Newman News Term 4 Week 2: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Staff and students have made an outstanding start to Term Four. We have had a significant number of events across the Marcellin campus, including orientation for 2023 Year 7 students, Year 10 Camp, St John Henry Newman Feast Day, Telethon Fundraising for Emily Siew, Year 7 and 8 Waterwise Experience, Year 12 exams, Graduation and so much more.  

The Class of 2022 Graduation 

Wednesday 19 October we were able to celebrate the Class of 2022 and the hard work of families, staff and students as they come to the end of their formal school years. Everyone who has had a part in the formation of these students is to be congratulated for their success. We wish all our Year 12 students every success for their future beyond Newman College.  

Our 12 Year students have now completed their schooling, ATAR students will be busy preparing for their final WACE exams scheduled to commence Monday 31 October. 

Year 12 Reports 

Year 12 reports, with the exception of IEPs, were made live on SEQTA on Wednesday 19 October at 4.00pm.  Hard copies of the statement of results and certificates of service (Co-curricular) were presented to students in their Graduation folders at the Class of 2022 event. 

Year 10 Camp 

There was a mixture of excitement and trepidation as we departed Newman College bright and early at 715am on Monday morning. Our stop in Australind with the cold wind prepared us for the temperatures of our five day camp in Karridale.

Upon arrival our Year 10 students were welcomed by the Outdoor Education Group staff. They were given a hiking pack and instructed on how to waterproof their clothing for their two day journey away from base camp. They become accustomed to long drop toilets and the smells that emanate from them in the late afternoon, and the one twominute shower for the duration of the camp came as a shock to many (some sadly chose to forgo their one chance to have a shower). 

Our Year 10s were challenged at times: Tuesday brought with it rain and the cold, getting lost on an already long bush walk, carrying 20 litres of water up the hill and abseiling down a 20 metre cliff. These incredible young people took it all in their stride with some shedding tears and throwing some tantrums along the way. Despite the challenges, the benefits of this experience were evident in the conversations, connectedness and care for one another. The Marist spirit underpinned a lot of what our young people did during this five-day camp: the strong sense of family spirit and their kindness and compassion towards one another as reflective of Mary our Good Mother. 

Every student who attended achieved something or challenged themselves: sleeping in a tent, conquering their fear of heights or simply connecting with a peer that they hadn’t had a conversation with before. 

Our teachers who attended are to be commended; their ability to manage conflict and inspire courage in our Year 10 students was phenomenal given the lack of sleep and coffee on offer. Thank you to Mike Diamond, Tiyana Kerimi, Maria Famiano, Cate McKnight, Bonnie Keynes, Gill Kennedy, Holly-Hope Grainger, Alex Gerreyn, David Nelson, Chris James and Jo Smith for their willingness to support our students during this five day experience. Special mention must be given to Paige Adams and Jorja Clark for their logistical expertise as they coordinated a significant number of bus shuttles to and from various camp sites and activities, and for overseeing the camping experience for our staff and students.

Year 7 and 8 Waterwise Experience 

This week, all students in year 7 celebrated National Water Week with a range of classroom activities including ‘water tasting’ where they had the opportunity to taste test samples of water ranging from tap water to high-end, imported bottled water. Students also participated in a Water Wise experience. An interactive, multi-sensory incursion on water sustainability

2023 Guild Representatives 

Guild Representative nominations will begin shortly for 2023. Students in Years 7-11 who are seeking opportunities to be recognised as leaders within the community are encouraged to apply. Details about the process will be posted on student Teams in the coming weeks. 

Year 11 Information for Exam period

October 21Final date to place and order and pay for 2023 Leavers Jacket 
Week 2
7 NovemberYear 11 Examination Period 
Week 5 – Week 6  
Examination Timetable can be located here  
Examination Rules can be located here  
21-23 NovemberYear 11 Semester 2 Examination Feedback Days 
Week 7 (compulsory for all ATAR students)  
Compulsory Feedback Timetable can be located here 
24 NovemberYear 11 Final Day – Compulsory for ALL Year 11 students  
Lunchtime Dismissal  
Week 7  

Transperth School Bus Services  

Transperth have notified the College that there are a number of students using the School Bus Services with insufficient funds on their SmartRiders.  
If your child utilises the Transperth School Bus Services, please ensure that they have sufficient funds for their journey.  
Please also remind your child about the expected behaviour on public transport.  

Student Uniform 

The College uniform forms part of the student code of conduct and common expectations that all students must meet. Please support staff in ensuring you child is prepared for school with the appropriate uniform. Students are reminded particularly about appropriate jewellery, skirt lengths, haircuts, and hats.  

Homework Club

Homework Club is place for students to come and finish their homework, study and access different specialist Teachers and Tutors. Students are welcome to attend Homework Club before after school commitments (such as sport). However, they must be prepared to work productively during that time and be respectful of the students around them (especially those that are preparing for exams). Students who do not meet these expectations will be asked to leave Homework Club.

Sun Smart at Newman College 

As is College policy, students are reminded that College hats must be worn on the oval during recess, lunch and for Physical Education. Hats can be purchased at the Uniform Shop.