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Vision For Learning

Vision For Learning

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Vision for Learning – Shine through Discovery

Our Vision for Learning ‘Shine through Discovery’ – Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16) inspires our faith and learning community to Challenge, Collaborate, Create and Celebrate who we are and what we seek to achieve. By promoting education in the Marist tradition we, at Newman College strive to animate our delivery of learning, teaching and wellbeing. We also work to underpin our contemporary and relevant pedagogy with innovation and creativity.

At Newman College we promote and embrace an holistic education which encompasses academic studies, culture, service, sport and spiritual development. Each of these pursuits is individually important however collectively they have the power to develop your child’s spirit and strength of character: his/her heart and soul.


At Newman College we continually challenge ourselves to boldly embark on a learning pathway of discovery beyond the classroom to contribute to and become agents of change in the world.

In an ever-changing society, people need the skills, experience, knowledge and confidence to face all of life’s challenges in order to become resilient learners who are willing to take risks to achieve their goals.

Within a safe and positive environment, students feel confident to challenge themselves in developing their faith and learning.

We foster challenge by committing to:

  • Whole-school wellbeing policy that develops social and emotional skills across all year levels
  • Promoting a culture of excellence
  • Growth mindset language and strategies when challenging students in context
  • Teaching and learning which is student driven and data informed and appropriately challenges all students.
  • Teachers challenging themselves to critically evaluate and continually grow as educators through research into current theories and pedagogy.
  • Timely, targeted, formative feedback and feedforward that encourages growth.


At Newman College, we believe that education and learning are interactive, social processes. We believe that students learn best in an environment where they can interact with and experience the curriculum, therefore gaining knowledge and learning how to live. Teachers create a learning environment that maximizes the learner’s ability to interact with each other through discussion, collaboration and feedback. Effective collaboration is frequent and ongoing; and when most successful, an integral part of daily routines.

We foster collaboration by committing to:

  • Frequent, professional dialogue conversations about pedagogy and teaching practice
  • Collective ownership of learning goals and outcomes, for both the individual and whole-school
  • Students who value dynamic collaboration for the successful completion of a task, the usefulness of and responsibility within team roles, and effective representation.
  • Collaboration between staff and students


At Newman College, we seek to foster innovation and creativity through contemporary and relevant practice. In a school where students ‘Shine through Discovery’, the development of critical and creative thinkers is paramount. Students become successful lifelong learners as they generate and evaluate knowledge, critically reflecting upon their assumptions and beliefs to bring about a new way to define their world. A growth mindset that draws from what is known to build a new understanding prepares students to enter and encounter the realities of today’s modern world.

We foster creativity by committing to:

  • Ensuring that students have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills as a gateway to discovery.
  • Providing a safe learning environment in which students are encouraged to take risks and think beyond the classroom.
  • Encouraging questioning, initiative, decision-making, problem-solving, independence and collaboration.
  • Promoting critical thinking.
  • Facilitating different types of presentation demonstrating differentiation, individualization and personalization in learning


At Newman College, we shine through celebration of our faith, achievements, contributions and efforts. Celebration builds strong communities and plays a major role in socialisation, learning and faith development. It encourages a sense of belonging, group coherence and purpose.

To shine, we carry the confidence and self-esteem to achieve growth in our learning through discovery. In celebrating, we encourage intrinsic motivation to develop attributes of tenacity and perseverance, and achieve our full potential. Through celebrating our successes, we believe that self-esteem, motivation and engagement will enhance achievement.

We foster celebration by committing to:

  • Opportunities for members of our Marist community to come together to celebrate with Christ at the centre
  • Acknowledging growth of student learning and attainment
  • Instilling a sense of pride in our students by consistently celebrating their wide ranging performance, efforts and contributions
  • Recognition and celebration of our discoveries and achievements