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Newman News Term 3 Week 8: From the Leader of Mission and Catholic Identity

10 Sep 2021

With two weeks left of Term Three, our Year 12 students are coming to the end of their time at Newman College and assessments are being scheduled across the life of the school, it is an important time to reflect on the College’s Vision for Mission: to form good Christians and good citizens and our Marist theme for 2021 Breathe: The Spirit of Life. This calls us to pause and reflect on our life and what is most important. I encourage all staff, students and families to give thanks for our experience, to reach out to friends or family in lockdown around Australia who may be struggling and to remember that as Marist’s we follow Mary’s example and place our trust in God and the plan God has for us. By trusting in God, we can recognise God’s love, grace and compassion and finish the term with the hope that we can truly let our light shine.

Governor’s Prayer Breakfast 

Newman College has launched its Christian Service Learning Program, Living Marist, with Year 7 and 8 students. The purpose is to engage students in service activities that challenge them to reflect, discern and act in the community. Students have participated in a range of activities across, recently supporting Lavalla and Marian students. Congratulations to our students and keep up the good work. There actions espouse the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work.

Marist Connect Night 

As Marist school we offer students opportunities to engage in formation that allows them to meet with students from other Marist schools. For the second time this year, students gathered, this time at Bunbury Catholic College to reflect on their future and what it means to follow God’s call in their life. One of our Yr11 students reflects below.

On the 7th of September, 5 of the year 11 Gamechangers members along with Mrs Parker and Mrs Day-Perkins took off to Bunbury Catholic College for a connect night. Connect nights are organized throughout the year and allow Year 11 and 12 students from Marist schools to come together to connect and share ideas centred on the Marist principals.

Bunbury Catholic College is a Marist school set in the South-West of Perth. Once there we met a group of Year 11’s and 12’s and with the help of the teachers began to discuss school life through the Marist traditions. We started connecting by looking at ourselves and how we live according to faith. This conversation grew and soon enough we were having fun and connecting through activities like making paper airplanes that had fun facts written on them about each of us. After throwing the paper planes we then had to match the fun fact to the person. This is harder than what it seems especially when you are meeting for the first time but it still makes for a great activity allowing all of us to share a little bit about ourselves!

After some initial activities, we shared a meal. Where we continued to connect over pizza and talking about how we see life after school and our plans for our future. Finally, we heard from Liam Street, an ex-Newman student and the Marist Youth Ministry Leader who spoke to us about vocation and what to think about when we finish at school. Once he shared his story about finding his vocation, it was over to the teachers who formed a Q&A panel where they shared their vocational experiences.
Thanks Bunbury Catholic College for a great evening.

– Sonia Bruce, Year 11 student. 

Thursday morning Community Mass 

very Thursday morning family’s are invited to join students and staff to celebrate the Eucharist with local priests from our parishes. The final two weeks of our Community Mass see Thomas More and Year 4 in Week 9 and Romero and Year 3 in week 10. It has been such a blessing to welcome our Year 2 students to our Community Mass in line with our Vision for Mission and their transition to Year 3.
Mr Sullivan, Thomas More Guild Coordinator sent the following message to families earlier this term.

On Thursday the 16th of September at 8.10am, the Thomas More Guild is participating in their community mass for years 7-12 at the Marcellin Campus Chapel. This is an important time for students across the Marcellin Campus as it will be the last mass that Year 12 students will be a part of before they commence their exams as well as marking the start of transition into 2022.

I wish to extend the invitation to all family members of students in the Thomas More Guild. This can be past students, pre-high school children, grandparents and extended family. As the new Co-Ordinator for Thomas More guild I want to foster a sense of family spirit across all year groups.

I understand that there may be other priorities such as work that may get in the way of attending the mass, however it would be great to see families come together particularly in these uncertain times.
We look forward to seeing you in the Champagnat Chapel at 8.10am.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation 

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is an important part of our Catholic faith. This year, students across the primary and secondary have had the opportunity to celebrate this sacrament in year groups. The secondary students have been led by priests from the Redemptorist Monastery led by Fr Edmond Nixon and primary students have been led by Fr Kaz Stuglik from Floreat Parish. The sacrament is an opportunity for students to seek forgiveness and reflect on God’s love and mercy in their lives. We encourage all our families to participate in this sacrament through their local parish.

Floreat Parish Youth Mass

On Sunday 19 September, Floreat Parish supported by 24/7 Youth Ministry will be celebrating a Youth Mass. This celebration is an opportunity for students who recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation to come along and share in the Eucharist, games and light refreshments. We all encourage all our Year 6 families to come along and celebrate. The parish will be providing an experience for our young people every third Sunday. Mass commences at 9.30am at St Cecilia’s Church.

Ministers of Communion Preparation  

In line with our Vision for Mission: to form “good Christians and good citizens”, we have had some of our Year 11 students apply to participate in the ministering of Holy Communion. This means they will undertake training with Br Terry, reflecting on what it means to serve in the Church and the sacredness of the Eucharist. Congratulations to our students who have put their name forward to be leaders in this way at Newman College.

Special Marist Project: Marist Institute launches Global network

At Newman College we are proud to be part of Marist Schools Australia and an international community that shares a vision “to make Jesus Christ known and loved.” Recently, Newman College was asked to be part of the International Marist Institutes Global Network launch. On Wednesday 15 September, students from across the College will participate in creating a new logo for the network that seeks to demonstrate the diversity of our Marist community and its vision for our Marists communities to be “a place where we all belong!” Click here to learn more about this initiative and how it will help build a better place for young people in our world.

10 Sep 2021

Like many Father’s in our community, I had a very enjoyable day last Sunday – spoiled with handmade cards and presents from my two children. We had a wonderful day relaxing together as a family, even bumping into one of my old students as we enjoyed some lovely fish n chips down in Fremantle. Over the years, I have come to appreciate more and more the significant role my own Dad has played in my life. I used to tease him for falling asleep on the couch at 5.30pm some evenings, but now I have a hearty appreciation for the dedication and hard work he gave for his family. He has always been there to support us boys, and always sought to give us the best – something I know many of our father’s do for their children and families too. I am always telling students to be kind to their Mums and Dads when I see them on a Friday afternoon before the weekend, and as a school, continue to encourage respectful relationships as being just as important at home as at school. I would like to extend my best wishes to all of the father’s and father figures in our community, and for them to know the amazing difference they make in the lives of our students 😊

Highlights from Past Two Weeks

Athletics Carnival

Today was a great day for our PK-6 community – our first ever combined Athletics carnival! We were lucky that the weather held off and all students were able to enjoy a great day out. The new format meant that students were on the move all day, taking part in a range of events including sprints, tabloid games, and field events. We are so glad that students and families were able to enjoy the day so much and enjoy the festivities on the day. At the time of publishing our newsletter we could not declare a winning faction, however we will include this information in our next edition of the Newman News. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mrs Tasha Richards and Mrs Lara Vlahov who worked very hard to prepare such a big event, and for all the accommodations they made in the lead up to the day. We are very lucky to have such a professional and dedicated P.E. team across our primary school.


Last week students gathered to celebrate assembly with the 4 Blue class putting on a great item about the environment. Students brought to our attention the global issue of climate change, and some practical ways we can make a difference around our own school. It was a very inspiring assembly – with students later found, out and about in the playground over the next few days voluntarily collecting rubbish and doing their part to improve our natural environment. Well done to 4 Blue on such a great assembly, and of course, to all of our merit certificate recipients. Your teachers are very proud of your efforts!

Marcellin Award 

At assembly last week, we presented a very special Marcellin Award to one of our Year 4 students – Sia Halai in 4 Red. Sia was nominated by her teacher Miss Cresp for being a selfless, joyful and helpful class member who quietly does things around the classroom without being asked. She resets the charts, changes the date, tidies the books, always picks up after everyone and is always very happy to do it. Significantly, Sia never seeks affirmation, she just does these things because she knows it is the right thing to do – a true example of servant leadership. Well done Sia on setting such a great example for others!


Catholic Performing Arts Playoff 

Last Friday, our String Quartet were invited to play in a playoff for a Shield in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival at Trinity College. To be even considered for a shield award is a tremendous honour, and a great recognition of the efforts and talents of our students. Unfortunately, I arrived to watch students and missed them by just a few minutes! However, they did a wonderful job playing their piece and were very happy with how they did. Congratulations to Anabel, Joshua, Chloe, and Gabriella for all their hard work in preparing for this event. They have represented our school proudly, and will continue to do so for many years I am sure. A special thanks must go to their teacher, Hannah Herriman for all of her guidance and support of the students too.

Year 5 First Aid Incursion 

On Monday, students from Year 5 took part in a First Aid Incursion. A recount of the day is below:
On Monday we had a First Aid incursion run by St. John of God. We learned that you need to be safe and calm in the case of an emergency. Linley explained to us DRSAB (Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway, Breathing) and we got to learn how to place our friends in the recovery position. It was a very fun and exciting experience to learn what to do if anything ever goes wrong. Thanks to Linley for visiting us and sharing with us.  

Chloe & Emily (5 Green) 

St John can teach you the vital skills to keep your family safe and well. They have offered all Newman College families 10% off first aid training by offering the discount PARENTS10 when booking a course.

For bookings, families can call 9334 1233 or visit the website stjohnwa.com.au 

Languages Week 

On Wednesday this week we celebrated Languages Week with a delicious treat of gelato! Students had to make their order in Italian, and had a choice of six flavours to choose from. It was perfect ice cream weather too which just made it all the more better! We are very grateful to Signora Miriam for organising this very special treat for students – it was certainly well received, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it back on the calendar for next year too!

R U OK Day? 

Yesterday, students acknowledged the importance of R U OK Day with some small treats on offer to bring awareness to such an important day. Students were all given a small pack of yellow jellybeans to remind them that there are always people in our school community who care for them, and many students chose to purchase one of our R U OK cupcakes at recess and lunch too. It is important that students feel they have someone they can always talk too, especially in those moments of trouble or when things just aren’t going right. It is the responsibility of all of us too after and care for each other 😊

School Production 2022 

For the last couple of weeks, students have been offered ‘teaser’ photos across the campus in order to guess the upcoming production for 2022. We can now finally reveal that the production for next year will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Students from all across our campus are able to take part in the auditions if they like, with all the details below. After the success of Matilda last year, and the Little Shop of Horrors this year, I am already looking forward to getting my tickets for this one!

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

Primary Disco

Our Year 11 and 12 students will be coordinating and running our Primary School Disco this year. The Disco will be held in our Marist Auditorium on Friday 17 September. Families will have received information on attendance and ticket purchase via email this past week.

Important Dates

There are a number of important events taking place over the final two weeks of the term. Make sure you pop these dates in your diary:

  • Tues 14 Sep – COVID Stress Test – Remote Learning (students still come to school as normal this day)
  • Wed 15 Sep – Year 6 Unit Mass
  • Thurs 16 Sep – IPSHA Interschool Athletics Carnival
  • Thurs 16 Sep – Year 3 Incursion: Bill Gordon Bush Poet
  • Fri 17 Sep – Year 5 Zoo excursion
  • Fri 17 Sep – K-6 Primary Disco
  • Wed 22 Sep – Year 3 Scitech Excursion
  • Wed 22 Sep – Year 7 2022 Information Evening
  • Fri 24 Sep – 6 Red Assembly
  • Fri 24 Sep – Last Day of Term 3
10 Sep 2021

Newman Parents ‘Under Your Influence’ – Jade Lewis 

On Monday night Jade Lewis was a guest speaker at Newman Parents.  Her story is one of significant redemption and inspiration.  At 15 years of age, she had the world at her feet as an aspiring Olympic athlete, only to be destroyed by drug addiction.  Her road to recovery was not easy and the impact on both Jade and her family was significant.  Her life today, however, is one that is committed to bringing to light the challenges young people face in the choices that they make in their lives.  The proliferation of drugs and alcohol, as example, is a societal problem that we have to navigate as parents.  As the primary educator we need to be actively present to our children not only in what we say but what we model.  A key aspect of Jade’s story was the role that parents play in walking with their children.  We should never be afraid to seek help, to ask the expert or the health provider who can assist when situations arise that affect our children’s health and wellbeing.

To that end, the role of the school is significant as a support mechanism for families.  At Newman College we continually educate and provide opportunities through our wellbeing program for students to discuss, evaluate and reflect on risk behavours.  The consequences of that fleeting decision that a young person can make could change the rest of their lives.  It is incumbent upon us to have clear expectations and guidelines that support the health and wellbeing of our young people.  We have a responsibility to intervene, to ask questions and seek help as necessary.  What we also can do is continually encourage our students to dream about their future and the things that they want for themselves.  God has a great plan for you and that plan is to prosper (Jeremiah 29); this is the hope that we have for all our children.  Jade may not have reached her dream to be an Olympic athlete but her next dream was to educate young people by telling them her story.

Newman Parents 2022 

Our vision for 2022 is for more families both in our school and those from the wider community to attend Newman Parents events.  In 2021 we had some outstanding speakers who deserved to speak to a larger audience.  On Monday night we had 50 parents and friends who attended Jade Lewis’ wonderful presentation.  The general feeling on the night was that more people needed to hear her story.   As we determine the schedule for Newman Parents for 2022, we will release details earlier in the new year with better communication to the community, and opportunity to register attendance.

Industry Breakfast 

On Wednesday 8 September, we had our annual Industry Breakfast.  This event provides an opportunity for College industry partners, sponsors, staff and Year 12 students to come together allowing our students to connect, ask questions and learn about the journey our guests have had in industry.  Forging a career and making a difference in the world starts in the conversation, the invitation to participate in a field that has purpose and meaning.

We very much appreciated those who took time out of their busy schedule to be present to our young people who I am sure were very grateful for their time and words of wisdom.
As Year 12 concludes over the next 2 weeks it is our hope that they are ready for the next stage in their journey. I hope the industry breakfast has given them perhaps an inspiration, if not further reflection of what is possible.

Newman College Council 

On Thursday evening the Newman College Council met to discuss a number of broader planning issues, one of those being the 2022 Budget.  Once the College Budget is endorsed by Council it is submitted to Marist Schools Australia for final approval.  In early Term 4 we will communicate our school fees for 2022.

Multicultural Week 

Newman College takes the opportunity to celebrate and recognise the diverse cultures of our world annually.  So many events have taken place across the campuses over the past two weeks to acknowledge Multicultural Week.  Aside from the wonderful dancing and the music, the food, in particular the gelato at the Lavalla Campus, was most enjoyable.  Our sincere thanks to all teachers involved for their initiative, creativity and inspiration.

College Captains 2022, Presentations 

Today, the Senior Leadership Team had the pleasure of listening to a number of prospective College Captain speeches.  All students spoke with passion, inspiration and conviction.  No matter which two students are finally selected for the College Captain positions, all Year 11 students who have been involved in the leadership program are to be congratulated for the commitment and value they have brought to the process.  We will be announcing these leaders at the Year 12 Graduation Assembly in Week 10


Mr John Finneran


10 Sep 2021

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Lavalla Music Night as well as the performance of the Lavalla Dance Troupe, and it was so great to see these events so well supported not just by families, but also by other students who came along in support of their friends. The Arts had a real impact on me as a child. My music teacher – Dr Robert Braham – was one of the best teachers I encountered while at school, and he was someone who became an inspiration to me in my own journey into education. He taught me the values of hard work, discipline, dedication, but also the importance of how a quality relationship can impact the learning of students. I also enjoyed the many friendships I made during these experiences, and the appreciation I have now for all things music and theatre. Sometimes, people see the Arts as an add-on to education, when in fact I strongly believe it is an essential part of any well-rounded school experience.

One of my personal highlights from the Music night came from two of our Year 6 students. Nikita had just finished singing her solo to the audience (talk about courage!) and was coming off stage as Clancy was coming on to perform hers. I’m not sure if families in the audience noticed it, but just as Nikita was coming off, Clancy held up her hand and gave her a little high five to congratulate her on her performance. I thought it was amazing that even in the midst of preparing to perform herself in just a few seconds and all the nerves and anticipation that must come with this, Clancy had room in her mind (and her heart!), to congratulate her friend who has just gone before her. These are the little moments that I live for as an educator – those small but so important occasions where we see students thinking outside of themselves, and for the good of others. It certainly left me with a very warm and proud feeling in my heart.

Highlights from Past Two Weeks


Last Friday we were treated to an awesome assembly item from 3 Red who taught us all about the planets and their location from the sun. Students shared some interesting facts about each of the planets and topped it off with a great song to help us all remember the order of the planets using the mnemonic: My Very Excellent Monkey Just Served Unicorn Noodles. Well done to all students from 3 Red for their efforts and to Mrs Young for all the hard work and preparation she put into preparing students. We also acknowledged the efforts of several students who were awarded Merit Certificates for their fine efforts in class. Well done to all our students this week!


This week has been a very special week in the calendar – book week! Reading is so important to the success of our students, and we are so glad to be able to celebrate all things reading this week. On Wednesday students received a visit from Mark GreenWood, author of several books including The Legend of MoonDyne Joe and Simpson and his Donkey. Mark spoke with students about the writing process and shared his journey as an author and in some of the stories he has written. We also celebrated our annual Book week Dress up day on Friday. It was wonderful to see so many students dress so enthusiastically for the day and take part in the excitement of the day. I would like to thank Mrs Le Dan, Mrs Bailey, and Miss Hall for all of their contributions and hard work to our Book Week celebrations this week!

Lavalla Music Night 

Last Tuesday night we gathered in the Marist Auditorium to celebrate the talents and efforts of our Music students at Lavalla. The night began in true rock n roll style with our drummers, before we heard from a number or soloists and ensemble groups, including our choir. It was wonderful to hear the many pieces of music prepared by our students in collaboration with their music teachers and tutors. We are especially grateful to Marg Goldsmith and the Arts team for the opportunities and experiences they are affording our students, and to all the families and students who attended on the night in support of our performers.

Lavalla Dance Troupe 

It has been a busy few weeks for our Lavalla Dance Troupe under the guidance of Mrs Amy Raveendrakumar. After performing at the Wakakirri concert two weeks ago, our students were again performing a different dance this week at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Running over three nights, our students took part in the dance program on Tuesday evening, delivering a beautiful piece of emotive and well-choreographed movement which was very well received by the audience. We are very grateful to Mrs Raveendrakumar for her guidance and coaching in the lead up to the festival, as well as Miss Sankar and Miss De Gois who assisted on the night. I would also like to thank those parents who have been so supportive of the dance program this year.

Year 6 Leadership Camp 

On Thursday and Friday last week, our Year 6 and Year 7 student leaders took part in a very special leadership camp. The camp was organised by our Year 12 ATAR Outdoor Education students and gave the opportunity for students to try their hand several different activities designed to challenge them in different ways, as well as improve the way they work as a team. The camp took place at the Manjedal Activity Centre which is not far from Serpentine. Mrs Short accompanied students and by all account’s students had a wonderful time despite the odd shower and sleeping in tents! We owe a big thanks to Mr Mike Van Der Heever for the invitation to attend and to his Year 12 ATAR students for their professionalism and assistance in helping everything run smoothly.

IPSHA Cross Country Carnival 

As we reported in our last newsletter, two weeks ago 62 students across Years 3-6 took the trip down to Bunbury to take part in the IPSHA Interschool Cross Country Carnival. All of our students raced with great energy and enthusiasm and did a fine job of representing our school with pride. At the time of publishing our last newsletter we did not have all the details of the results, but we can now reveal the fantastic results of several students in particular:

Year 3 Girls 

  • 1st: Amelie Santoro
  • 6th: Vienna Crisona

Year 3 Boys 

  • 6th: Jonah Durlik
  • 8th: Julian Cameron
  • 9th: Hunter Bailey

Year 4 Girls 

  • 2nd: Allegra Clark
  • 3rd: Jessica Avins
  • 6th: Isla Kalebic
  • 10th: Layla Bornmann

Year 4 Boys 

  • 2nd: Stefan Moschopoulos

Year 5 Girls 

  • 5th: Annabelle Adamini
  • 7th: Livia Bogdanov

Year 5 Boys  

  • 7th: Luke Rombouts

Year 6 Girls 

  • 10th: Clancy Boss

Year 6 Boys 

  • 5th: Jaspar Martin-Booth

We are very proud of all our students for their efforts, and for the great way Mrs Richards and Lenny trained and led our team. Roll on the Athletics Carnival!

‘Wild Places Elsewhere’ workshop 

On Wednesday, several Performing Arts students across Year 5 and 6 were able to take part in a workshop entitled ‘Wild Places Elsewhere’. The focus of the workshop was on how students experience the natural world. Students were able to create props which were then used later in a theatre show presented by our guest performers. Students had a great time engaging in this unique opportunity, and we are very grateful to the Arts team for working hard to provide us with this opportunity.

Gardening Club 

This week, Mrs Gray, along with some of our younger students across the campus, created a new initiative across our campus – a gardening club. Mrs Gary is using the gardens around the back of our hall as a way to engage some of our students in some real-world collaboration and problem solving, as they seek to rebuild our class gardens.

Students were very excited to be a part of it all, and Mrs Gray will be speaking to students on Monday to canvas interest from other students who would like to take part in some way. A big thank you to Mrs Gray and to her first group of students for their enthusiasm and sense of ‘doing for others’, as well as Mr David Marshall (Chief grounds person and all-round good guy) who will be supporting the Gardening Club also.

Artist in Residence 

On Wednesday, students from our Art extension program in Year 5 and Year 6 took part in the Artist in Residence program. Students were invited to the Marcellin campus with artists Emily Rose and Bethwyn Legg. Students listened to and worked alongside the artists to create some very interesting and artistic cushion designs.  I am sure they are looking forward to finishing these off over the coming weeks. A big thankyou again must go to our Arts team for all their hard work and effort in preparing this experience for our students.

Lavalla Choir 

Yesterday, it was great to see our Lavalla Choir take part in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The choir has been working very hard all year to prepare two beautiful pieces, giving up their lunchtimes each week to rehearse. We are very grateful for the dedication and support of Mrs Annette Grayden, and to our students who took part. You all sounded beautiful!

Write a Book in a Day 

This week a number of our Year 5 and 6 students took part in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ program. The program began in 2002 and last year there were more than 1000 teams across Australia getting involved. Write a Book in a Day is a fun, creative and collaborative competition for students in years 5 to 12 and adult writing groups. Teams of up to ten have just one day to write and illustrate a book from start to finish, making sure to include some unique parameters in their story. We can’t wait to have these published and placed in the library soon!

Have Sum Fun Maths Competition 

Over the past three weeks, the year 3 to 6 students have been competing in the “Sum Maths Fun competition” conducted by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia. The competition consists of three rounds of ten questions and is a maths quiz of NAPLAN-type problems designed to foster mathematical problem-solving. Teams of four students have one hour to complete each round which they access online. The students at Lavalla have been thoroughly enjoying the competition, with pleasing results. It has been an excellent activity to encourage collaboration amongst students while at the same time challenging their thinking – Miss Katya Anderson (Leader of Learning K-6)

School Drop Off 

Just a reminder to all families that students cannot be dropped off at school before 8.00am in the morning unless they are taking part in sports training, or another pre-organised College events. Staff have been noticing several children being dropped off early, some as early as 7.30am. We just want to keep all our children safe, but we cannot do this if children are unsupervised. Thank you to all those families who are supportive with this.

No hat No Play 

As the warmer months will soon be upon us, it is a good time to remind all students of our ‘no hat no play’ policy at the school. Students must wear a hat if they wish to play outdoors, otherwise they will need to stay seated in the undercover area or in the library at lunch. Schools have these policies for the protection of children and to keep them safe from harmful UV rays. If your child doesn’t have a hat, they can purchase one from the Uniform Shop or from the Lavalla office.

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

There are so many events coming up over the next two weeks. Make sure you mark these down in your calendar!

  • Mon 30 Aug – Speak Up Award Semi Finals (Good luck Isabella in Year 6!)
  • Fri 3 Sep – Lavalla Assembly (4 Blue)
  • Mon 6 Sep – Year 5 First Aid Incursion
  • Mon 6 Sep – Lavalla Prayer Assembly (Father’s Day theme)
  • Mon 6 Sep – Newman Parents Jade Lewis Presentation (7pm in Auditorium)
  • Thurs 9 Sep – R U OK Day
  • Fri 10 Sep – P-6 Athletics Carnival
    Please click here to access the letter and program (scroll down to the bottom of the page)
27 Aug 2021

The Journey

It is great to be back at Newman College after 7 weeks of leave. The opportunity to get away with my family was truly unforgettable. We drove in total 13,000km, to Darwin and back. The tyranny of distance was overcome by the adventure of the getting not just to each destination but in the power of the journey itself. We had so many memorable experiences on the way that will be the dinner table discussions for the rest of our lives. In Exmouth for example, who could have foretold the experience of swimming five metres from a humpback whale and her calf. The exhilaration of this beauty was underpinned by holding my son’s hand and watching my daughter embrace the moment as we watched in awe of what was before us. In Lake Argyle we got to swim at sunset in the middle of one the biggest inland lakes in Australia (19 times bigger than Sydney Harbour) – truly incredible in its size and beauty. And finally, the relief of getting to Darwin, recognising the monumental drive that we had undertaken and at the same realising that we had to drive back! This was also life giving and immensely satisfying.

The reason I share these anecdotes is that I have learnt so much from this experience. Firstly, value your family and cultivate those special relationships we can sometimes take for granted. We all can get so busy – with work, study, our friends, and interests. Never lose sight of the value of family and time spent together. At the heart of our Marist community is our family spirit supported by our presence to each other and this is something we have to nourish. Secondly, like all journeys there are high and low points! To overcome the challenges of sticking together, staying committed and being patient is critical to one’s individual and collective success.

On returning to school, my reflection of my own journey can be viewed in light of our Year 12 students. Their 14-year journey of education would be full of high and low points. As they move towards the end of their time at Newman there will be relief and hopefully satisfaction of the fruit of their efforts. What is important to note is that when you do get to the end, a new journey will begin. Our prayer for our Year 12 students is that they finish their Newman journey well and that they are prepared for what is ahead. As for me and the family, we are back, ready and looking forward to our next adventure. What will be different is that our time together has made us stronger, ready for what lies ahead.

Thank you

Thanks to Dr Lucie McCrory in the role as Acting Principal over the last seven weeks. Her dedication, professionalism and care for our students was exemplary. Thanks also to Mr Simon Martino for his support and commitment as Acting Vice Principal.

Book Week

One of the blessings of being away was the time to read a number of books. The joy of reading was highlighted this week across the College with Book Week. The Primary parades were a definite highlight. The creativity of families and the support of teachers was outstanding. Some members of the College Executive immersed themselves in the Book Week Parade at Marian Campus on Thursday.  The Wizard of Oz being the choice, Dr Lucie McClory was Glinda, Mr Simon Martino was the Tin Man and I was the Wizard!

Champagnat Cup

Next week we participate in the second year of the Champagnat Cup. Our senior teams in netball, basketball and AFL will compete against fellow WA Marist schools, St Joseph’s Northam and Bunbury Catholic College. We look forward to our Marist family spirit and the success of all students on this gala day.


We continue to pray for our eastern states communities so affected by COVID-19. The isolation of lockdown and the prevalence of the virus has been devasting for so many people.  We continue to develop and prepare our contingency in the advent of any further lockdowns.

Newman Parents

I warmly invite all parents to our Newman Parents evening on Monday 6 September, 7.00pm.  The topic of the event is ‘Under Your Influence’, facilitated by Jade Lewis.  More information can be found within this Newsletter.

Mr John Finneran


27 Aug 2021

Feast of the Assumption

This week we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption as a K-12 College, which is the Patronal Feast Day of the Marist Brothers. One aspect that makes us Catholics different from other Christian denominations is our developed and rich understanding of Mary. We have a tradition that gives Mary the honour and respect that she deserves. Marists direct their life in the way of Mary, they acknowledge that she can teach us a great deal through her examples of virtue and saying yes to whatever God passed to her, with faith, grace, and courage. She has a special role within our Church and particularly within our Marist Tradition. Pray with Mary, as an ever-present mother, and she will lead you into a far deeper relationship with Christ. Your spirituality will be much deeper than you could ever achieve by your own direction.

For the first time, Newman College conducted concurrent Masses, comprising a combination of Year Groups. The Pre-primary and Years 2, 3, 5, 9 and 11 Students celebrated Mass together in the Auditorium and the Kindergarten and Years 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 Students celebrated Mass in the Marcellin Campus Gymnasium. It was a wonderful celebration of Mary, and it was a delight to enable the mixing of our generations of students. Our Kindergarten students were able to see our Year 12 students who enjoyed Kindergarten at Newman also, ‘Newman Lifers’. It was pointed out that by the time they reach the same Year 12 milestone, our current Year 12s will be 30! The school years are such a formative experience for students and having the mix of age groups really brings home the significance and indelible nature of these fundamental forming experiences

Wellbeing Week

Feeling well, or ‘wellbeing’ is fundamental to our overall health and enjoyment of life. Taking care of our wellbeing should be both an individual and a collective pursuit. Being present, allows us to consciously monitor how we are travelling emotionally. This week the College celebrated Wellbeing Week. Each day, we focussed on one important aspect of ‘being well’. Monday’s focus was ‘healthy’ exercise and food; Tuesday’s focus was ‘connected’, with the entire school coming together for the Assumption Day Mass and Lapathon; Wednesday’s focus was ‘present’ with a focus on noticing the bodily movements and flow; and Thursday’s focus was ‘grateful’ with parents, teachers and students affirming all that is good in life. On Friday 13 August our staff will participate in Professional Learning led by Perth based international leadership speaker, Mr Brendan Spillane. The topic of the first session will be looking inward for wellbeing, and the second session will explore the impact we have on others.

The hope is that our community continues to learn about, and commits to, behaviours that promote wellness; these behaviours include sleep, exercise, and a balanced diet. It is essential to monitor the status of our own mental health and stress levels, and then act accordingly. If we become aware of our own stress triggers, we are better able to take responsibility to address and minimise these. Paying attention to what and who provides us with life giving energy and happiness, allows us to feature these more regularly in life. As a community, we need to give ourselves and each other permission to lean towards the area of life that requires immediate attention. In doing so, we can remain a strong, supportive and connected community of well ‘beings’.

Gratitude Gatherings

As part of our Wellbeing Week, on Thursday we conducted Gratitude Gatherings across the College where staff, parents and students had the opportunity to vocally celebrate all that they are grateful for at Newman. Thank you to parents for responding to the call for staff appreciation and gratitude comments. We received over 200 parent entries from PK-12, some of which were read out today and the rest will be delivered tomorrow. To be grateful for something or someone, and to not share that gratitude, is like buying and wrapping a gift, and never giving it. We rise and experience happiness by lifting others.

At the secondary event, we acknowledged the #Good Samaritans Matthew De Rossi and Joel Uren, who came to the aid of two elderly grandparents in the Lavalla campus on Tuesday afternoon. Their car broke down in the carpark and these Year 12 students assisted with jumper leads and waited for the RAC to arrive, while also entertaining their young grandchildren. Our grandparent could not speak highly enough of these students and said that if these students were examples of our youth, then the future was in good hands.

Angelico Art Exhibition

We were delighted to hear this week that Eliza von Perger and Charlotte Laurent will be award recipients at next Tuesday’s Angelico Presentation. Congratulations to Eliza and Charlotte and I look forward to attending this event with them.

Charlotte Laurent

Eliza von Perger

The Exhibition can also be viewed at Forrest Centre, 221 St Georges Terrace Perth from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, from 9 to 27 August. A virtual tour will also be available on the Catholic Arts website at the completion of the Exhibition.

Education Support Review

During Term 3, the College will be undertaking a review of the Learning and Education Support area. This review is being conducted by Associate Professor Dianne Chambers, The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. Dianne is an author, lecturer and international presenter in the space of Learning Needs, Inclusion and Diversity. She will conduct an audit of our Diverse Education offering and will make recommendations early in Term 4 on our structures, policies, processes and feasibility and sustainability of our current reasonable adjustments. We look forward to hearing her recommendations.

Newman Parents Consultative Committee Meeting (NPCC)

Thank you to those parents who braved the weather and abandoned the football to attend our NPCC meeting on Monday evening. Among the operational aspects of the College that were raised, we heard from Ms Jenny Miraudo on the Newman College Norms, Pedagogy and Innovation, Mr Steve Tsocas on aspects of our Digital Transformation, Mr Simon Martino on Reporting and the Lavalla carpark, Mrs Lisa McClue on our Flexible 3, 4, and 5 day Kindy offering from 2022 and Mrs Carla Pastorelli on Year 12 Graduation and Wellbeing Week. I really appreciate this consultative space and thank those parents in attendance.

Storm Damage Update

The Learning Hub continues to be repaired. All the damage has been remediated and we are now in the rebuild phase.


A big thank you to all staff, students and families who were involved in the myriad events that have occurred during the last two weeks. These events include the Years 5 and 6 Wakakirri Dance, Year 7 to 12 Marcellin Athletics Carnival, the Catholic Performing Arts performances and the Winter Sleepout – to name a few. These will be addressed in the relevant sections of the newsletter.

This will be my last newsletter as Principal (Acting) as Mr Finneran will return in Week 6. Wishing everyone a fabulous two weeks.

Dr Lucie McCrory


12 Aug 2021

Living Marist: Good Christians and Good Citizens Service Learning Program 

Newman College has launched its Christian Service Learning Program, Living Marist, with Year 7 and 8 students. The purpose is to engage students in service activities that challenge them to reflect, discern and act in the community. Students have participated in a range of activities across, recently supporting Lavalla and Marian students. Congratulations to our students and keep up the good work. There actions espouse the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work.

Thursday morning Community Mass 

Every Thursday our PK-12 community are invited to attend Mass in the Champagnat Chapel, commencing at 8.10am. Mass is celebrated by our local clergy who support the College. Next week, Thursday 2 September, Marcellin Guild and Year 6 students will be hosting with Fr Ruben. We look forward to welcoming you to our weekly celebration.

Sacramental Preparation 

Across our Parish’s sacramental preparation programs are taking place. Our Lady of Grace is offering Family Faith Formation on Tuesday 31 August.  Fr. Greg Donovan will lead us in this session beginning at 7.00pm in the MPA at the school.  Please arrive 5 mins early to register your attendance. I encourage you to check your parish website to find out about sacramental preparation programs for your child.


Our Gamechangers students across Years 7 –12 continue to gather, learn about community, and gain a sense of who God is calling us to be. In an obvious way, our students in Year 11 Gamechangers have travelled to the regional community of Mullewa. This was an opportunity to learn about solidarity and serve in an authentic way. Read some of the student reflections below. Thank you to Br Paul, Paul Cranley and Hannah Parker who gave up time from their families to offer this experience for our students.

14 year 11 students embarked on an immersive journey to the country town of Mullewa, an out of the way town with not many people. Despite being such an exclusive community, our group was welcomed with open arms and hearts. We were given the opportunities to spend time with the children of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the local primary school as well as a variety of others through our time at the Youth Recreational Centre and the Agricultural Show.

On Tuesday, we first met with the OLMC students, a group of only 60 students from Pre-K to 6, who quickly grew in friendship with everyone from Newman. We spent the morning learning about the history of the town at the local cemetery, while simultaneously cleaning the graves, followed by a Newman led mass. After the mass, we ventured to the local district high school and planted trees with the younger students, before returning to the school grounds to help run a practice for the school’s sport carnival. Afterwards, we joined some of the kids from the district high school at the youth recreational centre for games of basketball and chasey, particular favourites of the students.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day in the town hall, helping the various members of the Agricultural society prepare for the wildflower show. While we were helping, we managed to find a banner made by the Newman REMAR group back in 2005. Halfway through the day, we gave ourselves the time to spend lunch with the OLMC students. We then returned to the town hall for the wildflower set up. After we were finished helping, we then made another trip to the youth centre, this being the last time we would be able to.

On Thursday, we spent the day helping the members of the community in setting up the displays for the agricultural festival, a Royal Show equivalent for the people of Mullewa. Yet again, we went to have lunch with the OLMC kids, everybody was excited for the disco that night, but before the disco, the Newman students had to continue their help with the agricultural festival. After we were finished helping, we had a bit of a break, then we set out to set up the much-anticipated disco. Newman students had set up balloons, streamers and other decorations for the OLMC students. We all had fun at the disco, with a soundtrack full of good songs and some pretty cool dance moves. At the conclusion of the disco, we had some heartfelt goodbyes with the OLMC students, and after some clean up, the Newman students made their way back to the rec centre, excited to have their last sleep before returning home.

What really stood out to all of us through all this was hearing the impact Newman has on the community. Everywhere we went we heard of everyone’s past experiences with the college from previous visits, we even met Holly, who said she remembered the Newman visit to Mullewa she experienced back when she was in Kindy. In reflection, we are so grateful for Fr Rob, Holly and all of the students from both OLMC and the district high school, as well as the greater Mullewa community for being so welcoming to us all, we hope we have made as much of a memorable impact in your lives as you all have in ours. Mrs Parker, Br Paul, Liam, Mr Cranley, Mr Martino, thank you for organizing this event for us.  We all enjoyed this incredible experience and the chance to move forwards in our Marist journey.

Leila Arnold and Josh Lee 
Year 11 Students 

Perth Launch of the 2021/22 ACBC Social Justice Statement.

Newman College hosted the Justice, Ecology & Development Office (JEDO) within the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia to launch the Social Justice Statement for 2021/22 “Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor”.  We welcomed Bishop Don Sproxton who shared with those gathered what this statement means in the lives of our community. As we reflect on this statement, a reminder for all of us is the importance of listening with a spirit of understanding, responding with a heart of compassion and love that starts with Christ at the center of our own lives and permeates through those we encounter.

Click here to read the full statement from the Bishops.

12 Aug 2021

This week has been a great celebration of all things wellbeing at school. Students have taken part in a range of activities, lessons, and discussions centred around our four themes for the week: physical health & fitness, connection, mindfulness, and gratitude. Whilst I think wellbeing has always played an important role in schools (even when it may not have been called ‘wellbeing’) I think has been recognised even more over these last 18 months. The challenge of the COVID pandemic brought to light the importance of strong relationships, connection with others, and having the time and space to look after ourselves and one another. As adults, it is very easy to get caught up in our busy lives, and often I see parents doing so much for their kids, that we can sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves. I have encouraged all students today to give some time back to their Mum and Dad over the extended weekend break, and give parents an opportunity for some self care of their own too. Parents deserve to be looked after too!

Highlights from Past Two Weeks


Last week students gathered in the Auditorium to celebrate all of our Merit award winners, as well as celebrate Knox faction who were announced as the winners of the Cross Country Carnival. Congratulations to all students who took part in our carnival and for their great efforts on the day. We were also treated to a wonderful assembly from 3 Green. They took us on a journey all over the world exploring some of the different cultures of students in their class. It was so heart-warming to see students working together and so obviously enjoying putting on a show for us all. A big congratulations to 3 Green and all of our merit award winners this week!

Marcellin Award

This week the Marcellin Champagnat award was presented to Damon Caratti from 5 Red. Damon may just be one of the politest young men on our campus. He was nominated by a number of teachers for the kind, respectful, and gentle way he interacts with others. He leads by example through his beautiful actions, and always offers a friendly smile to those that pass him by in the class or playground. Well done Damon on setting such a good example for other students around what it means to be a fine young gentleman!

Wakakirri Dance Festival 

On Thursday August 5 our year 5/6 Primary Dance Troupe performed in the Wakakirri Nation-wide story telling competition at the Perth Concert Hall. Students performed a “story dance” called Sarah’s Heavy Heart, based on the picture book written by Peter Canavas.

The story was one of hope and resilience and friendship. Sarah struggles to carry her heavy heart which is sometimes heavy with worry until she meets a friend and the burden of worry is shared.

The dance was choreographed by Mrs Amy Raveendrakumar and danced expertly by our Primary Junior Dance troupe.  Newman College was awarded certificates of Best Minimalist Set and Best Public Speaking. Congratulations to Mrs Raveendrakumar all the wonderful dancers involved in performing this beautiful story.

IPSHA Cross Country 

Earlier today, 64 students across Years 3-6 ventured down to Bunbury to take part in the IPSHA Interschool Cross Country Carnival. While we can share the results of the carnival in our next newsletter, we can say for sure that students have had a great time today and represented our school very proudly. We owe a big thanks to Mrs Richards our coach Lenny who has been training with our students and working with them to prepare for their big day.

Fiona Wildey visit 

Earlier this week we were very fortunate to welcome former Olympian Fiona Wildey to our campus as she came to speak with our Year 3 and 4 students. Fiona spoke about her experiences at the Seoul Olympics, and the journey that took her there, showcasing to students a number of items of memorabilia, and providing students with some interesting facts about Olympic etiquette among other things. Most importantly though, Fiona spoke about the Olympic values and her own personal values, including determination, commitment, and sacrifice. It was very inspiring to hear her journey, and who knows…she may even inspire a future Olympian among us today!

Year 5 Special Visitor 

Yesterday afternoon, Year 5 students had a special visitor to their classrooms. 5 Blue student Luke Rombouts brought in two of his bobtail lizards to show to the classes. Luke was a wealth of knowledge as he discussed all things habitat, feeding, and characteristics. We are very grateful to Luke and for the learning experience he was able to share with his classmates.


This week I was out in the carpark making some observations of driver behaviour. Unfortunately, we are having trouble with vehicles double parking next to the drive through lane, and children walking through these vehicles into their own car. This is a very dangerous thing to do, and I am quite afraid that if this continues, it will eventually lead to an accident or injury of a child.

We encourage parents to display patience in our Lavalla carpark and demonstrate good road safety practices.  Please park your vehicles in the parking bays provided and walk over to pick your child/children up from the waiting area. This will assist with child safe practices and remove any risk of injury to students.

We appreciate your cooperation. We are currently reviewing the carpark pick up/drop off situation.

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

There are so many events coming up over the next two weeks. Make sure you mark these down in your calendar!

Week 5 

  • (Week 4) Friday 13 August – Pupil Free Day (Staff Professional Development)
  • Monday 16 August – Pupil Free Day (Catholic Day)
  • Tuesday 17 August – Speak Up Awards Finals
  • Tuesday 17 August – Lavalla Music Night
  • Thursday 19 & Friday 20 August – Year 6 Leadership Camp
  • Friday 20 August – 3 Red Assembly

Week 6 

  • Wednesday 25 August – Year 3 & Year 4 Unit Mass
  • Wednesday 25 August – Year 5/6 Art Extension Artist in Residence Program
  • Thursday 26 August – ‘Write a Book in a Day’ Competition
  • Friday 27 August – Book Week Parade in Marist Auditorium
12 Aug 2021

St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleepout and Blanket Appeal 

From Monday 19 July to Friday 6 August, in the lead up to our Winter Sleepout, we are asking students to donate a blanket for the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. Your donation can help provide blankets and warm clothing for a family experiencing homelessness. Large collection baskets will be located in the entrance of the Chapel on the Marcellin Campus, and in the Office Administration area at Lavalla and Marian Campuses.

On Friday 6 August students in Year 7 – 12 have been invited to participate in the St Vincent de Paul Winter Sleepout. For those students who have expressed interest in attending this event, a Consent2Go will be sent home to their families with more information.

Assumption Day – Lifelink 

On Sunday 15 August, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On this Feast, Catholics traditionally celebrate Mary going to heaven. The tradition is that ‘God took Mary, body and soul, to heaven after her life on earth had come to an end’.

This Feast Day was chosen for the Marist Brothers at the time of their foundation by Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers and Marist Education. As one of 53 Marist schools across Australia, the Feast Day of the Assumption is an annual opportunity for all members of the Newman College community to gather, give thanks, and to celebrate our shared Marist identity.

Students across all campuses will celebrate Assumption Day on Tuesday August 10. The day will commence with a whole school Mass, followed by a Lapathon, and a Buddy Day for the Primary students. We will be raising money for a local charity called Lifelink. More information about this event has been sent out to families.

Thursday morning Community Mass

Our Thursday morning community Mass is a wonderful way to begin your Thursday and come together as a community. Each week a different Guild and primary Year group will lead the celebration with one of our local priests who support of College. All families and students are invited to attend this weekly celebration. Please note there will be no community mass celebrated on August 5 due to the Marcellin campus Athletics Carnival.


On Tuesday July 27, our Gamechanger students from Year 7 – 12 participated in a leadership workshop where they thought about what characteristics make a great leader and what it means to be a servant leader. Thank you to Liam Street from Marist Youth Ministry for running this session.

30 Jul 2021

It is a great pleasure to welcome back all families to the beginning of another term, though if you are like me, you might be scratching your head wondering how we found ourselves in the middle of another year so quickly!

One of the most important things we speak with students about when beginning a new term is the expectations we have for them. This includes not only the ways we want students to engage in class and the approach they take to their learning, but also the expectations we have for students in how they treat each other and interact in the classroom and playground. This year, the College has been working to develop some important norms and non-negotiables around both the teaching and learning of students, and the behaviours and actions of students. These have been designed with one thing in mind – community. It is about creating a safe, consistent experience for all students and staff within our school, and makes clear and visible the things that are most important when it comes to creating an effective learning environment. These norms will become an important focus for students over the course of this term, and the year ahead. It is my hope that all students can achieve the behaviours and actions that have been set out, and work to help build a strong community of learners that reflect the Marist values of our College.

Click here to view the Newman College Norms.

Highlights from Past Two Weeks

Parent Teacher Interviews 

I would like to thank all of the students, families, and teachers for the positive way they engaged in the parent-teacher interview process. It was great to walk around the campus and see lots of conversations taking place, goals being discussed, and plans put in place for another semester of learning. Parents should know that even though we offer a formal meeting period throughout the year, they are welcome to be in touch with their child’s teacher at any time to discuss the learning or progress of their child. We look forward to building on the positive parent-teacher relationships over the second half of the year.

Cross Country 

Last week we ran the final race of our Cross Country Carnival – a re-racing of our Year 5 boys race! We were fortunate to enjoy some beautiful weather, and it was great to see students enjoying the event so much. A big congratulations to Luke Rombouts, Dylan Hookway, and Mitchell Short who were crowned as our winners for the day. The final results of the carnival will be announced at next week’s assembly. Meanwhile, students have been busy preparing in the cool early mornings before school for the Interschool Cross Country Carnival which takes place in a couple of weeks time in Bunbury. We are sure all of our runners will do us proud! 

Dance Troupe 

Students in the Lavalla Dance troupe have been very busy lately rehearsing for the Wakakirri Festival – a national competition that invites schools to present a story-dance that reflects students’ thoughts, ideas, and aspirations. Our students will have one of their final rehearsals for this event on Monday 2 August, with a community performance taking place in the Marist Auditorium at 2.45pm which all families are welcome to attend. Students will then perform at the Wakakirri concert later that week at the Parth Concert Hall on Thursday 5 August. We wish our students all the best as they compete, and recognise the efforts of students, families, and especially our Performing Arts teacher Amy Raveendrakumar, in helping students be ready for the day!

Arts Club

We have been very fortunate this year to have an Arts Club running each lunchtime on Tuesdays under the guidance of some of our Year 6 students. I am very proud of the lengths these girls have gone to, to provide an experience for many of our younger students, and their dedication to giving back to their school community. Their actions this year are the best example yet of how leadership is not about wearing a badge, it is about actions and they example we set for others. This term, students attending Arts Club will be working on designing a puppet for a competition, with winning entries having the chance to have their puppet constructed by a team of professionals. We are very grateful to the Year 6 girls who have taken this venture on, and also to our Visual Arts teacher Amy Farrell who has helped guide the girls this year too.

Parent messaging

It has come to our attention that towards the end of last term, and this term also, some parents have been messaging their children directly during class time via the iPad, and students messaging parents directly also. I cannot explain how distracting this can be in the day of a student and the interruptions it can cause to learning. It can also create problems in the office when parents arrive unexpectedly to collect their children. If students or parents need to contact each other during the day, it is to occur through a phone call to the office where we can deliver any messages to students. Students will be reminded next week that any messaging during class time falls outside the appropriate use of ICT and a consequence will be put in place as per the school’s ICT policy. If you are concerned for your child during the day, please just let you child’s teacher know and we can be in touch to offer support.

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo will recommence in Week 3 on Tuesdays from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. All students are welcome to attend, if they would like to take part in coding activities

Lost Property

In the school holidays, I visited my Mum and was telling her about the large amount of lost property we seem to accumulate at the school. We can have a laugh about it now, but when I was at school, coming home without your jumper or school blazer meant you might as well start packing your bags and hit the road! My Mum, who grew up in Ireland as a young girl, told me how they had one jumper in school, and if you lost it there was no replacing it. She can even remember as a child taking knitting and sewing lessons as a Year 4 student, where they would make their jumper for the following school year! I wonder what would happen if made kids do that today! In all seriousness though, many of our lost property issues can be solved if students or parents label their child’s clothes and hats. While teachers encourage students to look after their things as much as possible, it is the responsibility of the student to care for and look after their things. Hopefully this term, we will see a reduction in the number of school blazers, hats, and sports jackets especially which seem to make up the bulk of our items.

Important Information For The Next Two Weeks

There are a very busy couple of weeks ahead in the Lavalla calendar. Look out for the following events on the horizon:

  • Wakakirri Dance Troupe Community Performance – Monday 2 August
  • BRLA Testing Year 5 – Wednesday 4 August
  • BRLA Testing Year 3 – Thursday 5 August
  • Wakakirri Dance Concert – Thursday 5 August
  • 3 Green Assembly – Friday 6 August
  • Wellbeing Week – Monday 9 August – Thursday 12 August
  • Assumption Buddy Day – Tuesday 10 August
  • IPSHA Cross Country – Thursday 12 August
  • Pupil Free Day – Friday 13 August