Newman News Term 2 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Key Dates

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly.

Inclusive Sport Fun Run 

On Friday 20 May the students who attend the Education Support Centre participated in the Inclusive Sport Fun Run and Activities Day at Jackadder Reserve. The students ran, walked or jogged two laps around Jackadder Lake then participated in tabloid activities. Everyone had a wonderful day taking part and making new friends. At the conclusion of the events, those who attended were treated to a sausage sizzle. Thank you to the students who volunteered on the day. 

2022 ACC Cross Country Carnival

Congratulations to all Cross Country Runners in yesterday’s ACC event. All students showed true grit and determination and pulled together as a team to finish 3rd overall out of 80 Schools. This is an outstanding result, and the school is very proud of this achievement. Big thank you to our Head Coach Lenny Hughes who has done a fantastic job preparing our runners and for all staff for their help in the lead up and management on the day. Thank you also to parents for your early morning training drop offs and for the many of you who came and cheered yesterday. Your encouragement and support of your children plays a pivotal role in their connection and enjoyment of sport.

Our success on the day was due to the depth of our squad right through to our reserves. However, there were some stand out top 20 individual performances;

Bastian Domingues-Rubina: 6th Place (U13 Boys)

Olivia Hilderbrandt: 4th Place (U14 Girls)

Harrison Warrick: 10th Place (U15 Boys)

Flynn Morison: 13th Place (U15 Boys)

Marcus Malaxos: 19th Place (U16 Boys)

Lucy Hills: 13th Place (Open Girls)

James Hart: 4th Place (Open Boys)

Nicholas Tranter: 13th Place (Open Boys)

Another highlight was watching two of our Senior Boys ‘No Limits’ athletes, Liam Gill and Josh Stone run and complete the 4km course.

All results are processed automatically with BlueChip timing and results are available on the Internet, direct to BlueChip links or through ACC app or web site.

General link =


U15-Open =

U13-U14 =

MC Inclusive – U15-Open =

MC Inclusive – U13-U14 =

Live Leaderboard =

We will soon turn our attention to the Athletics season and look forward to a similar commitment and attitude where our students continue to strive for team and personal excellence.

Matt Connell


Year 8 Humanities 

Esports at in the JHN Hub

The John Henry Newman Hub came alive at lunchtime each day this week with the sounds of enthusiastic cheers and celebrations. Students across Years Seven to Ten participated in a PS4 Speed Racer Tournament. Organised by Ryley Bradford, Jordan Smith and Aaron Jones in Year Ten as part of their innovative new company, each day featured several games and reached a grand final today with two students in Year 7 racing each other for the title of supreme champion. Response to the competition has been fantastic, so much so, that another round will be planned with a Just Dance theme in the coming weeks. We would like to sincerely congratulate all students in their collaboration for the competition.

This term in Economics, Year 8 HaSS classes have been learning about the Federal Budget and how the government allocates resources. These concepts were further explored by researching Newman College’s charity – Marist Solidarity to investigate how to equitably allocate scarce resources, thereby ensuring everyone can achieve a minimum standard of living.  

In groups, students brainstormed to decide on how best to allocate $10,000 dollars to assist street children living in the Philippines. Groups shared their ideas with the rest of the class and presented their findings as a visual display. 

Janet March and Nicki Xanthis (preservice teacher, Notre Dame University)

Year 7 & 8 Extended PCG – R U Legal? 

On Wednesday 1 June, Faye from Legal Aid shared the R U Legal? Presentation with the Year 7 and 8 students. Legal Aid educates middle school students regarding the bottom line and consequences of illegal activity.  

Faye explained about young people and the law, discussing with us about the age we start to become criminally responsible. We learned what not to do, covering all examples such as cyber bullying, assaults and sexting. Throughout the presentation we also covered the consequences of illegal activity later in life and dealing with the police. After this experience I believe all students will think twice about breaking the law. Thank you, Faye, for your informative presentation.     

Further information and resources on the R U Legal? Presentation can be found here.  

Lulu Brickland – Year 8 Romero 

Senior School Exams: 

Year 10: 

Our Year 10 students commence their first experience of exams on Tuesday 7 June.  All students are required to attend school each day in their winter uniform. Students and families are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Examination Timetable, Rules and Procedures below. I wish our Year 10 students all the best for their upcoming exams. 

Year 10 Examination Timetable 

Further information about Year 11 2023 Subject Selections and the upcoming Careers Expo can be  

found in Pathways & Careers (please link to correct section) 

Year 11: 

Week 7 is the final week for Year 11 exams. The Examination Timetables and Examination Rules and Procedures for Year 11 Exams can be found below.

Year 11 Examination Timetable 

Year 11 Examination Rules and Procedures

Year 12 Carpark Update: 

The Year 12 student carpark will be open from Monday 13 June. Students are required to have permission to park at school from both their parents and Leader of Wellbeing. Further information about parking at school will be provided to Year 12 students when they return in Week 7. 

Uniform & Grooming: 

The long weekend provides families with an opportunity to ensure that student’s uniforms and personal appearance meet College expectations. The following items in particular are of concern: 

  • Boys hair: there should not be a major discrepancy between long and short/shaved hair. Hairstyles such as a mullet, extreme fade and undercuts are not permitted. 
  • Jewellery is restricted to a wristwatch, a discrete cross or religious medal on a fine, light weight gold or silver chain. Rings are not permitted. Girls may only wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers in the lower lobe only. 
  • Blazers must be worn to and from the College and to PCG, Period 1 and 2.  
  • Boys must have the College shirt tucked into their trousers at all times. 
  • The Sports Uniform is to be worn for specialised subjects only. Students with a legitimate reason for being in their sports uniform must provide a note from their parent, however a note does not necessarily mean that a reason is acceptable. The following are examples of unacceptable reasons for being in the incorrect uniform: 
  • Forgetting to bring regular uniform to school, when there is training/activities before school. 
  • Uniform is in the wash 
  • Left part of uniform at another house 

Our uniform gives our students a sense of unity, belonging and community. I appreciate your support in ensuring that students are always organised and present to school in the correct uniform. 

School Photo Days

The dates for this year’s school photo days are:

  • Monday 20 June: Years 7-12 Sport Photo Day
  • Tuesday 21 June: Years 7-9 Photo Day
  • Wednesday 22 June: Years 10-12 Photo Day

On Tuesday your child will receive their personalised photo order envelope during PCG. Students will be instructed to put this into their bag so that it gets home. The envelope outlines the photo packages available and includes the order form for parents to complete and return. Students must ensure that they bring with them their personalised envelope on their photo day (even if families have opted not to purchase photos).

Uniform Expectations and Personal Appearance

Students are required to be in their full College Winter Uniform on their photo day.

Please be reminded about the following uniform and grooming requirements that the College expects:

  • Students with hair longer than the bottom of the collar must have their hair tied back and clear of the face.
  • Jewellery is restricted to a watch, a discrete cross or religious symbol on a fine, light weight chain.
  • Girls may only wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers, worn in the lower lobe.
  • Girl’s skirts must be knee-length.
  • The College Blazer must be worn by all students

Thank you for your support in ensuring students adhere to the College Uniform and Personal appearance policy. Click here for more information.