Maths Week Highlights

Maths Week was a hit again this year for the students on the Marcellin Campus. As well as a daily PCG quiz, there was a number of interactive activities at lunchtime to ensure students had the opportunity to get involved and get excited about Maths. Students got to stretch snakes, rip Mintie wrappers, regurgitate pi, use their problem solving skills to complete Sudoku puzzles and work collaboratively to escape an Escape Room.

Year 8 student Brianna Berti won the snake charmer activity by stretching a snake to 101cm. Samuel Probert, Daniel Esposito, James Ganfield and Morgan Heinrich from Year 10 managed to escape from the Escape Room with the quickest time of 21 minutes and 35 seconds. Blake Arto from Year 7 won the regurgitating pi activity by regurgitating pi to 45 places. Grace Mitchell in Year 10 won the Mintie Rip challenge by ripping a Mintie wrapper to 142cm and Gisele Tognala from Year 8 won the Sudoku challenge (she was the only student to complete a hard Sudoko). Congratulations also to Year 8 Camara who got 40/40 to win this years PCG quiz.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who got involved in Maths Week. Special thanks to all the Mathematics staff who organised all of the activities for the students to enjoy.

Janine Van Der Heever, Mathematics Co-Ordinator


Student Reflection

I enjoyed the Escape Room challenge as it didn’t just require simple Maths, it required problem solving skills and teamwork.

Daniel Esposito, Year 10 Student