Teaching & Learning – Term 2 Week 2

At Newman College, we are committed to constantly reflecting on our practices and seeking feedback from students, parents, and staff on our strengths and opportunities for growth. To this end, staff, parents, and students have been invited to participate in the DISA and Leuven surveys. The information collected from these surveys will be used to underpin our 2025-2027 strategic plan.

The purpose of the DISA and what it measures.

Diagnostic Inventory for School Alignment (DISA) is an online diagnostic survey tool, developed by the Leadership Research International (LRI) team at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), that will examine the College’s overall alignment and provides baseline data and gap analysis for the purpose of planning our improvement agenda. DISA is comprised of three surveys customised specifically for staff, parents, and students.

School improvement is a whole-school effort. Success is informed by a cohesive and clearly articulated direction that is identified by the school community, particularly the students, staff, and parents/carers. DISA provides the College with the means to identify our perceived strengths as well as areas requiring work and gaps that need attention.

The purpose of the Leuven and what it measures.

An authentically Marist curriculum will always be informed by Marcellin Champagnat’s core imperative—to educate people to be good Christians and good citizens. What is consistent is the purpose of a Marist school, its characteristic emphases, priorities, cultures, and pedagogical approaches. One of the needs is to ensure that, as a spiritual family, we adapt and contextualise to find fresh ways to articulate its spiritual traditions so that they speak with relevance and saliency to the time and place.

Research indicates that the specifics of charismic traditions rest in the relationships and the particular fusion of the characteristic features common to that charism. A Marist charism expresses its particular spirituality in and through a pedagogy that has a focus on the following characteristics:

  • A ‘synodal’ pedagogy of walking together.
  • A loving pedagogy
  • A pedagogy of holistic formation
  • A pedagogy of family spirit.
  • A pedagogy of presence
  • A pedagogy of simplicity
  • A pedagogy of the love of work
  • A pedagogy of a practical and innovative spirit
  • A pedagogy of effective and responsible solidarity with the poor

The tool measures the mix of these characteristics.

To date, our parent engagement in the DISA and Leuven surveys has been limited and we are still approximately 60 surveys below our target. If you have not yet had the opportunity to engage in the DISA and Leuven survey, it would be much appreciated if you could make time to complete the survey and contribute to the future strategic direction of our college. Details on how to access the surveys were emailed on 27th March 2024. If you no longer have access to this information, please reach out to Christine Antoine Christine.Antoine@newman.wa.edu.au.