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Arts Festival


Wednesday, 27 October 2021



Marist Auditorium, Newman College
216 Empire Avenue Churchlands WA 6016


FREE event

✨Student Art Exhibition✨

Make sure you mark this important college event in your calendar – we’d love to see you and your family join us for what is sure to be a FANTASTIC family event showcasing some of the many talents of Newman College students.

Wednesday October 27 from 5PM at our Marist Auditorium


✨The Newman College Temporum ✨

Dance Showcase is being forged, refined and polished into a stunning dance program for the Newman College Community.

‘Temporum’ translates to moments and seasons in time.

The show features items from a variety of moments throughout time, performed by dance students studying dance from years 9-12, as well as our Intermediate and Senior Dance Troupe students.

Doors will open at 9:40am for a 10:00am curtain.

The program is expected to conclude by 12:30pm. Please note that the call time for dancers is 8:30am.

There will be an interval midway through the program where refreshments and coffee may be purchased.



We are thrilled to invite all our Newman College parents, guardians and grandparents along to our annual Parent Soiree taking place next Friday 29 October from 6pm in our Marist Auditorium.

Come along and take part in our first parent social event since COVID!

Guests will enjoy canapes, beverages and live entertainment whilst also enjoying the company of their fellow Newman College parents.

All guests will also go in the running for a $300 door prize from College Partner WINC!

Highlights from Past Two Weeks 

After a very busy term, I have no doubt that there will be many little faces that come home this afternoon excited about the two-week break ahead of them. This break is very well-deserved, for not only students but teachers too. It has been wonderful to see the growth in student learning, and the fantastic work that has been produced across each class and learning area. Not forgetting the events such as Book Week, Wellbeing Week, the Primary Athletics Carnival, RU OK Day?, Primary Disco, Excursions, Incursions, TSH Power of Speech Awards, Assumption Buddy Day, and the Lapathon. Wow!! No wonder we have some tired little people.

Throughout all of these events, what has been evident, is the level of dedication that students display to all areas of their development – social, emotional, cognitive and physical. Any teacher I speak to at Marian will attest to the positivity, energy and effort that they see each day in their students. When we strive to have each child “Shine through Discovery” it is fair to say, that it is easy to achieve these moments when children approach each challenge with such a positive attitude.

I look forward to many more moments of celebration in Term 4, and wish all families a very relaxing, safe and enjoyable holiday break.

Pre-Primary Red Assembly 

Thank you to Pre-Primary Red students, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Seaborn for all their efforts in preparing last week’s assembly. The children explained their in-class learning about forces of push and pull, including some of the toys they had made this term. They then dazzled us with their dancing skills to the boppy song “I like to move it”.

Primary Disco 

With the theme to come dressed as a movie character, it was wonderful to see all the excited faces behind many different costumes as the children arrived for the Primary Disco event last Friday. DJ Rosey was a huge hit and provided lots of games as well as great songs to dance along to.

A big thanks is extended to our Year 11 and Year 12 students who coordinated the decorations and planning for the event. It was a lovely evening of bringing together our community.


Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

Class Allocations 2022 

In Term 4, teachers will begin looking at class groupings for 2022. Many factors are considered when selecting class placements for students and each child’s best interests are the main priority when these decisions are made. Class placements are made in consultation with all year level teachers and significant time and consideration is given to this task. Class placement is made with due consideration of gender, pastoral needs, social and emotional needs, special learning needs, and relationships.

If you believe that your child has needs that require consideration, please arrange a meeting to discuss this with their classroom teacher early in Term 4 or contact me via email at lisa.mcclue@cewa.edu.au. Parents should be aware that requesting a certain teacher is not a consideration in the class allocation process.

Class allocations will be shared with families towards the end of term 4.  I thank you for your understanding and support.

Kindergarten 2022 

Kindergarten 2022 Orientation is scheduled for Monday 15 November from 9.00am. 

Thank you to all families who communicated their preference for number of kindergarten attendance days.

These have now been finalised, and letters have been sent to families confirming kindergarten days of attendance.


Breathe: The Spirit of Life 

As we break for the end of Term 3, our Marist theme, Breathe: the Spirit of Life, is a reminder of what these holidays could look like for many of us. Our Year 12’s will no doubt be feeling the pressure of heading into their first round of exams but should be reminded of the wise words of St Padre Pio “Pray, hope and don’t worry, worry is useless, God is merciful and will hear your prayer”. Through prayer and simply breathing, we can slow down these holidays, take time for family, friends, and ourselves. I will keep in my prayers our Year 12 students who finish formal classes this Term and hope they look back with joy on their time at Newman College.


Remar Graduation

This week our Year 12 Remar students completed their three-year journey of the Marist Youth Ministry Program. The program focused on leadership development, community, service, and prayer. 18 students journeyed together in Remar and the Graduation evening was an opportunity to reflect on where they have come from, how they have grown and how they will move forward.  Students thanked the staff who walked with them over the years, particularly Louise O’Mahony who met with students fortnightly to provide formation. Thank you also to Hannah Parker, Leader of Youth Ministry and Advocacy, who organised the occasion and will be concluding with the Ministry Team at the end of this Term.

This is the final year Remar will be facilitated at Newman College as the Marist Youth Ministry is concluded. However, students can still get involved with the new Marist Youth Ministry initiative, Game Changers. We currently have groups in Year 7, Year 8, Year 10 and Year 11. If your son or daughter is interested in getting involved please let us know.

Game Changers

Year 7 and Year 8 Game Changers students participated in a school clean-up for their final meeting for the term. Students recognised the importance of being part of a sustainable future and reflected on the words of Pope Francis “You are called to care for creation not only as responsible citizens but also as followers of Christ”.

On Friday September 17, our year 10 game changers set off for an overnight retreat up at Ern Halliday, Hillarys. The students were full of energy when they arrived and ready for an exciting day ahead. The leadership retreat focussed on students exploring how they can grow more in their Christian leadership skills by discovering how to live the Marist values of presence, humility, sensitivity, and audacity both individually and with each other.

By exploring pivotal moments in the mission and lives of Jesus in Galilee and Marcellin in La Valla, the students can discover how such moments bring clarity in helping to identify the true meaning and purpose of Christian mission – to be signs of God’s compassion and mercy to those in need. Students will be given opportunities during the camp to explore their own mission and group projects.

Students concluded their retreat on Saturday morning with a mass in the Marcellin campus Chapel, followed by a light morning tea. It was wonderful to have the students’ families come along to mass as well. Thanks to Liam Street, Marist Youth Minister who facilitated the program, Bonnie Keynes, Matthew Box and Hannah Parker who attended and supported the students.

Community Mass 

PK-12 Community Mass continues to be celebrated every Thursday morning, commencing at 8.10am. All families, staff and students are welcome. Community Mass will return on Thursday Week 1 Term 4. We look forward to welcoming you to the Champagnat Chapel.

St John Henry Newman Feast Day

Newman College was the first school in Australia named after the great religious thinker and leader of the 19th Century, John Henry Newman. Declared a Saint by Pope Francis in 2019, the Feast Day of St John Henry Newman is celebrated on Saturday 9 October. To mark the significance of this occasion, our K-12 Community will come together in celebration on Friday 15 October. All Students will gather for a combined Mass in the Marcellin Sports Centre.

Information was sent to families earlier this week.

This is another opportunity for our students to gather as a whole College community and live out our faith story as expressed in our Vision for Mission: to form ‘good Christians and Good Citizens’. We look forward to celebrating this very significant event in the life and history of Newman College.

Ministers of Communion 

Congratulations to Andrea Acuna, Sonia Bruce, Jack Daley, Joshua Downes, Emily Burgess, Sharya Ferdinandusz, Joseph Martin, Isabella Meyer, Isabella O’Rourke, Aneika Short and Joshua Thomas for their commitment to serving the Newman College community as Ministers of Communion. Students underwent formation training with Br Terry, Campus Minister who used the Archdiocese of Perth Guidelines to prepare students. This responsibility is a response to a call to be a model of faith to the students within the College and within their Parish life.

Perth iStand Conference 

Youth Mission Team will be hosting an iStand event these holidays. Click here for further details.

iSTAND Events are for students in year 8-12 (age 14-18 yrs) and are a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow young people in a welcoming environment while learning more about yourself, others and God.
This iSTAND Camp will include activities such as games, group activities, prayer, reflection, testimonies and talks.

  • DATE: 1st – 3rd October
  • TIME: 5.30pm Friday – 1.00pm Sunday
  • LOCATION: Advent Park, 345 Kalamunda Rd, Maida Vale WA 6057
  • COST: $140 inclusive of all food and activities

With two weeks left of Term Three, our Year 12 students are coming to the end of their time at Newman College and assessments are being scheduled across the life of the school, it is an important time to reflect on the College’s Vision for Mission: to form good Christians and good citizens and our Marist theme for 2021 Breathe: The Spirit of Life. This calls us to pause and reflect on our life and what is most important. I encourage all staff, students and families to give thanks for our experience, to reach out to friends or family in lockdown around Australia who may be struggling and to remember that as Marist’s we follow Mary’s example and place our trust in God and the plan God has for us. By trusting in God, we can recognise God’s love, grace and compassion and finish the term with the hope that we can truly let our light shine.

Governor’s Prayer Breakfast 

Newman College has launched its Christian Service Learning Program, Living Marist, with Year 7 and 8 students. The purpose is to engage students in service activities that challenge them to reflect, discern and act in the community. Students have participated in a range of activities across, recently supporting Lavalla and Marian students. Congratulations to our students and keep up the good work. There actions espouse the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work.

Marist Connect Night 

As Marist school we offer students opportunities to engage in formation that allows them to meet with students from other Marist schools. For the second time this year, students gathered, this time at Bunbury Catholic College to reflect on their future and what it means to follow God’s call in their life. One of our Yr11 students reflects below.

On the 7th of September, 5 of the year 11 Gamechangers members along with Mrs Parker and Mrs Day-Perkins took off to Bunbury Catholic College for a connect night. Connect nights are organized throughout the year and allow Year 11 and 12 students from Marist schools to come together to connect and share ideas centred on the Marist principals.

Bunbury Catholic College is a Marist school set in the South-West of Perth. Once there we met a group of Year 11’s and 12’s and with the help of the teachers began to discuss school life through the Marist traditions. We started connecting by looking at ourselves and how we live according to faith. This conversation grew and soon enough we were having fun and connecting through activities like making paper airplanes that had fun facts written on them about each of us. After throwing the paper planes we then had to match the fun fact to the person. This is harder than what it seems especially when you are meeting for the first time but it still makes for a great activity allowing all of us to share a little bit about ourselves!

After some initial activities, we shared a meal. Where we continued to connect over pizza and talking about how we see life after school and our plans for our future. Finally, we heard from Liam Street, an ex-Newman student and the Marist Youth Ministry Leader who spoke to us about vocation and what to think about when we finish at school. Once he shared his story about finding his vocation, it was over to the teachers who formed a Q&A panel where they shared their vocational experiences.
Thanks Bunbury Catholic College for a great evening.

– Sonia Bruce, Year 11 student. 

Thursday morning Community Mass 

very Thursday morning family’s are invited to join students and staff to celebrate the Eucharist with local priests from our parishes. The final two weeks of our Community Mass see Thomas More and Year 4 in Week 9 and Romero and Year 3 in week 10. It has been such a blessing to welcome our Year 2 students to our Community Mass in line with our Vision for Mission and their transition to Year 3.
Mr Sullivan, Thomas More Guild Coordinator sent the following message to families earlier this term.

On Thursday the 16th of September at 8.10am, the Thomas More Guild is participating in their community mass for years 7-12 at the Marcellin Campus Chapel. This is an important time for students across the Marcellin Campus as it will be the last mass that Year 12 students will be a part of before they commence their exams as well as marking the start of transition into 2022.

I wish to extend the invitation to all family members of students in the Thomas More Guild. This can be past students, pre-high school children, grandparents and extended family. As the new Co-Ordinator for Thomas More guild I want to foster a sense of family spirit across all year groups.

I understand that there may be other priorities such as work that may get in the way of attending the mass, however it would be great to see families come together particularly in these uncertain times.
We look forward to seeing you in the Champagnat Chapel at 8.10am.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation 

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is an important part of our Catholic faith. This year, students across the primary and secondary have had the opportunity to celebrate this sacrament in year groups. The secondary students have been led by priests from the Redemptorist Monastery led by Fr Edmond Nixon and primary students have been led by Fr Kaz Stuglik from Floreat Parish. The sacrament is an opportunity for students to seek forgiveness and reflect on God’s love and mercy in their lives. We encourage all our families to participate in this sacrament through their local parish.

Floreat Parish Youth Mass

On Sunday 19 September, Floreat Parish supported by 24/7 Youth Ministry will be celebrating a Youth Mass. This celebration is an opportunity for students who recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation to come along and share in the Eucharist, games and light refreshments. We all encourage all our Year 6 families to come along and celebrate. The parish will be providing an experience for our young people every third Sunday. Mass commences at 9.30am at St Cecilia’s Church.

Ministers of Communion Preparation  

In line with our Vision for Mission: to form “good Christians and good citizens”, we have had some of our Year 11 students apply to participate in the ministering of Holy Communion. This means they will undertake training with Br Terry, reflecting on what it means to serve in the Church and the sacredness of the Eucharist. Congratulations to our students who have put their name forward to be leaders in this way at Newman College.

Special Marist Project: Marist Institute launches Global network

At Newman College we are proud to be part of Marist Schools Australia and an international community that shares a vision “to make Jesus Christ known and loved.” Recently, Newman College was asked to be part of the International Marist Institutes Global Network launch. On Wednesday 15 September, students from across the College will participate in creating a new logo for the network that seeks to demonstrate the diversity of our Marist community and its vision for our Marists communities to be “a place where we all belong!” Click here to learn more about this initiative and how it will help build a better place for young people in our world.

Highlights from Past Two Weeks 

As an avid reader myself and member of a book club, I am constantly talking to others about the last great book that I have read and what I plan to read next. It is this love of literacy and reading, and ability to escape into another world through literature, that I am always hoping is fostered in our students too. In early childhood, we watch as children learn the early skills of reading through phonics, and then experience success as they understand the alphabetic code and begin to make meaning from what they are reading. As the well-known quote tells us “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, whereas the man who never reads lives only once”. We are fortunate to have teachers who are so passionate about bringing a love of reading to our students.

Indigenous Literacy Book Swap 

This past week, our Librarian Mrs Alison Le Dan and Library Technician, Miss Catherine Hall organised the Indigenous Literacy Book Swap, to further foster our Marian students love of reading, whilst raising much needed funds for remote indigenous communities. The Great Book Swap is an initiative of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation that seeks to provide culturally appropriate books to remote communities, with the knowledge that literacy changes lives and offers future choices for employment, education, social participation and quality of life. Thank you to all our families who supported this event through either the donation of books or purchase of books for their children.

Father’s Day Liturgy 

Thank you to our Year 1 students and their teachers, who prepared such a beautiful liturgy to celebrate the important role that father’s play in our children’s lives. It was wonderful to see the very strong attendance of Marian fathers at the liturgy. We hope you all managed some rest and enjoyment on Father’s Day.

R U Ok Day? 

Yesterday was R U Ok day? and students were given the opportunity to purchase a yellow cupcake to raise awareness of mental health. I discussed with our Year 1 and 2 students how we often check on others physical health but are not so good at checking on mental health.  When we see a friend fall over and hurt themselves, we often rush over to ask “Are you ok?” or if they’ve broken their arm, we do the same. These injuries are visible to us and are easy to spot. Mental health is not always so easy but being mental first aiders is equally important. Our children can begin from a young age asking their friends “Are you ok?” when they notice that their friend is sad, or not quite themselves. In the same way that we too, as adults, should make this commitment.

Athletics Carnival 

What a fun-filled, exciting day! It was wonderful to celebrate our first PP-6 Athletics Carnival today, and it was evident that the students thoroughly enjoyed the day and had many opportunities for competition, team spirit and sportsmanship. A massive thank you needs to be extended to Mrs Lara Vlahov, who coordinated and prepared Marian students all their events. Mrs Vlahov did a fantastic job and is to commended for this very successful day, along with Mrs. Tash Richards, our Lavalla Campus Sports Teacher.

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten 2022 / 2023 

If you have not yet enrolled your child in Kindy or Pre-Kindy for 2022, it is essential that you do so as soon as possible. Please contact Newman College Registrar for further information, including our flexible Kindy and Pre-Kindy offering.

Primary Disco 

Our Year 11 and 12 students will be coordinating and running our Primary School Disco this year. The Disco will be held in our Marist Auditorium on Friday 17 September. Families will have received information on attendance and ticket purchase via email this past week.

As Term 3 comes to an end, it is timely to reflect on the opportunities we have been fortunate enough to celebrate as a Marist Community. The College Production, Assumption Day, Wellbeing Week, Multi-Cultural Week, Athletic Carnivals to name a few. Staff work tirelessly to provide these opportunities that challenge and celebrate student engagement. It has been wonderful to witness the resilience and dedication the students have shown in this space.

As we farewell the Year 12s, we give thanks for the life they have breathed into our community, the way they have lived our Marist characteristics of Family Spirit, Simplicity, Presence, Love of Work and In the Way of Mary.  We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2021 at their Graduation on Wednesday 20 October.

‘What you are is God’s gift to you, what you become is your gift to God’.

Wishing you all a safe and restful break. We look forward to seeing everyone back re-energised and ready to learn in Term 4.

Term 4 Events PK-12, Weeks 1 and 2 

  • Monday 11 October – COLLEGE CLOSED – Staff PL
  • Monday 11 October – Year 7 2022 Orientation Day
  • Tuesday 12 October – PK-Y11 Commence Term 4
  • Monday 4 October – Friday 15 October – Year 12 Exams
  • Monday 11 October – Friday 15 October – Year 10 Camp
  • Friday 15 October – K-12 Feast of St John Henry Newman Celebrations
  • Friday 15 October – Tuesday 19 October – Y12 Feedback Days
  • Wednesday 20 October – Class of 2021 Graduation Event – Optus Stadium
  • Thursday 21 October – Y3-6 Dental Screening

Parents are reminded to check the College Calendar in advance for events specific to your child’s campus and year level.

COVID 19 Vaccinations 

The Western Australian (WA) Department of Health announced new measures to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates in schools. All Western Australians aged 12 to 15 are now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. The Department of Health has also announced it is offering allocated times for school students aged 16 years and over and school-based staff to access WA Health clinics.  Please find attached a letter from the Chief Health Officer, providing details about the clinics, including information about consent.


More information about clinic locations or if you have any questions or concerns about vaccinating your child, please visit the HealthyWA website.

VET students Years 10/11 and 12

The attached letter from CEWA and the Department of Health outlines requirements for students in Years 10/11 and 12 that are currently enrolled in VET qualification work placements in the Health industry.

Please CLICK HERE for full information.

Thank you for your support in keeping our students, staff and community safe.

Staff Movements 

We are grateful for the service of Paola Rich (Marian Campus), Renae Zelich and Scott Harvie (Lavalla Campus) Krystal Skelin, Yvette Pearce, Nina Stamatiou, Troy Holdaway, Michelle McGuinness, Torren Diletti and Reece Jones (Marcellin Campus). We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Carpark Notice 

Unfortunately, some cars in our College carparks have sustained unreported damage. If you witness any incidents we ask you to notify the College.

In the interests of safety, can we also ask you remind students to use the footpaths and crossings and avoid walking between parked cars.

Thank you in advance.

Code of Conduct 

The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

As a Catholic community we are committed to educating the whole person. In order to do this, we need to ensure a safe, supportive and engaging environment. The basis for this environment is that all in the community model what healthy, respectful relationships look like. The Code of Conduct is the definitive guide to the behaviours we want to model to, and expect from, our children and young people. We want to create a culture that assists our children and young people on their learning journey. We can only achieve such a culture in partnership with all who participate in our community. The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers.

Any perceived breaches of the Code can be discussed with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. As always, if students ever need support, they are encouraged to contact their Leader of Wellbeing, a College psychologist, Counsellor or classroom teacher.

The Code seeks to value the dignity of every person, foster positive relationships, ensure confidentiality and accountability and supports professional boundaries. Events held during school hours, and those College associated events outside of school hours are also supported by the Code of Conduct. Additionally, postings on social media platforms that identify the College or College events are bound by the Code of Conduct. We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to a positive partnership that supports our students, your children.

Living Marist: Good Christians and Good Citizens Service Learning Program 

Newman College has launched its Christian Service Learning Program, Living Marist, with Year 7 and 8 students. The purpose is to engage students in service activities that challenge them to reflect, discern and act in the community. Students have participated in a range of activities across, recently supporting Lavalla and Marian students. Congratulations to our students and keep up the good work. There actions espouse the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work.

Thursday morning Community Mass 

Every Thursday our PK-12 community are invited to attend Mass in the Champagnat Chapel, commencing at 8.10am. Mass is celebrated by our local clergy who support the College. Next week, Thursday 2 September, Marcellin Guild and Year 6 students will be hosting with Fr Ruben. We look forward to welcoming you to our weekly celebration.

Sacramental Preparation 

Across our Parish’s sacramental preparation programs are taking place. Our Lady of Grace is offering Family Faith Formation on Tuesday 31 August.  Fr. Greg Donovan will lead us in this session beginning at 7.00pm in the MPA at the school.  Please arrive 5 mins early to register your attendance. I encourage you to check your parish website to find out about sacramental preparation programs for your child.


Our Gamechangers students across Years 7 –12 continue to gather, learn about community, and gain a sense of who God is calling us to be. In an obvious way, our students in Year 11 Gamechangers have travelled to the regional community of Mullewa. This was an opportunity to learn about solidarity and serve in an authentic way. Read some of the student reflections below. Thank you to Br Paul, Paul Cranley and Hannah Parker who gave up time from their families to offer this experience for our students.

14 year 11 students embarked on an immersive journey to the country town of Mullewa, an out of the way town with not many people. Despite being such an exclusive community, our group was welcomed with open arms and hearts. We were given the opportunities to spend time with the children of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the local primary school as well as a variety of others through our time at the Youth Recreational Centre and the Agricultural Show.

On Tuesday, we first met with the OLMC students, a group of only 60 students from Pre-K to 6, who quickly grew in friendship with everyone from Newman. We spent the morning learning about the history of the town at the local cemetery, while simultaneously cleaning the graves, followed by a Newman led mass. After the mass, we ventured to the local district high school and planted trees with the younger students, before returning to the school grounds to help run a practice for the school’s sport carnival. Afterwards, we joined some of the kids from the district high school at the youth recreational centre for games of basketball and chasey, particular favourites of the students.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day in the town hall, helping the various members of the Agricultural society prepare for the wildflower show. While we were helping, we managed to find a banner made by the Newman REMAR group back in 2005. Halfway through the day, we gave ourselves the time to spend lunch with the OLMC students. We then returned to the town hall for the wildflower set up. After we were finished helping, we then made another trip to the youth centre, this being the last time we would be able to.

On Thursday, we spent the day helping the members of the community in setting up the displays for the agricultural festival, a Royal Show equivalent for the people of Mullewa. Yet again, we went to have lunch with the OLMC kids, everybody was excited for the disco that night, but before the disco, the Newman students had to continue their help with the agricultural festival. After we were finished helping, we had a bit of a break, then we set out to set up the much-anticipated disco. Newman students had set up balloons, streamers and other decorations for the OLMC students. We all had fun at the disco, with a soundtrack full of good songs and some pretty cool dance moves. At the conclusion of the disco, we had some heartfelt goodbyes with the OLMC students, and after some clean up, the Newman students made their way back to the rec centre, excited to have their last sleep before returning home.

What really stood out to all of us through all this was hearing the impact Newman has on the community. Everywhere we went we heard of everyone’s past experiences with the college from previous visits, we even met Holly, who said she remembered the Newman visit to Mullewa she experienced back when she was in Kindy. In reflection, we are so grateful for Fr Rob, Holly and all of the students from both OLMC and the district high school, as well as the greater Mullewa community for being so welcoming to us all, we hope we have made as much of a memorable impact in your lives as you all have in ours. Mrs Parker, Br Paul, Liam, Mr Cranley, Mr Martino, thank you for organizing this event for us.  We all enjoyed this incredible experience and the chance to move forwards in our Marist journey.

Leila Arnold and Josh Lee 
Year 11 Students 

Perth Launch of the 2021/22 ACBC Social Justice Statement.

Newman College hosted the Justice, Ecology & Development Office (JEDO) within the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia to launch the Social Justice Statement for 2021/22 “Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor”.  We welcomed Bishop Don Sproxton who shared with those gathered what this statement means in the lives of our community. As we reflect on this statement, a reminder for all of us is the importance of listening with a spirit of understanding, responding with a heart of compassion and love that starts with Christ at the center of our own lives and permeates through those we encounter.

Click here to read the full statement from the Bishops.

Highlights from Past Two Weeks 

Book Week 

What a fabulous week of celebrations we have had this week, all around the theme “Old worlds, new worlds, other worlds”. A huge thank you to families who supported their students in dressing up for our annual book week parade. The children had a great day, as did the staff! It is a fantastic way to promote the love of reading amongst our students. A massive thank you to Mrs Alison Le Dan for her considerable efforts in making this week a success every year.

Book Week Author Incursion  

Marian students enjoyed an incursion by Western Australian author Sian Turner. Sian spoke to the students about her creative process and inspired many young students with the possibility of becoming authors or illustrators. Students also listened to Sian’s stories “A Whale of a Day in Botany Bay” and “Beyond our Garden Gate”.

Pig the Pug – Book Week competition winners 

It was incredibly difficult to judge the winners, amongst all the fantastic entries. A big congratulations to all children who entered and used their creativity and imagination to invent a new “pig the pug” character.
The winners were:

  • Elijah Sprylan – Kindy
  • Milania Di Vincenzo – Pre-Primary
  • Aelia Terrible – Year 1
  • Charlie Edwards – Year 2


Pre-Primary Blue students led us in a fantastic assembly this morning, centred on Mem Fox’s well-known narrative text “Koala Lou”. A big thank you to Mrs Battersby and Mrs Doe for their efforts in preparing students and allowing them to share their classroom learning with us.

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten 2022 / 2023 

If you have not yet enrolled your child in Kindy or Pre-Kindy for 2022, it is essential that you do so as soon as possible. Please contact Newman College Registrar for further information, including our flexible Kindy and Pre-Kindy offering.

The Great Book Swap

On Friday 3 September we will be holding a Book Swap in the undercover area at the Marian Campus and the event will run from 8.20am – 8.50am. The Book Swap raises much needed funds to buy books for disadvantaged indigenous children in remote indigenous communities.

Families are asked to donate good quality chapter or picture books from now until Thursday 2 September.  Donations can be dropped off at the library or to Marian reception.
On the day of the swap the students are asked to bring a gold coin donation and select a book to take home from those that have been donated. Students are welcome to bring additional money if they would like to purchase several books.

Father’s Day Liturgy 

We warmly invite all Marian fathers to join us on Thursday 2 September at 9.00am for our Father’s Day Liturgy. The liturgical celebration has been prepared by our Year 1 students and will be celebrated in St Cecilia’s Parish. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all our Dads and father figures, a very Happy Father’s Day for Sunday 5 September.

Marian / Lavalla Athletics Carnival 

We are excitedly preparing for our first combined Marian and Lavalla combined Athletics Carnival.

The Carnival will be held on Friday 10 September at the Marcellin Oval.

Details were emailed today 27 August.  The letter and program can also be viewed by clicking here. (Scroll to the bottom of the page)