Multicultural Week

Buon giorno, nǐ hǎo, goedendag, gozaimasu, shalom, hola, god dag, salut… to all!

Every year, during Multicultural Week, the Language Department endeavours to bring greater cultural awareness to Newman College through small events that celebrate the blessing of diverse cultures. Multicultural Week historically has been about celebrating individuals that have come from all over the world, as they bring their cultures, values and beliefs to this multi-cultural country of ours – Australia. As Australians we are proud to accept and embrace these differences.

This year throughout Multicultural Week, the students and staff at Newman College have enjoyed a variety of engaging events, including;

  • The Years 7 and 8 Multicultural Quiz
  • A Greek Flash Mob with the amazing Miss Battalis, the agile Mr Bochrinis and the talented little Zorbas!
  • Eating homemade gelato in the sun!
  • The scintillating performance of the “Moorditj Mob”

I welcome you to celebrate our unique culture in Australia. Happy Multicultural Week to all!


Roberta Sampson