Year 11 Subject Selection

In the Senior education years, students are encouraged to further develop their interests and strengths so that they aspire to leading meaningful lives.

The College has created a number of videos to assist students with choosing the right educational pathway whether it be ATAR, Vocational or a mixture of both.

Year 11 Subject Selection Introduction

Year 11 Pathways Selection Introduction

Year 11 2021 Pathways Selection Information

Year 11 Applied Information Technology

Year 11 Biology ATAR

Year 11 Chemistry ATAR

Year 11 Dance ATAR

Year 11 Dance General

Year 11 Drama ATAR

Year 11 Drama General

Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science ATAR

Year 11 Economics ATAR

Year 11 English ATAR

Year 11 English General

Year 11 English Literature ATAR

Year 11 Food Science and Technology General

Year 11 Geography ATAR

Year 11 Geography General

Year 11 Human Biology ATAR

Year 11 Human Biology General

Year 11 Integrated Science General 

Year 11 Italian ATAR

Year 11 Life Skills Pathway

Year 11 Materials, Design & Technology (Wood)

Year 11 Modern History ATAR

Year 11 Modern History General

Year 11 Music ATAR 

Year 11 Music Certificate Courses

Year 11 Outdoor Education

Year Physical Education Studies General and ATAR

Year 11 Physics ATAR

Year 11 Politics and Law ATAR

Year 11 Psychology ATAR

Year 11 Psychology General

Year 11 Religious Education

Year 11 Visual Art ATAR

Year 11 Visual Art General