From the Vice Principal – Term 1 Week 9

Parent Teacher Interviews (Year 7-12), Tuesday 16 April

To commence Term Two, we are pleased to offer parents the opportunity to meet with teachers at our secondary school to discuss their child’s academic progress. To accommodate the different availabilities of parents, we are once again providing both face-to-face and online meeting options. This ensures that parents can choose the mode of communication that best suits their schedule and preferences.

9.00am – 11.45amOnline Interviews via Teams
12.45pm – 5.30pmIn-person Interviews in the Marist Auditorium

Parents are encouraged to arrange meetings with teachers to discuss the student’s progress, particularly where the teacher has requested a meeting in the Parent Teacher Online system.

Students are required to be present for the interviews and are to wear the Full College Winter Uniform for in-person interviews.

Additional information and instructions for Teams Interviews will be emailed to parents a few days prior to the interviews.

Please feel free to contact Flora Hughes via email should you experience any difficulty with logging in to the Parent Teacher Online system.

Student Winter Uniform from Term Two

We recognise the importance of collaboration between the school and parents/guardians in cultivating a culture of pride in students wearing the College uniform. Our staff is dedicated to improving the consistency of our student uniform standards, and we kindly seek your support in this effort.

Starting from Term Two, students are expected to wear the College winter uniform. We encourage students to prepare early to ensure their winter uniform is complete and fits properly, ready for the first day of Term Two. Additionally, we remind students and parents to use discretion regarding haircuts and permanent cosmetic enhancements, such as eyelash extensions, tattooed eyebrows, and facial piercings, during the holidays. These changes may not be easily reversed and likely go against our Uniform Requirements and Personal Appearance Guidelines. In extreme cases, students may be required to rectify their uniform discrepancies before they are permitted to commence classes.

We appreciate your ongoing support. I wish you and your family a happy and holy Easter, and a wonderful holiday break.