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Catholic High School Education Y7 – Y12

Catholic High School Education Y7 – Y12

A Catholic High School Education maintains a core focus on wellbeing. Wellbeing is about promoting a better way of life and equality for students. Wellbeing in its simplest definition is: Being Well. It is where the basic human requirements are met, whilst being afforded the opportunity to have optimistic aspirations enveloped in an environment where the endeavour of ‘Being Well’ can be achieved, therefore, attaining a satisfactory quality and standard of life and happiness. Mike Kelly, Founder of the Institute of Wellbeing

Catholic High School Education Newman College Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Catholic High School Education at Newman College seeks to achieve the goals that are articulated in the wellbeing definition above. Therefore, we raise awareness of issues connected to self-worth by creating a positive physical, mental and spiritual environment. Furthermore, we equip our students with skills that allow them to take greater responsibility for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers.

Newman College offers a Catholic High School Education that is inclusive. Firstly, everyone is valued. Secondly, everyone is worth listening to. Finally, everyone can make a difference. We deliver a Catholic High School Education Curriculum that is collaborative and contemporary.

Middle High School Years

As students enter their Middle Years of Schooling we continue to seek the development of the whole person by challenging them to explore their interests and passions. In this developmental stage we seek to promote young people who become:

  • Independent and self-regulated learners
  • Resilient in their approach to overcoming social, academic and emotional obstacles
  • Adaptable and flexible in their attitude to learning
  • Creative and imaginative thinkers who are able to work in teams to problem solve
  • Informed and strong advocates of Social Justice issues using the Gospel values as guidance
  • Strong advocates for positive and optimistic social change

Year 7 Learning Areas

The College has created a number of videos as an introduction to the various learning areas available to Year 7 students at Newman College. These videos highlight areas such as Wellbeing, core curriculum areas, elective areas, as well as learning diversity and IT platforms. Each subject will highlight the learning cycle that students encounter. Click here to view all the videos.


Senior High School Years

In Senior education years students are encouraged to discover and develop their interests and strengths so that they might aspire to leading meaningful lives. As a result, a wide range of academic options await the students whilst Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, Woodwork, Fabrics, Italian and Technology are further opportunities.

In addition, pathways and career counselling resources are available to students to assist in navigating current and future choices.  A wide range of sporting pursuits exist within the College program and beyond in the form of the Newman Sporting Association which offers eight sporting clubs at community level.

Siena Learning Centre and New Learning Hub

At the heart of Secondary Schooling at Newman College lies the Siena Learning Centre. This is an interactive learning space, representing the modern library. The Centre not only hosts lessons and learning experiences throughout each day, it is the hub of learning, including the after hours homework club which often see in excess of 100 students granted access to tutors and mentors to support development.

In 2020 Newman College will commence construction on a new Learning Hub. This facility will see students afforded state of the art learning resources that support our Vision for Learning.


Secondary education at Newman College affords not only a wonderful pastoral care program, but also access to superb educational and co-curricular facilities. This ensures that each and every child has the ability to excel in whatever pursuits they are passionate about. These varied opportunities provide all students with a sense of belonging, linked to activities that enable them to meet like minded people, who challenge each other to improve and succeed. Above all, we are an inclusive community, priding ourselves on welcoming and supporting each and every one of our members.

Gifted and Talented

Newman College provides Secondary students a range of opportunities for academic enrichment, both within the classroom and beyond. The program aims to develop the many aspects of critical, collaborative and creative thinking related to philosophical thought and discussion.

The Program offers a range of co-curricular activities that test and expand the horizons of thinking among our gifted and talented student community, for instance:

  • The Magis Carnival
  • Scitech Brainstorming Challenge Day
  • Philosophy Cafe
  • AGWA Art and Philosophy Day
  • The Bull Hunt
  • State Philosothon
  • Tournament of Minds


The Secondary campus of Newman College uses the SEQTA program to communicate with parents of students. SEQTA is an all-in-one collaborative teaching and learning ecosystem. By bringing together multiple information sources into one easy-to-use Learning Management System, SEQTA liberates teachers from labour-intensive, disparate and fragmented software or paper-based systems. Furthermore, SEQTA allows you to remain involved in your child’s education in an informative but non confrontational manner. To learn more, Click Here.

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