Newman News Term 1 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Wellbeing Secondary


Respectful Relationships; Love at Home – How to get along with your kids and help them get along with you (and their siblings)

We all say we get along just fine at home… but there are those uncomfortable niggles. There’s the eye-rolling, the disrespect, the lack of motivation to help out, and the sibling warfare. If we’re honest, most adults have been known to shout a bit too, and let’s face it, we don’t always listen that well to our kids. Conflict and friction at home cause more trouble than we need, and interfere with everyone’s wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some simple, practical things we could do to help everyone get along better – starting right now? Parents will learn the best ‘relationship rules’ for a happier family so home life really does feel loving… most of the time! The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session.
When: Monday 25 March, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Where: Marist Auditorium

Updated ICT Policy

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) includes any electronic device or application used to communicate, create, disseminate, store or manage information such as text, images, audio or video.
Students have the right to learn in a safe environment, including when they have access to ICT to enhance their learning. Newman College is committed to the responsible and educational use of ICT and to the protection of students by providing secure access to these services as part of their learning experience.

The College has completed a period of evaluation on the effectiveness of its ICT policy. While this process involved exploring the current use of ICT at the College, it also involved working with other schools in the Metropolitan area as well as direction from Catholic Education Western Australia. The updated policy is now available for parents, staff and students via the College website. Download ICT Policy

New York Arts Tour Fundraising Initiatives

The Newman Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Dance students have been given an amazing opportunity to participate in various masterclasses during the July school holidays to hone and strengthen their skills in their chosen field of The Arts. Through the assistance of Mrs Grayden, we have been able to create a fundraising committee to aid students to be able to participate in this amazing opportunity. The committee has collectively created a number of fundraising initiatives including:

  • the upcoming Pre Kindy – Year 8 Movie Afternoon of Hop in the Marist Auditorium. Click here to purchase tickets.
  • the donuts and drink stall currently running in the Founders Court after school on Monday afternoons

The overall support from the students has been amazing to see. More will be announced soon for ways to help fundraise for this glorious opportunity.

Liam Street, Year 12 Student

Pathways and Careers Update

Click here for the latest information that will assist students in Years 10-12 to make decisions about future careers and life beyond school.

Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges 2019

Entries are now being accepted for the 30th Annual Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges. Students in Years 4-12 are encouraged to participate. Please register your interest with the Arts Department on the Marcellin Campus by Sunday 12 May to For more information visit

Bullying No Way!

Friday 15 March is the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) which was recognised on our Marcellin Campus. Students were invited to wear an orange accessory to show their support while some of our student leaders handed out information cards and stickers on the day. A big thank you to the staff and students who helped support the day.

Wellbeing and Counselling Team

The College is pleased to announce our newly formed Wellbeing and Counselling Team. The Wellbeing and Counselling team supports teachers, students and families from Kindy to Year 12.

  • Jess Bouquet, Counsellor
  • Amber Newsome, Psychologist and
  • Siobhan Quirke, Counsellor

The team will operate across the 3 campuses and work closely with teachers and Leaders of Wellbeing in supporting our students.

Homework Club and Siena Learning Centre

Homework Club has been very busy the last few weeks with the first round of exams and assessments starting for the year. Students are reminded that once they check out of Homework Club they are expected to leave the school grounds immediately. The Marist Youth mentors are available for tutoring every afternoon as well as our regular sessions.

The Siena Learning Centre has been displaying a number of book series that students might enjoy once they have moved on from Harry Potter. Below is a short list, however there are many more on display in the Centre.