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School Ministry

School Ministry

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Newman College is a Catholic community in the Marist tradition that is animated by its commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In having taken the name of Saint John Henry Newman, our School Ministry is inspired by the call to move ‘through shadows and images to truth’ in Jesus Christ.

Bishops Mandate

Through Catholic schools, we seek to foster a Christian mentality in our society, and to encourage young people to contribute more broadly to the development of the kind of world envisaged by Christ. One of the key tasks of the Catholic school is to form Christian men and women committed to the love, compassion and justice of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. BISHOPS’ MANDATE (2009, P. 7)

Outlook – Aims of the School Ministry Plan

To provide a School Ministry program that is shaped as a practical response to the imperatives of the Gospel that invites students and the wider College community into diverse experiences of faith formation. We encourage the members of the Newman College community to be involved in an ongoing decision making process for all issues surrounding Ministry and Outreach.


Prayer & Sacraments

Providing opportunities to deepen faith in Jesus Christ through prayer, sacraments and liturgies.

Faith Education

Providing a relevant and innovative Religious Education curriculum.

Parish Life

Actively engaging in partnerships with parishes across the Archdiocese of Perth.

Family and Community

Inviting and supporting the involvement of parents and care-givers in the faith-development of their sons and daughters.

Christian Service Learning

Seeking and opening opportunities for service and community engagement which stimulates a passion for social justice, and heightens awareness of the possibilities for life-long service in the community, both now and post-school.


Linking current and ex-students through the provision of shared faith and services opportunities.

School Ministry Plan

  • Developing formation opportunities for members of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat.
  • A commitment to growing the life of the Marist Association.
  • Involvement of members of the College community at the weekly Thursday morning Mass.
  • Training Acolytes, Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  • Development of School Sacramental Program.
  • Facilitation of whole-school, Guild and class liturgies.
  • Support and assist in pre and post-World Youth Day Archdiocesan initiatives.
  • Developing reflection days and senior Retreat Programs.
  • Broadening opportunities for staff faith formation.
  • Collaboration with 24:7 Youth Ministry and the Youth Mission Team.
  • Development of a Years’ 6 – 8 Youth Group linked to both school and the life of local parishes.
  • Link the Newman Advocacy Group in partnership with local Parishes and Primary feeder schools.
  • Development of Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) Perth.
  • Collaboration with Catholic Youth Ministry, Archdiocese of Perth.
  • Assisting staff in maintaining ongoing RE Accreditation through Catholic Education Western Australia.
  • Support Professional Development opportunities for staff, e.g. relevant pedagogies of religious education, catechetical understandings and Liturgy Preparation.
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities for staff.
  • Development and implementation of all outreach programs through LifeLink.
  • Commitment of three years to an international Immersion to the Philippines.
  • Ongoing financial support to Caritas Australia, Marist Solidarity, St Vincent De Paul and the KUYA Centre for Street Kids.
  • REMAR Youth Ministry Program.
  • Guild advocacy and fundraising events.
  • Dominican Special Needs Youth Group.
  • Interagency collaboration with St John of God Health and the University of Notre Dame Campus Ministry.
  • Development of Marist Youth Mentor Program.