Latest Building Bridges Highlights

Building Bridges aims to assist secondary students of different religious backgropunds and cultures from Years 10 amd 11 to build bridges of trust and friendship.

This week our College students were hosted by Carmel school and the feedback was wonderful;

Everyone was very friendly and this resulted in everyone feeling comfortable and confident during our discussions.
Rosanna Paynter Yr 11

Building Bridges offers the opportunity to make new friends. My older sister was involved in Building Bridges, when it first began, in 2016 and she became friends with girls from the AIC, whose interests were the same as her own.
Anne Johnston Yr 11

We have learnt about other religions, outside of the classroom and we have learnt from people who practise that religion.
Celeste Pereira Yr 10

I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to be involved with BBP because I didn’t think I would enjoy it. But it’s actually a really good experience and I’ve made friends that I will keep forever.
Luke Harding Yr 11

When discussing different topics in our small groups, it is really interesting to get their perspective from their own faith background, only to discover that it is not that different from my own.
Laura Hinton Yr 11

If you have the opportunity to join the Building Bridges Project next year – JUST DO IT.
Rosanna, Anne, Celeste, Luke and Lauren.