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Early Learning Education Personal & Small Group Tours

Early Learning Education Personal & Small Group Tours

At Newman College we promote and embrace an holistic education which encompasses academic studies, culture, service, sport and spiritual development.

Each of these pursuits is individually important and collectively they have the power to develop your child’s spirit and strength of character: his/her heart and soul.

Of course, your child’s education commences well before they enter primary school and Newman College works with you to prepare your child for the challenges that lay ahead through our Early Learning Centre.

Below you will find some of the very special facilities and activities that we provide at Newman College to give our youngest children the tools they will need as they progress through their school journey.

Why not join us for a Tour of our of our Pre-Kindy to Year 2 Facility located at 49 Peebles Road Floreat?

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Newman College early Learning Centre

Many of our youngest students will also progress through their primary and secondary education at Newman College so you should also take a few moments to find out more about our existing and exciting new facilities under development in our Year 3 – Year 12 campus that underline our school’s position as a premium provider of education in Western Australia…

Newman College Personal & Small Group Tours

At Newman College we regularly run tours to help parents identify whether our school is the right fit for your child.

We are very proud of our school and our students and we always love to share this with families who share our values.

In these difficult times Newman College is committed to supporting the health and safety of students and staff and their families and, as such, we have placed limitations on the number of people we will accommodate for our small group tours.

Why not join us for a Tour of our of our Pre-Kindy to Year 2 Facility located at 49 Peebles Road Floreat?


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Newman College Early Learning Education

Newman College loves the uniqueness and energy of small children. We offer a personalised approach to learning in a safe and supportive environment at our Early Childhood Education campus.

At Newman College Early Learning Centre we weave an informal and flexible play-based learning approach designed to move a child through a developmental pathway towards literacy and numeracy.

Throughout the journey, families remain our closest partners in this process.

Our program promotes the development of children who demonstrate the attributes of autonomy, curiosity, persistence, reasoning, problem-solving, responsibility, imagination and creativity.

Nature Play

The Nature Play Initiative provides students at Newman College with natural, adventurous, and engaging play spaces. These enhance every aspect of their development and early learning.

It encourages our children’s love of nature and learning. In doing so, this delivers benefits in health, cognitive, social and emotional development. It also builds resilience, creativity and environmental stewardship in our children.

Natural play spaces use a blend of natural areas, environmental features and plants. This engages and challenges children, while encourage them to learn about the natural world around them.

Swings, slides and elements typically found in ‘pre-formed’ playgrounds are included, but natural play spaces focus on also offering ‘unstructured’ activities for learning. Therefore, children are able to participate in spontaneous and imaginative play and problem-solving.

Some of the typical elements of a functional and effective nature play space include:

  • A nature zone (e.g. plants/trees and loose materials like pebbles).
  • Bark, rocks, nuts, sticks etc.
  • Sandpit and digging patch.
  • Water play.
  • Outdoor meeting spaces/cubby structures.
  • Equipment for loco motor development (e.g. balancing, swinging, sliding, climbing).
  • Music.

Early Learning Ideas Lab

The Ideas Lab at Newman College is the latest edition to our teaching and learning landscape.

Designed to inspire our early learning students from Pre-Kindy to Year 2, the Ideas Lab comes from the concept of a ‘Makerspace’. Moreover, this is a place for children to explore, create and work collaboratively together.

Newman College Kindy

It is a community centre with tools that combine equipment, community and education for the purpose of enabling students to design, prototype and create.

Newman College aspires to grow creative lifelong thinkers. Therefore, it is not about the teachers having the right methodology to generate an answer, it is about setting tasks where there can be multiple pathways to a finishing point.

The Ideas Lab is a tangible resource for students to explore these paths for themselves.

Early Learning Library

The Early Childhood Education Library is a place where all students are made to feel welcome and are encouraged to grow and learn.

The students and teachers love and value their library. Furthermore, it is used daily to acquire knowledge and discover literature to read for enjoyment.

The library is a safe haven for all students to think, create and share their ideas. Most importantly, it is a hub of learning and a favourite spot to discover new information, to celebrate books and to engage collaboratively with their peers.

Parent Engagement – SeeSaw

Early Childhood Education can be complex for families to understand. However, parents of primary school students can use SeeSaw to engage with their child’s learning experience.

Teachers use SeeSaw to showcase the work of children and the class. Think of this as the mechanism to enlighten your understanding of your child’s education.

No longer when you ask the question, “what did you do at school today”; will the answer “nothing” suffice.

SeeSaw displays images of your child’s work, assessments, tasks and more. Parents can therefore interact with this work and with the teachers.


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Little Discoverer’s Newman College Playgroup

Little Discoverer’s Newman College Playgroup provides a child-focused environment.

Children 0-3 years old and their parents can collaborate in a nurturing space.

Sessions will promote learning opportunities through play, stories and rhyme, therefore developing children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.

Newman College provides the perfect setting to explore Early Childhood Education Centre.

Our dedicated and professional staff are skilled in the education of our youngest students. In addition, they have the ability to use Little Discoverer’s as an opportunity to commence a learning journey that will see children become familiar with a school based environment, supporting their transition to their very first years of schooling.

Before School / After School / Holiday Care Program

Newman College in partnership with Mercy Care, offers before school, after school and holiday care.

The program is available daily at the Early Childhood Centre, 49 Peebles Road, Floreat for Newman College students.

The service is available for children in Kindy (if they have turned 4 and there is a vacancy) to Year 6.

Children in Years 3-6 are transported to and from the Upper Primary Campus each morning and afternoon.

Newman College Programs and Facilities

Education is a journey and your little one will soon grow into an energetic and inquisitive primary school student then to a confident and mature young adult.

Newman College is with them every step of the way and thus we also suggest you take a look at the programs and facilities Newman College provides in our Year 3 – Year 12 campus as your child progresses through their school years.

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