Grandparents Day

This week, the staff on the Marian Campus hosted a very successful Grandparents Day. The morning began with a reverent and meaningful prayer assembly, where our Year 2 Green students presented their writing pieces, explaining to the audience how much their Grandparents meant to them. This was followed by a beautiful song about Grandparents that brought a tear to many eyes. Grandparents were then invited to visit their Grandchild’s classroom where they engaged in a simple activity with them and had the opportunity to observe their grandchild’s learning from the past term. The students were extremely proud to escort their Grandparents across the campus, showing them our IDEA’s lab, Art room and Music spaces. The event concluded with a beautiful morning tea in the Marian Hall, which was provided through the generosity of the Primary Social Committee.

We look forward to inviting our Grandparents back to Newman College in Term 3, when they will be given the opportunity to view classrooms at our Lavalla Campus.

Lisa McClue, Leader of Wellbeing Marian Campus