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Student Wellbeing

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Student wellbeing permeates our teaching programs, our student support structures and the policies that govern the way we engage with students, staff and parents.

At Newman College, we believe that wellbeing begins, though certainly extends, beyond self. We therefore challenge our students to seek healthy reflection on their own being and place in the world but we also require them to support, and meaningfully contribute towards, the lives of others.

Our objective is to develop a holistic approach to wellbeing in and out of the classroom by guiding students towards the development of skills, mindsets and behaviours that contribute to their social, physical, academic and emotional success.

Counselling Services

  • If a student is experiencing challenges with their academic subjects, students are encouraged to speak with their classroom teacher who will liaise with the relevant Leader of Learning.
  • Student wellbeing at Newman College is supported by our Pastoral Care Group teachers who see our Secondary students each day: either in the morning or during Extended PCG time. Leaders of Wellbeing work with our Pastoral Care Group teachers to support our students and have oversight of their year group.
  • At Newman College, we are aware that a student’s learning can be impacted by their wellbeing. A trained Psychologist assists students who may be experiencing mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress, depression, grief and loss. The psychologist works with the College to support our students. On the Primary campuses, the expertise and services of the Social Worker is available.

Student Wellbeing

Newman College recognises the need to promote a climate within the College Community, which encourages a high degree of self-behaviour management and self respect within students, thus allowing them to have a self fulfilling life at the College.

Newman College seeks to provide students with the opportunity to manage and change their behaviour. The Behaviour Management Policy is founded on Respect.

The College Behaviour Management Policy can be found here.

Respect for our Faith

Acknowledge the faith journey of each person and share positively
in the faith life of our Marist School.

Respect for Others

Value differences in other people and respect all who work
in the Newman Community.

Respect for Self

Value the talents we have and achieve to the best of our ability.

Respect for Learning

Contribute to a safe, orderly and productive learning environment.
Interact respectfully with teachers and peers.

Respect for the College

Be proud of the College and show consideration for the property
of others and of the College.