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Certificate Qualifications (VET)

Certificate Qualifications (VET)

Certificate (VET) Qualifications

Students at Newman College have the opportunity to study a Certificate qualification at a TAFE / training provider, whilst also completing their secondary education in Year 11 and 12.

Typically, students go to the TAFE / training provider one day per week to undertake their studies, and return to school for the remaining four days per week.

Many Certificate qualifications require work experience, and this is usually completed during school holidays and/or examination periods.

Please see the link below for the current Certificate (VET) qualifications available to students at Newman College:

Download Link to 2020 VET Courses document

For enquiries regarding Certificate / VET courses, please contact:

Alastair MacNeill

VET Coordinator

Email: Alastair.Macneill@cewa.edu.au

Phone: 9204 9444