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Year 7 Parent Teacher Expo


Thursday, 14 May 2020

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Advocacy for Social Justice
Project Compassion Caritas Fast Project Compassion

We challenge our students during Lent to participate and contribute to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion. Caritas Australia is the International Aid and Development Agency of the Catholic Church. Its work includes delivery of long-term development programs working with the poorest of the poor around the world.

Our students PK-12 have been involved in raising awareness and fundraising across each campus. Our Year 2 Green class led a beautiful reflection and prayer that raised the importance of water projects in developing countries. The children were incredible in their animation, empathy and solidarity, particularly on the impact of water projects in communities. Both Marian and Lavalla Campuses participated in ‘Walking for Water’ (in solidarity for those in need) and Lavalla campus also conducted a cake stall. This same empathy was reflected at the Year 12 Assembly that focused on the same justice and human rights issue. The indicators in 2020 are stark; 1 in 7 people still go hungry every day and 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water.

It is important that our students, regardless of age, consider and reflect on the notion of supporting and being of service to others. Building empathy, compassion and understanding is critical in their development as people as it is in providing a salient reason why faith and love underpin the Christian narrative.

As a fundraising and awareness-raising event, the College student leaders organised a Caritas Fast on the Marcellin Campus. Over 200 students fasted to promote the work of Caritas and to raise money for Project Compassion. Again, I was in awe of the commitment, agency and advocacy of our students and staff.

This Lent I urge all families to get to know more about the work of Caritas and support them through Project Compassion. Click here to learn more.

Year 12 Mentor Program

The Year 12 theme for 2020 is #2020vision. At the core of this theme is how they will complete their final year through participation and leadership to the significant rite of passage events highlighted by their forthcoming ball. Integral to their final year is the Year 12 Mentor Program. Students have been assigned a teacher and or leader to meet with them regularly to work and provide support in their learning and wellbeing.

This week I met with the eight students who I will mentor throughout the year. Each student is really excited by what is ahead of them though anxious about the unknown. There are many support structures to assist students throughout the months ahead. Our Homework Club, for example, has been a great space for students and teachers to come together to learn and seek help. Course and subject counselling have also been critical to ensure students are on the right learning pathway.

The simple actions are often the most effective for success:

  • take time to reflect and set goals
  • give 100% in every class
  • ask questions
  • seek help always
  • be present to each other
  • have a positive attitude
  • and enjoy the journey.

Marist Life Formation

Mark O’ Farrell from Marist Life Formation visited Newman College last week.
Marist Life Formation

The bus ride to and from the Swan Valley Adventure Centre was about a 30-40 minute ride. Everyone enjoyed the journey and were much anticipating about what we thought the activities will be like and what dorm we will be in. While on the way back from camp everyone was talking about what they enjoyed the most out of the activities and what their highlights were.

When we arrived, the sun was out and shining and it stayed like that for the whole camp. Hot conditions for running around and playing games, but perfect for activities where you get wet! A lot of people I talked to definitely enjoyed the wet and dirty activities because they said that for them it was really fun to get dirty and messy.

The activities were flying fox, bush craft, frisbee golf, commando course, scavenger hunt, canoeing, orienteering and catapult building. It was great to work with other people in your Guild and get to know people that you don’t necessarily hangout with at school. Overall the activities were great fun and I would definitely like to do them again.

The activities didn’t stop at night either. On the first night, we discussed in groups what it truly means to have ‘one wild and precious life’. We wrote a letter to our Year 12 selves and learned a lot about high school from the College Captains. The second night was movie night and we watched Night at The Museum 3.

At every breakfast, lunch and dinner, we would gather in the dining hall where we were treated to lots of delicious food, all in a mini buffet. Croissants, pasta, pancakes and cordial/juice, just to name a few of the delicious foods/drinks.
Our accommodation was very nice. The year was split up into six houses and inside were the dorms (the girls and boys were separate). The six houses were Wattle, Boronia, Lavender, Banksia, Myrtle and Grevillea. The dorms had a lot of space and the showers and toilets were nice and clean for us to use. By Lara Esler and Leo Mason

College Production – Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical
College Production

The College is proud to present Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical; coming to the Marist Auditorium in April 2020.

Adapted by Dennis Kelly and music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, Matilda the Musical is a story of a special girl with an extraordinary imagination and proudly features a cast and crew comprising students from Years 5-12. Click here for a synopsis of the story.

Matilda the Musical will be performed over 5 days:

  • Wednesday 1 April, 6.30pm
  • Thursday 2 April, 6.30pm
  • Friday 3 April, 6.30pm
  • Saturday 4 April, 1.00pm (Matinee)
  • Saturday 4 April, 6.30pm
  • Sunday 5 April, 1.00pm (Matinee)


  • Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $80
  • Adult $29
  • Child/Concession $19

Click here to purchase tickets online via trybooking.com

Year 7 Camp

As we conclude Week 6 of Term 1, I wanted to acknowledge the amazing spirit and effort that Year 7 students put into their Camp experience to get the most out of this experience. Over three days, students pushed themselves in a range of activities at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. Here they developed new skills and learnt to work together as a Guild whilst fostering new friendships within the year group. Behaviour was impeccable and they were a real credit to the College, which I received as feedback regularly. This could not have been possible without the support of some 20 staff who gave up their time to help run this. Click here to read a lovely article by Lara Esler and Leo Mason about their experiences on camp along with more photos from the camp.

Year 11 Geography Excursion

ATAR Geography Studies ventured off on a field excursion to Cunderdin and Meckering. The towns are located 200km east of Perth, and are the sites of the 1968 Meckering earthquake. The students were able to experience what it felt like during the earthquake in the ‘earthquake house’ at the Cunderdin museum and were honoured to be able to listen to Mrs Ann Williams recall the day. Students then headed back to Meckering and were further fascinated to learn more about the earthquake by exploring the bent railway track, crushed water pipe and the old town site.

Finally, before heading back to Perth, the students developed their field skills and took measurements at the fault line, where the uplift of the land is still evident. We were all amazed to be standing on rock, the Yilgarn Craton, that is 2.8 billion years old.

Year 12 Biology Excursion

Year 12 Biology students recently had the opportunity to conduct a polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research – two commonly used procedures used daily in cancer research! A great opportunity for our students to #shinethroughdiscovery outside the classroom.
Biology Excursion Biology Excursion Biology Excursion Biology Excursion

Years 11 – 12 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures


Assessment is an integral part of the learning process, providing students, parents/guardians and teachers with information on academic progress and feedback to inform future learning. Assessment procedures need to be fair, reliable, valid and transparent.

School-based assessment involves teachers gathering, describing, analysing and quantifying information about student achievement. Assessment tasks include, but are not limited to, tests, examinations, essays, reports, investigations, exhibitions, productions, performances and presentations.

General Assessment Information to Students

As required by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA), every student studying a WACE course will be provided with:

  • the College’s senior secondary assessment policy
  • the course syllabus
  • the course outline
  • the assessment outline
  • the grade descriptions for each course.

These documents are available on SEQTA.

The College is committed to giving students, parents and guardians timely feedback about academic performance in a variety of ways, as indicated below:

  • Student achievement is reported formally at the end of Semesters one and two
  • Parent/teacher/student interviews take place during the year and as required
  • Assessed work will be marked and returned to students, with feedback provided, within two weeks of the assessment being submitted
  • Marks will be made visible on SEQTA within two weeks of the assessment being submitted
  • Marking keys will be provided for all assessment tasks.

Student Responsibilities

It is the students’ responsibility to:

  • familiarise themselves with the College Assessment Policy and the Year 11 and 12 Assessment Guidelines and Procedures. Click here to access these documents.
  • familiarise themselves with the assessment program for each course
  • attempt all assessment tasks to the best of their ability
  • submit assessments to their teacher by the advertised due date
  • discuss with their teacher any difficulties regarding an assessment, absence from class, missed assessments, extension requests and other issues pertaining to assessment
  • where relevant, retain all their marked assessments in Years 11 and 12.

Assessing students who do not complete the assessment program

When a student is absent for an assessment task, the reason for the absence must be determined by the teacher and appropriate action taken.

ESaftey Commissioner

The eSafety Commissioner has various functions and powers under Australian Government legislation to foster online safety. It provides information to educators, kids, young people and parents regarding online safety. I strongly encourage students and parents to visit their website and learn about protecting themselves and others. Please click here.

Pathways and Careers Update

Click here to see all of the upcoming list of events that may be useful for students and parents.

Latest Sport News

  • NAS Sport
  • ACC Swimming
  • Individual Accomplishments (Yelena Kelleher Y8 and Tatenda Makova Y12)
  • Newman Sienna Netball Club Pasta Fundraiser
  • Marist Football Club Newsletter

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From the Counselling and Wellbeing Team

Communicating with your Teenager

During the high school years, your child is going through major changes as they figure out who they are and what they want from life. Parents play a central role in helping teens to develop into independent adults by providing support and guidance, but also by respecting their choices and allowing space to work things out for themselves. Part of this means changing the way that you communicate with each other, which can be difficult for both parties. Below are some tips for communicating with your teen:

  • Make talking a part of your routine
  • Be a good listener
  • Ask open, curious questions (avoid using judgmental language or tone)
  • Allow your teenager to talk about their interests (show respect for their opinions, even if you disagree)
  • Show affection and tell your child how much they mean to you
  • Reinforce that you are there to support them
  • Respect their privacy

Relationships between parents and young people can become strained at times and lines of communication can become damaged. Your child may not always go to you for help, but it’s important to remind them often that you are there for them and that you love and care for them. Let your child know if you are concerned and remind them of trusted adults who they can speak with. If what you’re doing isn’t working, try a different approach, and always provide hope that their situation can and will improve.

Visit these websites for more information on how to communicate with your teenager:



“We are called to be Christ’s witnesses through a gift of the Spirit and not on account of our own merits.” Pope Francis

Year 10 Retreat Day

The day invited our students to reflect on their relationships with self, others and God. The focus of the day was integrity, service and leadership. As the students move into Senior School, how will they demonstrate their leadership skills which are the call of service to others? Led by the Youth Mission Team, students learnt valuable lessons through drama, video clips, small groups, games and personal sharings which challenged the students to be the best version of themselves as they navigate through their final years of Secondary School.

Student Reflections

“This experience was exemplary as it was a great day of reflection and focus on our future and our leadership.” Max Hobson

“It was a great day and I think it was a good idea to get away from school work and to get involved with other people.” Charlotte Ding

Primary Easter Raffle

In our efforts to raise funds for Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal this Lent, we will be conducting our annual Primary Easter Raffle fundraiser at Lavalla and Marian Campuses on Thursday 9 April.

Tickets will be distributed to students on Monday 16 March and additional tickets will be available from the office on both campuses. Tickets are 50c each or 6 for $2.50.

Many thanks to the generous donations already made from our families. Further donations of eggs or baskets can be dropped at both the Marian or Lavalla offices.

It has been fantastic to see many families purchasing “slavery free” brands of chocolate. A few of the slavery free chocolate labels can be found below and are available from ALDI, Coles, Woolworths, OXFAM, Chocolatier, Green and Black and Whittakers.
Slavery Free Chocolate

REMAR Blue/Gold Embarkation Camp

Year 11 and 12 students in Remar undertook their Embarkation Camps between Thursday 5 March and Saturday 7 March. The primary aim of the Embarkation Camps is to allow students to form a Christian community, and grow as faith filled individuals. Both camps were highly successful in helping the students to come together as a caravel and prepare for the year ahead.

Year 12 Retreat Student Reflections

“I really enjoyed retreat for multiple reasons. Everyone really came out of their shell and went into it ready to learn new things, become better people and widen their beliefs and understandings. Everyone kind of moved away from their normal groups and instead came together as one. I learnt a lot about family, friends and religion. I’m truly grateful for that.” Eva Thomas

“The Year 12 retreat has to be a highlight of my Newman journey. As a year group, we became so close and I found that it was very beneficial in giving me somewhere to take some time out during a very busy time of year. I spent my time with people that I don’t often talk to and building strong relationships with the people in my Guild and the other Guilds that joined us.” Meg Hobson
Year 12 Retreat Year 12 Retreat Year 12 Retreat Year 12 Retreat

Project Compassion Update

Shrove Tuesday

Our students came together across all campuses to sell/cook pancakes for Caritas in preparation for our Lenten period. A big thank you to our staff and students who came together to prepare and sell the pancakes and those that purchased them on the day. We were able to raise over $1100 for Caritas.
Project Compassion Project Compassion Project Compassion Project Compassion

Walk for Water Marian/ Lavalla

There are many countries around the world who do not have access to clean running water. In some of the world’s poorest communities, it’s normal for women and children to walk for hours to collect water. In fact, 263 million people worldwide spend over 30 minutes per round trip to collect water from a safe source.

Today, Marian and Lavalla held a Walk for Water to raise awareness of the many wonderful water-based Caritas projects around the globe which are funded by Project Compassion. The main purpose of the event was to provide students with an opportunity to stand in solidarity with other children around the world who do not have easy access to safe drinking water.

The Kindergarten to Year 2 students at Marian Campus were challenged to Go Further Together, with each child walking a section of the oval with an empty bucket before being given the opportunity to have a second turn, this time carrying a full bucket. This symbolised the difficulties faced by many children around the world – having to leave their home, walk a long distance to a water source, and then carry a heavy bucket home.

The Years 3-6 students completed a relay event with classmates, carrying a bucket full of water to walk a cumulative total of 3km.

It was a terrific way to raise students’ awareness of issues that face many communities across the globe and discuss steps we can take to support them through Caritas during Lent.
Project Compassion Project Compassion Project Compassion Project Compassion

Caritas Fast

On Wednesday, students in Years 7-12 were invited to participate in the Caritas Fast. Over 170 students participated which saw them forgo their usual meals through the school day. The students were given barley sugars at recess and a handful of cold, cooked rice at lunch and a muffin at the end of the day. This small amount of food aimed to help students appreciate how little some people in our world have to eat. It was a fantastic day which helped raise $2790 for Project Compassion. Thank you to all those who participated and a special thank you to the Ministry Team, Guild Coordinators, Guild Captains, Mrs McFadden and Mr Jones for their support in the lead up to and on the day of the event.
Caritas Fast Caritas Fast Caritas Fast Caritas Fast

Community Mass

A reminder all parents, guardians and families across our PK-12 College are invited to attend the weekly Thursday morning Mass in the Champagnat Chapel, 8.10am – 8.35am. The Mass is an important way that we as a Catholic community seek to nourish and live-out our faith in community with one another.
Community Mass Community Mass

Sacrament Reminder

Families are reminded to visit their relevant parish website for all information regarding 2020 Sacrament dates and registration. The enrolment dates vary, so please take the time to clearly understand the process for your parish. Students in Years 3, 4 and 6 will undertake preparatory work in class so they are able to receive the Sacrament in their local parish.


NAS Sport
NAS Sport NAS Sport NAS Sport NAS Sport NAS Sport

Teams have started the season well and we look forward to continuing that form against Sacred Heart College next week. All students must check-in on their SEQTA Team Forums to get the latest information from their coaches and confirm their availability to play. Parents are reminded to refer to the Parent Information Form and Fixtures for all important information.

Download 2020 NAS Parent Permission Form

Download NAS Summer Fixtures 2020

ACC Swimming

Download 2020 ACC Swimming Training Program

ACC Swim Squad Training has been excellent, with well over 50 swimmers in the pool on Thursday. Everyone enjoyed our team Bacon and Eggs breakfast afterwards. Training is on from 7am-8am Tuesday and Thursday mornings followed by breakfast. With the A Division Carnival now under two weeks away, it is vital that all swimmers attend as many sessions as possible to ensure we are prepared to give of our best. The Training Program is attached here
Swimming Training Swimming Training Breakfast Swimming Training Breakfast Swimming Training Breakfast Swimming Training

Years 3-6 Faction Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to Marcellin faction who took out first place in the Swimming Carnival! It was a very close contest with Marcellin and Knox faction exchanging the lead a number of times throughout the day. Congratulations to Delaney faction who were the winners of the Spirit Award.

Even though it causes great pain to do so, we must also congratulate the students who narrowly beat the teachers in the final race of the day! Congratulations to those students and all others who participated in the day so heartily, and to all parents and teachers for the support and understanding with the last-minute adjustments to the day.

Click here for more results and photos from the day.
Swimming Carnival Swimming Carnival Swimming Carnival Swimming Carnival

IPSHA Swimming Carnival

Selected students in Years 3-6 will compete in the annual IPSHA Interschool Swimming Carnival being held at the Newman College pool on Thursday 19 March from 10.00am – 2.00pm.

There are no shields or points awarded. The Carnival is about giving students the opportunity to compete against students from other primary schools, promoting fun and enjoyment, encouraging everyone to participate and highlight the importance of fair play and healthy competition.

Spectators are welcome!

Individual Accomplishments

  • Luca Chester and Luca Vulinovich (both Year 6) represented the Wembley District Teeball Club and played at the State Carnival. The team won the U12 division! 6 games in 3 days. Both boys played really well.
  • Yelena Kelleher (Year 8) won the Doubles Final at the State Open Age Championships this week in Melbourne beating national champions 6-2 6-2 and came 5th in singles.
  • Our College’s 1st XI Captain Tatenda Makova (Year 12) has made the combined ACC Cricket team. The ACC play the State Schools team today

Newman Sports Association

Marist Football Club Newsletter

Click here to read the latest newsletter.

Newman Sienna Netball Club Pasta Fundraiser


Newman Sienna Netball Club are holding a ‘Golden Ravioli Pasta Fundraiser’ to help raise funds to purchase new equipment, bags, balls and much more.

Golden Ravioli are Western Australia’s leading Pasta manufacturers.  They make authentic fresh handmade pasta every day, here in Perth!

Orders can be placed by completing the order form and emailing it back to prferraro@bigpond.com or texting a photo of the form to 0412 950 880

Download Newman Netball Club Golden Ravioli Fundraiser Order Form

All orders need to be received by Thursday 26 March 2020

Orders will need to be picked up from the Newman Sport complex on Thursday 2 April 2020 from 2.30pm – 6.00pm

Please complete credit card details on the form attached OR email credit card details to Paula Ferraro at the above address.
(Payment cannot be made on pick up as we will have NO Eftpos facilities available)

The start of the new year has been a wonderful opportunity to for students and staff to come together on camps, retreats and reflection days to build quality relationships, develop their independence and come to realise our place in our Marist family. Thank you to the staff for their commitment to these experiences and to the students for their energy, enthusiasm and participation.

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic. We are reminded that the risk of transmission in Australia remains low, the escalation in confirmed cases around the world, combined with the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the virus, is rightly creating concern for many in our communities.

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff remains our highest priority, we need to remain vigilant to any potential for increased risks and take precautionary measures to ensure the safest possible educational environment for children and young people.

College Tours and experiences to Italy, Singapore and the Marist Basketball Carnival in Adelaide have been cancelled as directed by Marist Schools Australia and Catholic Education Western Australia. We extend our thanks to all involved in the preparation and organisation of these opportunities and thank our families and their students for their understanding and support.

The Leadership Team is working to ensure we are prepared to support students in the event they are in isolation for a period of time, or the school is directed to close. In this event, parents will be informed and supported to ensure a continuation of learning, courses and units of work.

Protective Measures
Staff and students have been briefed on Protective Measures to ensure the highest standard of personal hygiene and care. These expectations have been explicitly taught to students. Staff have been advised they may choose to greet families and students rather than offer a handshake. This is simply to be vigilant with protective measures and demonstrate a high standard of personal hygiene.

The College cleaning contractors have been instructed regarding the need for antibacterial cleaning procedures.

It is the responsibility of all families to ensure they support the College regarding protocols of quarantine following international travel.

If Students are Unwell 
The College asks that students who are presenting with a fever or flu like symptoms stay at home until their symptoms are clear.

Notice from the Archbishop’s Office 
Directives regarding temporary Mass changes are in place as a result of Novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

International Travel 
Students or staff cannot attend school if they have:

  • left or transited through mainland China on or after 24 February, they must isolate themselves for 14 days from the date of leaving mainland China OR
  • left or transited through Iran on or after 1 March, they must isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving Iran; OR
  • left or transited through the Republic of Korea, on or after 5 March, they must isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving the Republic of Korea; and
  • been informed by public health authorities that they have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, must isolate themselves for 14 days after the date of last contact with the confirmed case.

Parents/carers are asked to notify Vice Principal Ms Lisa Fogliani if a student will be away for the isolation period and confirm the date on which they were last in the mainland China, Iran and the Republic of Korea. 

Students will be supported with alternative learning arrangements, keeping in mind that the isolation period, provided the person remains well, is a maximum of 14 days.

Children and staff do not require a medical certificate or clearance to return to school but must remain at home until 14 days after leaving mainland China, Iran or the Republic of Korea.

The following countries are listed as ‘Moderate Risk’. This means that students can attend school, but must self-monitor

  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia (including Bali)
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

Click here to access the most up to date list.

All International travel experiences for secondary students in 2020 have been cancelled.

College Communication
The College is prepared to communicate any updates to the wider community promptly and efficiently. The range of communication tools activated by the College include the College Newsletter, SMS, SEQTA messaging (email) and the College Social Media platforms.

Please view following documents for your information:

All large scale community events within the College and between schools and Colleges, are reviewed daily and we will take the required actions as directed by Catholic Education Western Australia and Marist Schools Australia. Parents will be advised of the outcomes of these decisions.

As we continue to respond to Novel coronavirus COVID-19 in our community, please be assured that the Department of Education, Marist Schools Australia, Catholic Education Western Australia, and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia will continue to respond as a collaborative team to advice from the WA Department of Health and provide updated advice to schools and staff as appropriate.

The College contact for any inquiries relating to the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is Vice Principal, Ms Lisa Fogliani.

Newman Parents – A Night with Dr Justin Coulson

A reminder to RSVP to the upcoming presentation by Dr Justin Coulson – Inside the Mind; Raising an emotionally intelligent Child

When: Wednesday 18 March, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Where: Newman College Auditorium, 216 Empire Avenue Churchlands
RSVP: jo.dunn@cewa.edu.au

This FREE session is for parents only. We hope that parents will use the information they learn to better educate themselves.

Newman College Production; Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical
College Production

The College is proud to present Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical; coming to the Marist Auditorium in April 2020.

Adapted by Dennis Kelly and music and lyrics by Tim Minchin, Matilda the Musical is a story of a special girl with an extraordinary imagination and proudly features a cast and crew comprising students from Years 5-12. Click here to read the full synopsis of the story.

Matilda the Musical will be performed over 5 days:

  • Wednesday 1 April, 6.30pm
  • Thursday 2 April, 6.30pm
  • Friday 3 April, 6.30pm
  • Saturday 4 April, 1.00pm (Matinee)
  • Saturday 4 April, 6.30pm
  • Sunday 5 April, 1.00pm (Matinee)

Tickets: Family (2 Adults + 2 Children) $80, Adult $29, Child/Concession $19

Click here to purchase tickets.

Code of Conduct

A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers.

The Code seeks to value the dignity of every person, foster positive relationships, ensuring confidentiality and accountability and supports professional boundaries. Events held during school hours AND outside of school hours that are associated with the College are also supported by the Code of Conduct. Postings on social media platforms that identify the College or College events are also bound by the Code of Conduct.

Any perceived breaches of the Code can be discussed with any member of the Senior Leadership Team. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support of how we strive to partner positively with one another.

Entries are now being accepted for the 31st Annual Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges and we encourage students in Years 4-12 to participate in this event. Please register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form and returning the form to our Music Coordinator, Miss Ashlyn La Cava or emailed to Ashlyn.lacava@cewa.edu.au by Monday 13 April.

Download Expression of Interest Form 2020

Download Important Dates and Information

Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges
CPA poster

Our aim is to provide students with all the latest information that will help them to make decisions about future careers and life beyond school.Please contact Justin Farley, Pathways and Onsite Coordinator for any further queries Justin.Farley@cewa.edu.au | 9204 9457

A Day in the Life of a University Student (Years 11 and 12 students)

Each year Murdoch University runs this successful program during the school holidays, where students in Year 11 and 12 have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a university student. Candidates attend lectures, tour the campus and meet the teachers.

  • Wednesday 15 April: Science, Health, Engineering, Education
  • Thursday 16 April: Arts, Business, Law, Humanities

Click here to register and for more information.

Becoming an Electrician (Year 11 students)

The College of Electrical Training is beginning an Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship class in March. This class will run during school time for two years (suitable for Year 11 students). Click here for more information at.

Thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year? (Year 12 students)

If you are in Year 12 and thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year (either at Curtin, or via direct pathway to UWA) you must sit the Undergraduate Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) this year.

The dates for UCAT testing 2020 are:

  • Monday 2 March: Bookings open
  • Wednesday 11 May: Bookings close
  • Wednesday 1 July: Testing begins
  • Friday 31 July: Last test date

Visit the website to find out more about the UCAT at https://www.ucat.edu.au/

Upcoming Careers Events

Business Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 18 March https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
Medicine Information Day University of Notre Dame Friday 27 March https://www.notredame.edu.au/events
UWA Course Information Evening University of Western Australia Monday 30 March https://www.uwa.edu.au/study/events
Parent Information Evening University of Notre Dame Tuesday 31 March https://www.notredame.edu.au/events
Humanities Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 1 April https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
UWA Course Advisory Sessions: Year 10-11 University of Western Australia 15-17 April https://www.uwa.edu.au/study/events
Medicine Information Evening Curtin University Wednesday 22 April https://news.curtin.edu.au/events/medicine-information-evening/
Careers Advice: Parents of Years 9/10 students Chamber of Commerce and Industry, East Perth Tuesday 12 May linda.winter@cciwa.com
Notre Dame Information Evening University of Notre Dame Wednesday 13 May https://www.notredame.edu.au/events
Engineering Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 13 May https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
Careers Expo Perth Convention Centre 21-24 May
Education and Teaching Course Information Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 27 May https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
Technology Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 10 June https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
UWA Course Advisory Sessions: Year 12 University of Western Australia 15-17 July https://www.uwa.edu.au/study/events
A Day In The Life of a Notre Dame Student University of Notre Dame Friday 17 July https://www.notredame.edu.au/events
Parent Power Hour: skills and employability for the future Murdoch University Sunday 26 July

Wednesday 5 August

Wednesday 19 August

UWA Open Day University of Western Australia Sunday 2 August https://www.uwa.edu.au/study/events
Law and Criminology Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 5 August https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
Notre Dame Open Day University of Notre Dame Sunday 9 August https://www.notredame.edu.au/events
Science Open Evening Murdoch University Wednesday 19 August https://www.murdoch.edu.au/events
Curtin University Open Day Curtin University Sunday 16 August https://openday.curtin.edu.au/
CQ University Perth Campus Open Day CQ University Saturday 22 August studentrecruitment@cqu.edu.au
Admissions Information Evening University of Notre Dame Tuesday 8 September https://www.notredame.edu.au/events

The Herbert Edwards Cup forms part of the competition series run by Tennis West and School Sport WA State Championship for schools. Students in Years 7-9 will compete.