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Student Resources

Student Resources

Book Lists

Download Year 3 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 4 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 5 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 6 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 7 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 8 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 9 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 10 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 11 2020 Requirements List

Download Year 12 2020 Requirements List

Student Diary

The Student Diary is provided to each student in Years 3-12 to assist with information and organisation.

Download Student Diary 2020

The Siena Learning Centre

The Siena Learning Centre opens at 8.00am and accommodates students in Years 7-12 throughout the school day including recess and lunch. Additionally, students can avail themselves of assistance provided by staff and ex-students at the Homework Club which operates between 3.30pm and 6.00pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Assessment is an integral part of the learning process, providing students, parents/guardians and teachers with information on academic progress and feedback to inform future learning. Assessment procedures need to be fair, reliable, valid and transparent. Assessments should arise naturally out of the teaching and intended learning of the curriculum and syllabus. They should be carefully constructed to enable judgements to be made about students’ progress in ways that contribute to ongoing learning. Information collected to establish where students are in their learning can be used for summative purposes and for formative purposes.

DOWNLOAD Y7-10 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures

Download Y11-12 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures

Examination Timetables


Information and Communication Technology

Includes any electronic device or application used by students. It is our policy at Newman College that the use of ICTs be managed through a ‘whole College community’ approach where the staff and parents ensure students are taught appropriate skills, strategies and values.

Download ICT Policy for Students

Download BYODD 2020 3-6 Summary

Download BYODD 2020 7-12 Summary


Download Year 7 2020 Parent Information Evening

Download Year 11 2020 Parent Information Evening

Wellbeing Program

Download Wellbeing Program – Term 1 2020