Portal User Guide

Being a parent of a school student can be a handful at the best of times. The number of different logins and platforms that schools use can also cause great confusion. We hope that the below guide assists you to understand which parents need to use which portals; what those portals are for; and when to use them. In each instance, the first thing to do will be to create an account with each relevant platform. When you do this, we suggest being as consistent as possible with your details so that the login process for each portal is similar.

All Parents (PK – Y12)

SEQTA Engage

SEQTA Engage is an online Learning Management System that enables you to keep up to date with your child’s education.

You will find your child’s College reports on SEQTA Engage at the end of Semester One and Semester Two.

Your SEQTA Username is your email address and you create your own password. If you forget your password, click on ‘Forgot your Password’ and enter your email address for BOTH your Username and Email address.

SEQTA Engage is also available as an App that can be downloaded from the App Store. Once downloaded, select  ‘Manual setup’ and enter the following URL: coneqt-p.newman.wa.edu.au


Consent2Go is the software the College uses to obtain parental permission for school incursions and excursions. Another feature of the system is that it allows you to update your child’s medical and allergy information online to ensure that we always have the most current information for your child.

When your child is invited on an excursion or camp you will receive an email from MCB Schools. This email will allow you to accept, or decline, the invitation and to update your details.

There is no login required for this program.

PTO (Parent Teacher Online)

PTO is an online booking system that is used by the College to allow parents to make appointments with teachers for Parent Teacher Interviews and for Subject Selection Interviews. PTO is also used to book uniform fittings in the Uniform Shop (twice a year).

Prior to Parent Teacher Interviews, you will receive an email advising of the dates the system will be available to make appointments. This email will provide you with a link to the PTO home page. Once on the home page, click on ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and enter your email address when requested.

You will then receive an email form PTO which provide you with a link which allows you direct access to PTO.

Please note: every time you use PTO you will receive a new login!


FlexiSchools is the Canteen booking system for Newman College. The system allows parents and students to place orders from home, work or school anytime; making processing and preparing lunch orders faster, easier and more accurate than over-the-counter orders.

To get started, parents will need to go to www.flexischools.com.au and register for an account and add your students. CLICK HERE for a quick start guide on setting up your account and placing an order.

For all queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the FlexiSchools help desk on 1300 361 769 or help@flexischools.com.au

Primary School Only (PK-Y6)


Parents of primary school students can use SeeSaw to engage with their child’s learning experience. The platform is used by teachers to showcase the work of your child and the work of the class. Think of this as the mechanism to enlighten your understanding of your child’s education. No longer when you ask the question, “what did you do at school today”; will the answer “nothing” suffice. SeeSaw displays images of your child’s work, assessments, tasks and more. It allows parents to interact with this work and with the teachers.

Create a login to maximise your ability to interact with the child’s education. You will first receive a QR Code from your child’s teacher that will allow you to complete the process. CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to create a free account.