Newman News Term 4 Week 4: From the Leader of Wellbeing Year 10

Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. It is based around the notion that there is no one right or correct solution, rather, that there are multiple ways in which a problem can be addressed, considered, or even viewed. It is through divergent thinking that effective problem-solving skills can be developed, often in a collaborative and engaging environment, where ideas can be shared, evaluated and expanded on to create new and innovative ways of thinking.

Here at Newman College, we aim to provide students with opportunities to develop this style of thinking, not only to expand their ability to think ‘outside of the box’ but to support the cultivation of skills and thinking that will prepare them for life beyond Secondary school such as – effective communication skills, leadership, patience, flexibility, critical thinking, analysis and effective feedback.

Our Vision for Learning, Shine through Discovery encourages our students to be courageous in their learning and to consider any possible solution that enters their minds and explore the concept that there is no limit of possible outcomes or solutions for any given problem. It is our hope that through the inclusion of this thought process, our students will be able to develop their sense of curiosity, where probing behaviours such as searching, asking questions, seeking further knowledge, understanding and delving deeper are cultivated.

Principal’s Assembly

This week’s Principal’s Assembly was a celebration of the successes, talents, and hard work of our young people within our College community. Presentations from Ministry, the Arts, Sports, Academic and Wellbeing highlighted the hard work, commitment and generous spirit of our students. It is our hope that the celebration of our students and their successes inspires all to strive for their best and aim for excellence in all they undertake, so they can be the best versions of themselves.

Mr Finneran ended the assembly with an address focused on the need for compassion, kindness and generosity, especially for those in communities who are marginalised and vulnerable. We are called as Marist people to be the face of Christ to those in our world who are less fortunate than ourselves and bring hope and support to those who need it most – especially as we draw closer to Christmas. All Newman students are called to think beyond themselves and support the range of Ministry activities and drives to support those in our local community who need a little extra support and love as we approach the holiday season.

I would also like to acknowledge the Year 12 2021 Student Leadership Council who organised and hosted this week’s Principal’s Assembly. Beautifully led by the 2021 College Captains Taylah and Mateo, the Year 12 Student Leadership Council connected with staff and students at the Marcellin Campus and certainly set the tone for their leadership legacy for 2021.

Multicultural Week

The Languages Department did a wonderful job in celebrating and showcasing a variety of cultures and ethnic diversity within both the College and wider community through dance, music, customs and of course, food! The week was filled with a range of activities and experiences to engage students in their understanding and knowledge of different languages and cultures including Japanese Anime, spaghetti eating competition, Greek dancing and the highlight of the week – a Gelato van! A big thank you (grazie!) to the Languages Department led by Ms Roberta Sampson for all their hard work, and passionate spirit!

Year 10 Rotary WA Drivers Education Day

Friday of Week 3 saw the Year 10 cohort engage in the Rotary WA Drivers Education Day, in conjunction with St John Ambulance and WA Police, held at Claremont Showgrounds. The program provided information to influence attitudes towards and knowledge of, road safety before becoming a young driver or passenger of a young driver. The day consisted of six educational modules including:

  1. Hazards, distractions, and risks in car driving
  2. Safety features and ratings to look for when buying a car
  3. Good maintenance and stopping distances of a car
  4. When not to drive or be a passenger in a vehicle and what to do to avoid being in that situation
  5. Consequences of common driver’s license breaches and unsafe driving by young drivers
  6. The dramatic effect of a catastrophic road traffic accident (presentation given by a survivor).

One of the most impactful workshops of the day was Danny’s story – a car crash survivor, who courageously shared the decisions that changed the course of his live forever. The bravery and honesty in his presentation left every single Year 10 extremely reflective and grateful and his key message of ‘not thinking stupidly’ certainly resonated deeply with our students. Danny’s biggest hope for our Year 10’s was that they listen to his story and take on board the lessons presented so that they can live a long and full life. The Year 10’s found this to be a very moving and powerful presentation.

Year 7 Science Incursion

On Thursday and Friday of Week 3, Year 7 students had the opportunity to take part in a Biology Incursion to learn about local ecosystems. Students walked through nearby bushland and made observations about the vegetation and health of the area. They were fortunate enough to see many bird species and discussed the symbiotic relationships that exist between them. While on campus, students took part in a ‘feeding frenzy’ simulation to better understand how food webs are so finely balanced and how the introduction of an invasive species can have disastrous impacts.

The Year 7’s also discovered how to assess the health of a lake and using Herdsman Lake water samples, observed macroinvertebrates under a microscope before comparing the lake health to that of the waterway under our bridge. Finally, students called upon their artistic skills and used Aboriginal symbols and styles to create their own artwork of an ecosystem of their choosing. It was a fabulous two days special thanks go to all staff involved, particularly Mr Cotterell who organised the incursion.

Year 11 Examinations

Weeks 5 and 6 sees the commencement of the Year 11 examination period. On behalf of the College community we wish our Year 11 students the very best. A heartfelt thanks is extended to all Year 11 Subject Teachers, PCG Teachers and Mrs Bramanto (Leader of Wellbeing Year 11) for their hard work, dedication and guidance they have provided to this cohort throughout the year.

The students approached 2020 with an optimistic and productive attitude, taking on all opportunities for further development and growth with maturity and enthusiasm. We also extend our best wishes and support to the Year 11 General Pathway students who are working towards the completion of units, courses and certificates.

We hope that the next few weeks are productive and you feel the support and prayers of the Newman College Community.