The Newman Parents Forum is a great opportunity to stay informed, provide feedback to the College Executive and collaborate on upcoming projects.   

Secondary Twilight Tour

The College held its second Twilight Tour on our Secondary campus last week. Newman is attracting great interest from families in surrounding areas. There were over 300 people in attendance. The new Principal, Mr Andrew Watson opened the night. It was a great opportunity to showcase our beautiful school and to provide insight into College life and our Marist way. The families present left the campus with a positive and excited vibe.   

Harmony Week  

Harmony week is a celebration that recognises our diversity and brings together Australians from all different backgrounds.  It is a day that fosters inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging.  This week the students shared aspects of their culture by engaging in discussions, prayers, and activities across the College.  The students were encouraged to come to school in the traditional cultural dress of their ancestry to support Harmony Week. It was a joy to see so many students embrace their culture and the spirit of Harmony Week.   

NAPLAN Online Testing 

The National Assessment Programme – Literacy and Numeracy testing commenced this week for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.  Students are assessed in writing, reading, conventions of Language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy.  All testing was completed on an online platform.   Thank you to Mr Bernie Roberts, Director of Curriculum Administration and his team for the preparation and for overseeing of this week-long process. 

ACC Swimming Carnival  

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the A Division ACC Swimming Carnival. The students had a magnificent attitude of encouragement, coupled with a competitive spirit. We placed third overall, a great result. Well done and thank you to each student who participated. A huge thank you to Mrs Marnie Barrett Leader of Sport and the whole Health and Physical Education Team for training, co-ordinating and facilitating these wonderful opportunities for our students. 

Graeme Wood First XI Cricket Shield 

It is with great delight that we congratulate our Marist Cricket Team who won the Graeme Wood First XI Shield this week. Their teamwork and encouragement of each other was strong, they were worthy winners of this significant shield. A special thanks to Mr John Lucas, Br Paul Murphy and Mr Bern Willet who supported the team.

Events Ahead

We look forward to the significant events occurring in the next two weeks; Zero 2 Hero Parent Series and the Year 11 and Year 12 Drama Excursion, Marist Basketball Carnival over east, Game Changers Gatherings, College Tours, the Marian Campus Fathering Project, our Easter Liturgies and Final Assemblies.  

It has been a rewarding but challenging term for our whole Newman Community. We have had to face unprecedented events, and as we move towards the closure of Term One, let us remember to continue to be kind, present and supportive to all those we encounter. Go gently. 

Dr Lucie McCrory  


Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Director of Mission and Catholic Identity

I am the resurrection and the life. If anyone believes in me, even though he dies he will live, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die (John 11:25) 

I find it hard to believe that we are already about to enter Week 9! I often find myself wondering just where the time has gone. I’m sure many teachers, students, and families can probably relate to this feeling too! It is very easy to get wrapped in the busyness of the things that are happening around us, but when we do this, we often miss some of the simple, yet beautiful things that are happening right in front of us. At the beginning of the year, our Acting Principal, Dr Lucie McCrory, spoke about the importance of presence – of being there for one another, taking the time to see those who are among the least in our community, and to encounter others with love. 

These last few weeks I have been looking for this in our community – the ‘God moments’ that help make our Marist Community so special. Moments like Madeline Huo in Year 4 who donated $200 from her own savings to Caritas, Lucy Hayes in Year 5 who ran her own stall to raise $100 for Caritas, Mr Matthew Box and his class in the Marcellin campus who have been leading the way with donations among PCG classes, and Miss Jade Nicotra, who has galvanised Catherine Guild to get involved in a number of fundraisers this term. In addition to this we have had no shortage of student leaders wanting to get involved in raising money for Caritas, and bringing events to their fellow students that are fun and engaging as they seek to make a difference.  

I hope as we come towards the end of this term, everyone can find some time to reflect on what these last few weeks have been like for them, and that perhaps if they haven’t had the chance to see the God moments around them, that they take the time to reflect on this as we move into our final weeks of Lent. There are so many wonderful things happening around us, if we only take the time to see them.

Caritas Fast Tuesday 21 March

Project Compassion brings thousands of Australians together in solidarity with the world’s poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity. On Tuesday, in support of Project Compassion, over 80 students on the Marcellin Campus took part in the Caritas Fast. Facilitated by our student leaders, participants had only a barley sugar for morning tea and a small bowl of rice for lunch as an act of solidarity and to raise awareness to the plight of those in other parts of the world. We are very grateful for the support of those students who took part, and who were able to raise almost $1000 to contribute to the Caritas cause. Well done to all students who took part, especially to our Guild Leaders and our Social Justice Captains Maddie and Sophia. We also owe a big thanks to Mrs Daphne Peters for her leadership and support of students in this initiative. 

Primary Students’ Reconciliation this term

This term, students from Years 4-6 have been taking part in Reconciliation, facilitated by Fr Kaz from St. Cecilia’s parish and Fr Hyginus from Our Lady of Grace parish. The Sacrament of Penance, or Reconciliation, is an opportunity for students to speak about the mistakes and sins they have made so that they may receive forgiveness from God, and in turn, grow their relationship with God. This is an important spiritual practice, and it was lovely to see students engage in this process so well. Our Year 3 students will make their Sacrament of Reconciliation in their parishes a little later in the year, and we will certainly keep them in our thoughts and prayers during that special time.  

Year 8 Retreat

Last Thursday we welcomed our Year 8 students to the auditorium to celebrate their retreat under the guidance of 24:7 Youth Ministry. Students had a chance to build their relationships with each other across games and small group sharing around their thoughts and experiences in their lives so far. The focus of the retreat was around relationships – particularly between students, families, the College, and the Church. Well done to all students who took part so enthusiastically and enjoyed the day, and to Year 8 LOWB Mrs Smith for her support of students throughout the day. 

Student Led Prayer Reflections 

For the past few weeks, we have been very grateful to our Year 12 Faith and Liturgy Captains, Grace and Isaac, who have been leading weekly prayer reflections in the Marian room, which is an intimate prayer space within the Champagnat Chapel. The prayer reflections have been occurring Fridays at 8.15am with a focus on Lenten Prayer reflection and will continue next week also. This will return again for a period of time during Term 2, and again in Term 3 too. All students are welcome to attend these short prayer services; they are a great way to centre yourself for the day, and to take the time to reflect on a piece of scripture as we seek to better understand the life of Jesus.

Easter Liturgies 

Easter is an important time in the Church’s liturgical calendar and this year our Easter liturgies in the Primary school will focus on the events of Holy Week, giving students an opportunity to reflect on the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Christ.  All families are invited to join us for the Easter Liturgies at Marian and Lavalla on Thursday 6 April.  

The Marian Easter Liturgy will commence at 9am in St Cecilia’s Church 

The Lavalla Easter Lavalla will gather in the auditorium at 11am. 

The liturgy at Marian will be led by our Year 2 students while all other students are invited to participate by coming dressed as villagers, wearing accessories over their sports uniform. This may include a tea towel/cloth over their head and/or a gown with a sash. They are also encouraged to bring a small palm branch to wave during the entrance procession. 

There will also be an Easter Liturgy taking place at 2.30pm in the gymansium for Marcellin students, with a focus on The Sations of the Cross. 

Easter Raffle

A reminder to our Lavalla and Marian families to get your raffle tickets for our annual Easter Egg raffle! All proceeds go to our funraising efforts for Caritas. We have had a a good number of donations of eggs and chocolate from our families, but there is lots of time still to drop off a donation or two to the Marian and Lavalla offices. Prizes will be drawn on the afternoon of the last day of term – good luck and remember…you have to be in it to win it! 

Community Mass

A reminder that the whole College community is warmly invited to join us in the Champagnat Chapel at 8.10am on Thursday mornings for Mass celebrated by one of our local Parish Priests and hosted by our students from Marcellin and Lavalla. 

Our final Community Mass for Term 1 will take place on Thursday 30 March and will be hosted by Romero and Year 5 Blue. 

Please see the upcoming schedule for Term 2 below; 

  • Thursday  27 April,  Catherine and Year 3 Green 
  • Thursday 4 May, Brigid and Year 5 Green 

We look forward to seeing you there.