Dance Troupe Catholic Performing Arts Festival Performance Highlights

On Friday 24 August, 51 students from the Newman College Dance Troupe performed at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in the Creative Dance section. It was an amazing night filled with hard work, amazing performances and collaboration from students in Years 7-11. Troupe 1 performed a highly entertaining routine entitled ‘Enter the Circus’ with songs from the very popular ‘Greatest Showman’, whilst Troupe 2 performed an intricate contemporary routine called ‘Connect’, showing how truly important we are to each other. Click here to watch a video of ‘Connect’.

I was blown away at how professional each and every student was, and their hard work and dedication to them team. We look forward to performing these items along with many others at the 2018 Dance Showcase on Friday 26 October.

Steph Crothers, Dance Teacher

Student Reflections

This year, I had a wonderful experience at CPAF. The night went wonderfully; the dance looked amazing, the choreography, costumes, music and team characteristics were fabulous. Before we went onstage the whole troupe warmed up together and had a “pump up” session. Click here to watch a video. There were immense feelings of involvement and community. After the performance, I was delighted to receive many congratulations and complements for our performance. I enjoyed being able to talk with other students across the College ranging from Years 7-11 and bonding over dancing.

Amelia Hornby, Dance Captain


Wow! What an amazing experience it was to dance at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The Junior Troupe’s theme was ‘Enter the Circus’ which was a high energy, acrobatics and jazz routine. Our appreciative audience acknowledged all the hard work, time and effort both Troupes put in and especially our inspiring and motivating Dance teacher, Miss Crothers. I have been so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other Newman College students and other Catholic schools, through dance. I also enjoyed being able to represent the College, doing something I love.

Belle Jenkins, Year 7


Catholic Performing Arts was an awesome experience that brought dancers of many age groups together with a common interest. It was an extremely welcoming and encouraging environment with all teams cheering each other on. In preparation for the event, both teams rehearsed before school to ensure we were prepared and confident for the performance. We went to the Convention Centre for the first three periods on the Friday, where we rehearsed our pieces and learnt more about how the night would run. We all wore our new Newman Dance jacket and t-shirt which made us really look and feel like a team!

Later that night we all arrived ready and exited to perform. Troupe 2 was up first with their piece “Connect”, a contemporary routine which looked at how our current society struggles to connect with one another, and performed very well! We got excellent report feedback for technique and entertainment. Troupe 1 followed with their item “Enter the Circus” which was an upbeat jazz routine with a mix of songs about the circus, and they performed extremely well too.

Catholic Performing Arts was a great experience and opportunity for all dancers on the team and brought us all close together as one dance family. A big thanks from the whole team to Miss Crothers for providing us with these opportunities and being an awesome choreographer.

Emma McGrath, Dance Captain

Careers Update Week 6

Our aim is to provide students with all the latest information that will help to make decisions about future careers and life beyond school.

Please contact Kelsey Fink, Pathways and Onsite Coordinator for any further queries | 9204 9457

2018-2019 TISC Applications Open Now!

TISC is now accepting applications from current Year 12 students wishing to apply to university in 2109. TISC facilitates applications for UWA, Curtin, ECU and Murdoch University. This week all Year 12 students looking to apply to university would have received an individualised instruction letter, as well as a 2019 Course Guide. All instructions and information about how to apply can be found in this letter. Applications and preferences must be entered before 11.00pm on Friday 28 September 2018. Late applications incur a $140 late fee.

2019 VETiS TAFE Applications Now Open!

Applications for 2019 VETiS Profile and Fee for Service courses are now open. VETiS courses are courses that combine regular school commitments with part time TAFE study. Students undertaking these courses are at school four days a week, and spend one day at TAFE. Applications to both South Metro and North Metro TAFE close on the Friday 31 August 2018. Please contact Mr MacNeill for help with applications!

School Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Interested in getting paid on the job while still attending school? Then a School Based Traineeship or Apprenticeship (SBT/A) may be for you. SBT/A’s allow students to start and gain an apprenticeship or traineeship qualification while still at school. Traditionally students completing a SBT/A attend school three days a week, attend TAFE one day per week (learning skills) and gain on the job experience one day a week at a host employer (and get paid too). There are lots of opportunities for SBT/A throughout the year, and offer an alternative option for General Pathway students. If this is something you would like to explore further, or would like to see what’s on offer at the moment, contact Kelsey Fink or call 9204 9457.

Upcoming Events Calendar

Term 3 Week 4: From the Dean of Wellbeing

The opportunities our students have to be challenged leads to better engagement and behaviour.

Taking Students out of their comfort zone, where they need to navigate risk and problem solve, supports student engagement in the learning task and fosters perseverance and determination to achieve the goal or set task. When students are actively engaged in their learning, they are filled with a sense of pride, can move past times of disappointment and strive for personal excellence.

Year 7 Disco

Last night the College held its first Year 7 Disco. This wonderful initiative came from our Year 12 Student Council. Their work in organising the event reflects their commitment to student leadership, engagement and celebration. Students had a wonderful evening dancing to playlists from DJ Aaron Tsalis, a current Year 12 student, joined in games and posed with friends at the photo booth.

Congratulations and thanks to students, Year 12 Student Council and staff who made this such a memorable evening. Click here to see more photos from the night and a Year 7 reflection from Emilie Costley.

Building Bridges

On Wednesday 8 August, Newman College hosted the Building Bridges project. The Building Bridges Project aims to assist secondary students of different religious backgrounds and cultures, from Years 10 and 11 to build bridges of trust and friendship. Click here to read more and see more photos from the day.


PALS Performance

On Friday 3 August, distinguished guests, parents, the Year 10 cohort and members of staff enjoyed an inspiring performance by the Newman College Years 7-12 Arts collective students. The students performed Koort Kadadjiny Kadidjiny (Heart Learning) as part of their PALS project – an initiative which encourages Western Australian schools to develop projects that promote reconciliation in their local community, and closely aligns with our Catholic social teaching values. Click here to read more and see more photos from the day.

Subject Selection Year 11, 2019

Many Year 10 students, along with their parents, have already met with their designated Pathway Advisor to choose the subjects they intend to study in Year 11 2019. If you have not booked an interview, please visit PTO to make your booking. The last date for interviews is Friday 17 August. Any enquires in relation to an Apprenticeship pathway should be directed to Ms Kelsey Fink (

Homework Club – Weeks 5 and 6

OLNA Support Workshops
There are a number of OLNA Support Workshops running each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon during Homework Club. Mrs Calegari, the College’s new Literacy Support Teacher, will be running the Tuesday workshop related to the Reading and Writing Tests. On Wednesdays support will be offered to those students who are required to sit the Numeracy test.

#challengeyear12 – WACE Wednesdays
Throughout Weeks 5 and 6, WACE Wednesdays will continue running during Homework Club. There are a range of workshops on offer. The timetable is included below:

Year 12 Semester 2 Examinations

The Year 12 Semester 2 Examinations Timetable is now available Year 12 Semester 2 Exam Timetable 2018
A reminder to all students, that they must ensure they are prepared with the correct equipment and arrive at their exam locations in plenty of time.

Careers Update

Click here for all the latest information that will help students’ decisions about their future career and life beyond school.

Secondary Angelico Art Exhibition

The Secondary Angelico Art Exhibition opens on Monday 13 August. Congratulations to the students below who have had their artwork selected to be showcased. We encourage you to attend this exhibition to view our amazing Visual Arts student works. The program of events and performance has been published on the whole school College Calendar.

  • David Dal Busco
  • Chloe Meyer
  • Molly York
  • Ella Nicholas
  • Grace Hasler
  • Keira Burgess

Laptop Care

Students and families are reminded that all devices must be carried in an approved laptop bag. This protects the device as students move across the College throughout the day. In the event that a students’ device is damaged, the College is not required to provide a loan device. Pastoral Care Teachers and Leaders of Wellbeing will check that the students have a laptop bag and are using it to carry their device. It is also an expectation that students bring their devices fully charged so that they are prepared for the day ahead. Students can charge their devices at school, however, they will need to bring their own charger and be responsible for their own accessories.

2019 Parent Funded Device

Next year Newman College will continue the parent funded, designated device model. Students in Years 7 – 11 will require a Microsoft Surface Pro. 2019 will be the last year for the College funded MacBook programme, for students in Year 12.

This designated device model will be made available in cooperation with a nominated supplier; providing a discounted educational bundle including a damage resistant cover and enhanced warranty. Details of the bundle and nominated supplier will be made available later in 2018.

Year 12 Graduation Photo – Tuesday 14 August

All Year 12 students are required for this photo. Students are reminded they must be neatly groomed wearing full winter uniform adhering to the College dress code, with particular reference to hair and grooming.

Pickup / Dropoff of students

It has come to our attention that parents are parking in the drive through area near the technology / gym area on the Marcellin Campus. The College grounds must be safe for all students, staff and visitors. Parents are reminded to take special care when parking and driving on school grounds. Please observe all parking signs and only park in designated areas. Please refrain from parking in staff carparks. Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and support.

Upcoming Events

Science Week
Y7-12 Feast of the Assumption Celebrations
APSMO Maths Olympiad
Y7-12 State Surfing Zone Titles
Remar Blue Solidarity Camp

Past Events

The students at Newman College are continuously engaging in motivating learning experiences that support embedding and enhancing their education. Some highlights from the past two weeks are:

Y11 Earth and Environmental Science Excursion
Y12 Human Biology Harry Perkins Excursion
Years 8/9 Eagles Cup
Y9 Barking Gecko Macbeth Performance

PALS Performance

On Friday 3 August, distinguished guests, parents, the Year 10 cohort and members of staff enjoyed an inspiring performance by the Newman College Years 7-12 Arts collective students. The students performed Koort Kadadjiny Kadidjiny (Heart Learning) as part of their PALS project – an initiative which encourages Western Australian schools to develop projects that promote reconciliation in their local community, and closely aligns with our Catholic social teaching values.

This is the first year Newman College has been involved in PALS. PALS complements the teaching syllabus and can assist schools in implementing the Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework. PALS was developed in collaboration with the Department of Education, Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools WA. Miss Abigail Lamont the Project officer from PALS, and Aboriginal History WA Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries will attend the performance to evaluate our college entry in the Aboriginal History and Language category.

‘HEART LEARNING’ (Koort Kadadjiny Kadidjiny) is an original piece of Epic Theatre devised by the Newman College Arts Collective. The performance used Verbatim Theatre techniques, Aboriginal Noongar language, original music, and song, body percussion and movement, and digital projection of visual art to share a cultural history of Australia, 140’000 BC to the present day. This collaborative Arts work explores the Aboriginal history of Australia in its beauty, strength pain and weakness.

This theatre piece is a celebration of diversity, survival, transformation, and growth in the hope for reconciliation and a better future in the relationships between Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people. The collective stories in this work reveal the burden of history for the Aboriginal peoples. Heart Learning aims to bridge gaps of understanding in an effort to enhance cultural competency and cultural sensitivity in a view to promoting social change. The hope for reconciliation that this piece presents links the Marist theme of ‘Hope’ for 2018.

The hopefulness embedded in ‘Heart Learning’ (Koort Kadadjiny Kadidjiny) can help us to acknowledge and face our past, and present actions as a nation, hearing voices rather than silencing voices is essential in our hope for reconciliation.

This piece features an original song written by Nicole Boddy, arranged and accompanied by Sue Bluck. The song lyrics have been translated into Noongar by Della Rae Morrison. The original didgeridoo composition is written and played by Phil Walley Stack and the original voice over recordings are by Maitland Schnaars.

Year 7 Disco

On Thursday 9 August, the Year 12’s put together an incredible disco filled with singing (so loud most of us lost our voices the next day), dancing (so hard by the end of the night our feet couldn’t stop moving) and other fun activities including limbo and dance offs.

The night started a little awkwardly because all we wanted to do was dance but everyone was enjoying talking, but less than 5 minutes in myself and some of my friends started the dance floor which got everyone dancing!

When Mr Woolley gathered us all together to tell us dinner was ready it was like a herd of elephants stampeding through the hallway to get to the food first. We enjoyed a hot dog and either a Fanta, Coke or water. I have a hunch most of us chose the soft drink option though.

When dinner was finished we headed back into the Auditorium and started to dance again and let me tell you the second half of the night was even crazier than the first! We walked into the Auditorium to the song “I love it” by Icona Pop. Seeing this is my favourite song I decided to make the crazy decision of jumping up on stage and dance. Then I saw a limbo pole!!!

As soon as the limbo pole came out everyone flocked to the stairs so they could get a good spot in line so they could have a go. I really surprised myself on how well I did, I made it to the lowest level but then I stumbled and ended coming in the top 5 (not necessarily 5th). I think that everyone can agree that Madison Pizzazo took the cake and won limbo.

Then came everyone’s favourite part of the night; THE DANCE OFF!!! The girls and the boys separated into two groups. We started the competition with girls vs boys. Sadly, for us girls I think the boys got that point. We next had a solo competition which was one of the girls (me) vs one of the boys (Shaun) and I KNOW the girls won that round. Soon afterwards we did a duo round which was Jasmine and Yesnaia vs Christian and Nicholas. The girls won the next point. We came into the last round and the boys desperately needed this point. Once again it was girls vs boys and the girls were more confident than ever. The boys went first, all doing the exact same fornite dance ‘the hype’. The girls went next and all did completely different things. This resulted in a final win for the boys, which meant it ended in a tie!

The night was amazing with everyone going home with a memory they with hopefully will cherish forever.

Emilie Costley, Year 7 Student