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Enrolling Year 7

Enrolling Year 7

At Newman College we strive to be a community that is accepting and inclusive of all. The transition from primary to secondary school can be exciting. It is underpinned by the complex choice of which school is best for your child. At Newman College we aim to challenge students to become lifelong learners. We promote and embrace an holistic education which encompasses academic studies, culture, service, sport and spiritual development. Each of these pursuits is individually important however collectively they have the power to develop your child’s spirit and strength of character: his/her heart and soul. In short, our role is to create citizens with the life skills that have the ability to impact society positively.

At Newman College our transition program ensures a comprehensive introduction to the College and it’s facilities prior to the commencement of schooling. Our sporting clubs provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community while still attending primary school; offering familiarisation with the facilities and connections with current students. These clubs are accessible to the wider community.

Our wellbeing program raises awareness of issues connected to self-worth by creating a positive physical, mental and spiritual environment. We endeavour to equip our students with skills that allow them to take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers.

Secondary education at Newman College is an inclusive model where everyone is valued, everyone is worth listening to, and everyone can make a differenceWe strive to create leaders of tomorrow, ready to enter an unknown world with the confidence to navigate through the shadows of life.

As students enter their middle years of schooling we continue to seek the development of the whole person by challenging them to explore their interests and passions. In this developmental stage we seek to promote young people who become:

  • Independent and self-regulated learners
  • Resilient in their approach to overcoming social, academic and emotional obstacles
  • Adaptable and flexible in their attitude to learning
  • Creative and imaginative thinkers who are able to work in teams to problem solve
  • Informed and strong advocates of Social Justice issues using the Gospel values as guidance
  • Strong advocates for positive and optimistic social change

We encourage you to Book a Tour of the College today, and learn more about how Newman College will support your child’s educational journey.