NPC Terms of Reference

NPC Terms of Reference

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1.0 Mission and Vision

Newman Parents Committee:

1.1 Supports the College community in articulating and developing the mission and vision of the College based on Gospel values, Catholic ethos and the Marist charism

1.2 Seeks ongoing opportunities to assist the College community to understand and strengthen the mission of the College and the wider Church

1.3 Celebrates and affirms the school community and its identity as a unique community within the broader faith community

2.0 Planning

Newman Parents Committee:

2.1 Supports the Principal in setting objectives within is mission and vision

2.2 Provides input to the Principal and College Executive in developing the School Improvement Plan (AIP)

2.3 Provide support to the Executive in identifying issues to be presented through the forum Newman Parents (see below)

3.0 Support of the School’s Educational Leadership

Newman Parents Committee:

3.1 Assists in the positioning of Newman College in the wider community as a Pre Kindergarten-Year 12 school

3.2 Acts as a consultative forum for the Principal on issues such as particular projects, maintenance, communication, spirituality, parent education and to provide timely, appropriate advice as requested and to make recommendations to the Principal

3.3 Assists in harnessing the expertise, talents and resources of members of the College community and wider local community for the benefit of the College’s development