Newman News Term 2 Week 4: From the Leader of Wellbeing Primary

As students settle back into a more regular routine of school, they are once again becoming accustomed to their learning environment. But what exactly makes a good learning environment? There are the physical aspects of a learning environment such as flexible furniture, the multipurpose areas, and a range of opportunities for students to engage in play. But even more importantly is the ‘feel’ of the environment. Is my classroom a safe place to learn? Do I feel encouraged to take risks in my learning? Do I have opportunities to challenge myself?

One of the ways teachers help create these environments is through the expectations they set for their students. Good teachers set high yet achievable expectations; reinforcing these often and seeking to guide their students towards these at all times. This in turn helps students to develop their own expectations of themselves. These can be across learning, relationships, effort or behaviour; all with the goal of helping students be the best they can be while making Newman College a place students look forward to coming to each day.

I would encourage families to chat with their child this week about the expectations they have. What type of learner do they want to be? Even more importantly, what type of person do they want to be? Discussions like these can be the first step in many years of success.


This morning we held out first live-streamed Assembly for Term 2. It was so wonderful to be able recognise and celebrate the continued faith journey, learning achievements, contributions and efforts of our students once more. Our next assembly is in Week 6 and will include an item from Year 3 Red.

If you missed today’s assembly and would like to watch it click here.
Assembly Assembly Assembly

Marcellin Award

Congratulations Luca Chester in Year 6 who was acknowledged today in receiving the Marcellin Award.

Every day, Luca comes to school with a beautiful, positive attitude that just seems to radiate across his friends and classmates. He is polite, respectful, and always prepared to engage with those around him. It is such a pleasure to see these qualities in a fine young man. Congratulations Luca on your award and great start to the year!

The Marcellin Award at Lavalla is presented at assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.
Marcellin Award

School Photo Day 2020

It’s time to get out your diaries! School photo day for the Lavalla campus will take place on Monday 14 September. School photos are a beautiful snapshot in time of a child’s life and we would love for all students to be in attendance at school on this date. Think of the memories you will have for the years to come! You might also be surprised to know it is not just parents and grandparents that treasure the school photos, many teachers adorn their walls with the photos of their past classes too! Further information around the schedule of the day will be sent out closer to the date.

Student Voice

Over the past few weeks, Student Councillors have been working with myself to explore different ways we can provide a voice to our students on campus. This week, students were invited to express their ideas, suggestions or feedback. Student Councillors will meet each week to respond to each idea or suggestion provided. While our Student Councillors cannot promise to make all of our wildest dreams come true, they can listen to each suggestion and respond to every student. We look forward to sharing some of these over the coming weeks.

Playground Expectations

This week I visited each class to discuss the expectations we have at lunch times. In particular, we spoke about the need to stay seated during eating time, respecting the play equipment, and returning to class on time. There are many small but frequent occurring instances of students making poor choices around these issues and these rules will be emphasised over the next few weeks.

Students have also been made aware once again of the ‘no hat no play’ policy of the College. Students without a hat are welcome in the library at lunch times, but otherwise will not be allowed to engage in outdoor play. Teachers will be reminding students of these expectations frequently over the coming weeks and we are looking forward to taking a more relaxed approach to our break times again soon.