Newman Norms

Our Non-negotiables

At Newman College, we are committed to ensuring that each student is encouraged to achieve their own success and contribute meaningfully to our College Community. As a Catholic school educating in the Marist tradition, our expectations of all members of our College Community are underpinned by the five Marist characteristics and shaped by Marcellin Champagnat’s desire for every child to be “Good Christians and good citizens”. To allow all members of our community to live out this vision to their truest potential, we respect and agree to a series of ‘non-negotiables’ – our Newman Norms.

A non-negotialble is similar to a commitment. It is something that will be upheld, no matter the situation. Non-negotiables can be a very powerful force in a school community, as they provide consistency and clarity in expectations and help to create a positive and collaborative culture.

The Newman Norms for Marcellin Campus and Primary have been reviewed by student leaders, staff, middle leaders, and the College Executive to articulate the high expectations that we have of our students, from our Marist spirituality to our personal presentation, attitude, engagement, personal success, and integrity for ourselves and others: all of which contribute to the holistic development of each young person.

Newman Norms – Secondary

Newman Norms – Primary