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Notifying the College

If a child is unable to attend school, please click on one of the links below to ensure the College is made aware of their absence. You may also lodge an absentee via the College App.


absenteeprimary@newman.wa.edu.au or

(08) 9387 9900 before 9.00am


absenteeprimary@newman.wa.edu.au or

(08) 9416 9700 before 9.00am


absenteesecondary@newman.wa.edu.au or

(08) 9204 9445 before 9.00am (this is a 24 hours absentee line)

Extended Absences 

In the event of planned extended absences (3 days or more), such as holidays and sporting representations, parents/guardians are requested to inform the Vice Principal, in writing with the reason for the absence, giving as much notice as possible. This procedure will streamline our PK –12 absentees. Please send notifications to Michael.Chiera@newman.wa.edu.au