Newman News Term 2 Week 2: From the Leader of Primary

Highlights from past two weeks 

Dear families ,

It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone back to what promises to be a very busy and exciting term for our students. The holiday break often gives us time to pause and reflect on the term that has just been, and to renew our focus and energy for the year ahead. I am very proud of the way students have started this year, and the positive way our boys and girls are seeking to make a difference in both their own lives, and even more importantly, those around them. I hope that every student can build on their positive start to the year this term, as we encounter several events including NAPLAN, Year 6 camp, and reporting. We will continue to gather as a school community each morning to begin our day, with a focus on ‘doing the little things right’ while being mindful of the small but positive ways we can all impact each other.

New Staff

I hope everyone in our community will join me in welcoming Natasha De Gois to our College this term. Natasha joins us from Mercy College where she taught in Year Four. Natasha will be teaching in the 5 Blue classroom Wednesday – Friday.

We also welcome to our campus Miss Katya Anderson. Many families will already know Miss Anderson from their time at Marian campus, however in her new role of Leader of Learning PK-6, Miss Anderson will also have presence here at Lavalla.  She is very much looking forward to connecting with all her previous students who are now that little bit older and working with our teachers to create wonderful learning opportunities for all our children across the school. We are very lucky to have someone of her knowledge and expertise as part of our team.

Finally, we also welcome two pre-service teachers to our campus this term – Lachlan Howard who will be working with Miss Sankar in 5 Green, and Imogen Crostella who will be working with Mrs Fitzpatrick in 4 Blue. We hope you will join us in making our new staff feel very welcome.


Last Friday we were treated to a very entertaining assembly item from 4 Red, who used ‘The Amazing Race’ to share with us some of the things they have been working on in class, especially their Writing. We also acknowledged those students who have started the term in a very positive manner, presenting several merit certificates to students across all year groups. We also recognised the efforts of some of our Year 6 students who achieved great results in the recent Solar Car challenge as part of the Gifted and Talented program. Congratulations to all students who have made a positive start to the term!

Newman College Lavalla

Marcellin Award

Hamish Macgregor (Year 5) was the recipient of our first Marcellin Award for Term Two. I was very proud to present Hamish with his award as his positive actions to begin the term have not only had a positive impact on our community, but he has also set a fine example for others. Hamish has been instrumental in these first weeks of school in welcoming one of our new students to the College; sitting with him, offering him support in class, and just being that welcoming face that new students hope to find in every school. Hamish, you truly embody the Marist charism of Family Spirit through your actions, and the example you have set is one that we can all learn from. We are very proud to call you a Newman College student!

Year 6 Camp

We were very lucky that the recent lockdown and resulting COVID restrictions did not impact our Year 6 Camp. Students have had a great time on camp this week where they took part in several challenging and fun activities designed to build confidence and teamwork. Students have been able to try their hand at abseiling, target shooting, crate climbs, and kayaking, among other things. One of the major themes of the camp has been positive thinking and the impact thinking positively and acting positively can have on both ourselves and each other. It is very pleasing to see students take this message to heart and to see them supporting and encouraging each other. We are sure they all had a great time! We owe a big thanks to our Year 6 teachers for their hard work in organising camp, as well as those staff who gave up time with their families to be with our students this week.

Year 5 Maker’s Market 

This week, students in Year 5 ran an event in school called the Maker’s Market. A recount of this event and the learning that preceded it is provided below from Cooper, Zac, and Ella in Year Five.

Firstly, we discussed the meaning of supply and demand. We also had to get into groups of four or five and choose a product to create. Next, we made prototypes of our product to look at what worked and what didn’t. Then we went around to classes to see what people would like to buy by doing a survey. On the 27th of April we did a Market day in which we raised $1003.70. The day was not only good for charity, but it also taught us how to read the market and how to advertise our products. At 8:20am we opened the doors to the multipurpose room, where we had people queuing from 8:00am. We estimated around 80-100 kids took part just in the morning. Two groups sold out completely before recess and most other groups sold all their products by the end of recess. By the end of the day many people walked away happy with their experience and purchase. We are really grateful to everyone who took part and supported our market.


One of the things that really makes me proud as a school leader is seeing our students dressed smartly and taking pride in their appearance. There are many students who wear their uniform with great pride and consistency, and I would like to thank these students and their families for their commitment to our College uniform. Wearing the school uniform with pride demonstrates a willingness and commitment to our College and it is wonderful that so many families are supportive of this. This term we transition to our Winter Uniform, the requirements for which can be found here. I would also like to thank those students and families who consistently uphold the College’s grooming standards.

Newman College Uniform

Curriculum Letters  

Last week families received a Curriculum Letter from their teachers. This contains information about what students will be learning this term, as well as some of the important events that will be occurring across each unit. I encourage any parents with questions about the term ahead to read the letter and be in touch with your child’s classroom teacher. On behalf of all staff, I can say we are looking forward to a very busy and productive term ahead.

Important information for next two weeks 

Year 5 & 6 Art Extension AIR program  

This term we have been lucky enough to secure Abby Telfer as an Artist for the Artist in Residence program for the Lavalla Art Extension Students. Students will be working closely with Abby for three weeks to gain an understanding of different approaches, skills, and application techniques within Textile Design. Students will be working towards creating an original design to decorate and embellish their own canvas sneakers. This week marked the beginning of the project; students immersing themselves in image research to create a digital mood board for their sneaker design. We look forward to sharing updates over the term!

Arts Club 

This week saw the introduction of an Arts lunchtime club to our campus. This is a student led initiative, and I would like to acknowledge the efforts of some of our Year 6 girls for their passion and energy in getting this club up and running. Well done to Antonia, Abby, Ava, Bailey, and Eva! Students worked this week painting rocks, and next week our Year 6 girls will be leading the group in creating a Mother’s Day piece of craft. We often speak about student leadership at our morning gatherings, and this is the perfect example. Leadership is not reserved for only those with a badge, it is within the grasp of anyone who simply wants to make a difference in their community. I applaud these girls for their initiative and the contributions they are bringing to our campus. A big thanks to our Art Specialist, Amy Farrell, who is also supporting the club through her presence and guidance.

Photo Day

A reminder to all families that our photo day is on Friday 7 May. It is very important that all students attend wearing the correct winter uniform on this day. We hope that all students can be present at school this day, as school photos often become a treasured memory that are looked upon with great fondness and affection in the years to come.

Liturgies & Retreats

Our Year 3 students will be celebrating a liturgy for their unit on Wednesday 12 May in the Champagnat Chapel at 9.00am. We hope to be able to invite families of Year 3 students to attend and will keep families informed of the latest COVID restrictions. On Friday 14 May, our Year 4 students will take part in a retreat as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist. Please keep these students in your thoughts and prayers during this important time of preparation.