Year 7 2019 Transition Day

On Thursday 15 November, the Year 6 classes were involved in a Transition Day where they participated in variety of activities to prepare them for Year 7 next year.

The morning session was run by Mr Daniel Lynch, Deputy Principal Mission & Catholic Identity and the 2019 College Captains, Courtney and Matthew. The students were encouraged to “Come To The Edge” as they continue their schooling journey. After recess, the students got to discuss their fears, excitement and expectations of High School with the College’s Social Worker, Mrs Caryl Gioia and participate in a Q&A session with a number of Year 7 students, and College Psychologists Mr Jon Laden-Wearne and Mrs Denise Bendotti. The students then enjoyed a tour of the Marcellin Campus, guided by the Year 9 students.
After lunch, the students were addressed by Mr Patrick Woolley, Leader of Wellbeing Year 7, where they enjoyed reflecting on their time in Primary School and touch on their expectations of High School.

Erica Horn, Year 6 Teacher

Student Reflection

On Thursday 15 November, the Year 6 students experienced a Transition Day to prepare us for the upcoming events in Year 7. In our first activity, we discussed our fears and worries with Caryl. We created a brainstorm of what we are nervous and excited about for next year. The second activity was a Q&A with the current Year 7 students. They told us everything we need to know about High School. The final activity of the day was a tour around the school with the current Year 9 students. They showed us all of the different places around the school. We enjoyed this Transition Day and we are all really looking forward to Year 7!

Darcy and Samarah, Year 6 Blue

Year 3 2019 Lavalla Orientation

On Wednesday 14 November, we welcomed the current Year 2 students and their parents to the Lavalla Campus to support their transition from Marian to Lavalla for 2019. The students were shown around by their Year 5 buddies and participated in several activities at their new campus.

Thank you so much to the Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5 teachers for all of their hard work in making the students feel safe and supported. Thank you also to Mrs Zelich and Ms Warchomij for their preparation and efforts on the day and once again thank you to the Primary Social Committee for baking cupcakes for the Year 2 students to share with their buddies.

Mitch Bristow, Head of Primary

Term 4 Week 6: From the Dean of Wellbeing

The College’s Pastoral Care Program focuses on building Wellbeing by developing key life skills to help students cope with challenges at school and beyond.

Building resilience is an important feature of this program and the students are given opportunities to view the lives of people who have had to be strong and self-confident after experiencing life changing experiences. Students discuss the qualities they see in these people with the hope that they too can embrace those traits when things get tough for them.

Emotional wellness in young people is, at times, a very fragile line. The ongoing focus of the Pastoral Care program is developing the tools to conquer our fears and anxieties. As well as building resilience, we have also introduced a ‘Gratitude Project’ where we consider all the people in our lives for whom we are grateful – our parents, friends, neighbours and the wider community. Students write affirmations to their peers and letters of gratitude for the small mercies we often share with each other.

Welcome to Alan Fitzpatrick

We welcome Mr Alan Fitzpatrick our new Deputy Principal Wellbeing Secondary to Newman College.  Alan has joined us after 12 years at La Salle College, his most recent role being Deputy Principal, Student Services.  Alan will oversee the Pastoral Care of students on Marcellin Campus (Yrs. 7 – 12) with special emphasis placed on student wellbeing and academic progress.

Write a Book In A Day Competition

Last term, as a part of National Book Week, 18 students from Years 7-9 participated in the Write A Book In A Day Competition, organised by and supporting the Kids’ Cancer Project charity. The students worked in teams to write, illustrate and publish an entire book in a single school day. They produced some incredible work and should all be extremely proud of their monumental efforts.

Following the release of the competition results last week, one of the teams who participated in the competition, ‘Kool Kidz and Co.’, was recognised as Highly Commended. This essentially meant that the team came second in the state within the Middle School Division. With submissions coming in from hundreds of schools across the country, this is a fantastic achievement.

The students involved in writing this book were Charlotte Adams, Dylan Arto, Emily Baillie, Sebastian Burns, Jeremy Butson, Ruby Capurso, Tyler Connolly, Joel Frenzel, Louis Marcon and Amelia Troon.

The team’s book, titled ‘Hopea’, as well as the other category winners, can be viewed here.

2019 Parent Funded BYODD

A reminder that next year Newman College will continue the parent funded, designated device model that commenced in 2016.

All students in Years 7 – 11 will require a Microsoft Surface Pro. A summary can be found here. BYODD 2019 7-11 Summary

Parents will be required to purchase a device for students entering Year 7, current Year 8 and current Year 9 cohorts. 2019 will be the last year for the College funded MacBook program for students in Year 12.

Please refer any queries to your relevant Leader of Wellbeing.


Year 11 Exam Feedback

Year 11 students completed their Semester 2 examinations in Weeks 5 and 6 which gave them the opportunity to demonstrate all they have learnt in their subjects over the course of the year. They are to be commended for the wonderful way they have approached these exams, their dedicated preparation and the way they have worked with their peers and teachers over the course of the year. Thank you to all the teaching staff who have supported and guided the Year 11 students this year.

Year 11 ATAR students will return to the college on 20 and 21 November for examination feedback. Students will attend their normal timetabled classes and PCG and will go to the Learning Centre if they have a general class. All Year 11 students will return on Thursday 22 November where they will have a final year group farewell assembly, participate in English and Religious education workshops in preparation for next year, spend time in PCG classes, receive their predicted ATAR scores and celebrate their achievements by attending the Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony.

Upcoming Events

Year 7 Music Showcase

Y7 – 11 Awards Ceremony

Water Polo Secondary Champion Schools Competition

Year 10 Exams and Final Day

Year 8 Reflection Days 

Year 10 2019 Parent Information Evening

Return of Lease Laptops

Year 8 students need to return their laptops on Wednesday 28 November immediately after lunch.
Year 9 students need to return their laptops on Wednesday 28 November halfway through Period 5.
Year 12 students need to return their laptops by Thursday 22 November (at the latest) to the IT Department located in the Siena Learning Centre.


Return of Library Books

As the school year is rapidly coming to an end, the Siena Library is conducting an audit of its current loans. To aid in this, we are asking that all students please return any books they currently have on loan as soon as possible. A huge number of books are currently overdue, which must be returned prior to the conclusion of the school year.

All students are asked to return any books currently on loan before the end of Week 8 at the latest. If overdue books are not received by this time, families will be issued with an invoice for the cost of their replacement. We will also be discontinuing loaning at the conclusion of Week 7.

Important Calendar Dates for 2019

Students return to school on the following dates:

  • K-Y7, Y11 and Y12 commence on Monday 4 February
  • Y8-10 commence on Tuesday 5 February
  • PK-12 Family Mass: Wednesday 13 February commencing at 5.00pm
  • Y7-12 Swimming Carnival: Thursday 21 February, HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont. This is a compulsory event and all students are expected to attend on this day.

Term 4 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Learning and Staff Development

The Importance and Impact of Social Education

The focus of personal and social education is to develop a student’s personal and social skills. Learning skills are enhanced by the development of self-confidence, resilience, perseverance, and an empathy for others.  Our Vision for Learning, Shine through Discovery, challenges each student to collaborate with their peers and teachers as they strive for excellence in their learning. We teach skills associated with collaboration by;

  • Teaching opportunities within the curriculum that enhance the personal and social development of students
  • Delivering the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum that explicitly teaches the concepts of safe relationships
  • Enabling students to gain confidence and positive self-esteem by celebrating their gifts and talents
  • Encouraging the skills to make appropriate decisions and to think independently
  • Teaching the skills and strategies needed to work effectively in a team and to problem solve

The development of these skills and attitudes assist in creating a positive and socially healthy College community in which we seek to collaborate positively with one another.

Return of Lease Laptops

Year 8 students need to return their laptops on Wednesday 28 November immediately after lunch.
Year 9 students need to return their laptops on Wednesday 28 November halfway through Period 5.
Year 12 students need to return their laptops by Thursday 22 November (at the latest) to the IT Department located in the Siena Learning Centre.

Transition Days

This week, the current Year 2 and Year 6 cohorts enjoyed a Transition Day to assist with their transition to their new campuses in 2019.

Important Calendar Dates for 2019

Students return to school on the following dates:

  • K-Y7, Y11 and Y12 commence on Monday 4 February
  • Y8-10 commence on Tuesday 5 February
  • PK-12 Family Mass: Wednesday 13 February commencing at 5.00pm
  • Y7-12 Swimming Carnival: Thursday 21 February, HBF Stadium in Mount Claremont. This is a compulsory event and all students are expected to attend on this day.

Code of Conduct

A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers and extends to all forums including social media and email forms of communication. The Code seeks to value the dignity of every person, foster positive relationships, ensure confidentiality and accountability and support professional boundaries. Events held during school hours AND outside of school hours that are associated with the College are also supported by the Code. Any perceived breaches of the Code can be discussed with any member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Term 4 Week 6: From The Deputy Principal, Mission and Catholic Identity

We educate above all through being present to young people in ways that show we care for them personally. We make time for them beyond merely professional contacts, getting to know each one individually. Personally and together as a group we seek to establish relationships with them, founded on love, which create a climate for learning and an educational setting, for passing on values, and for personal growth’.
(Article 99 – In the Footsteps of St Marcellin Champagnat)

The ideals shared across the 83 countries around the world in which Marist education in the tradition of Saint Marcellin Champagnat is present, are reflected in the extract above from In the Footsteps of St Marcellin Champagnat. At Newman College, we seek to be a vibrant, local expression of these ideals in our commitment to developing each young person in our care in a holistic way that seeks to invite each to reach the fullness of life socially, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically. We do this as an intentional community of faith and learning in which we are unified by our shared appreciation for the place of our Catholic faith and its unique Marist expression. It is within this climate of learning that we seek to establish a nurturing educational setting in which our values may become sign-posts to grow and support each member of our community.


Year 11 Philippines Immersion

On Thursday 22 November, our Year 11 Philippines Immersion group will be commissioned at our Thursday Morning Mass.

On Friday 23 November, 14 Year 11 students from Newman College, will be joined by two Year 11 students from St Joseph’s School, Northam, to begin their two week Immersion in the Philippines accompanied by Miss Clare Cole, Leader of Youth Ministry & Advocacy, Mrs Rebecca Bramanto, Leader of Wellbeing Year 11 and Mr Daniel Lynch, Deputy Principal Mission & Catholic Identity.

The students attending are:

Elizabeth Adams, Jack Burgess, Courtney Beveridge, Kiara Camisa-Cason, Matthew Giumelli, Clare Hogg, James Kerr, Stephen Loreck, Rayne McGowan (St Joseph’s, Northam), Benjamin Miniello, Alannah Peou, Megan Pethick, Cole Stevenson, Emily Tang, Anthea Todman and Jeklyn Wallis (St Joseph’s, Northam).

We congratulate our 2018 Year 11 Philippines immersion group on taking this next step in their journey following their six month formation and preparation process.

Newman Mothers In Prayer: An Open Opportunity for all our Mums

‘Mums in Prayer’ (MiPs) is coming to a kitchen table near you …

We have a newly formed triplet of Newman mums who meet around their kitchen table for 1 hour, once a fortnight to pray for their children, their children’s friends, teachers and our wider school community. They are looking for other like-minded Mums who would enjoy praying together in a relaxed environment over coffee (and sometimes cake!). This is a multi-denominational group of women who desire to actively invite God’s guidance, favour and protection into daily life. If you are interested in the spiritual growth of your children and their peers, or would like to investigate what this looks like, the next date is set for Wednesday 28 November, 9.00-10.00am (this is the last meeting for the year).

For further details and the address of ‘the kitchen table’ please contact:

  • Lisa Gleeson (mother of Daniel, Year 7) –
  • Vanessa Strohmeier (Principal’s Support Team) –

Weekly Thursday Morning Community Mass (Champagnat Chapel – 8.10am – 8.35am)

All parents, guardians and families across our PK-12 College are invited to attend the weekly Thursday morning Mass celebrated by Fr Joseph Tran and Fr Mark Baumgarten. Our weekly Newman College Community Mass is an important way that we as a Catholic community seek to nourish and live-out our faith in community with one another.

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

The St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal is in full swing! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. In aid of the appeal, the 2019 Social Justice Captains along with the Faith and Liturgy Captains met with Fred Simons from the Doubleview St Vincent de Paul Conference to learn about their work and the direct impact that the donations have for families in need this Christmas Season. Parents are encouraged to watch the following video with their children to learn more and discuss the work of St Vincent de Paul. The Christmas appeal at the College will continue until Friday 30 November on the Marian and Lavalla Campuses and Friday 7 December for the Marcellin Campus.


24:7 Floreat Youth Group

A message from the 24/7 Floreat Youth Group Leaders, Angela and Sebastian:
“What a night we had at Floreat last week! Experiencing everything from the Irish fiddle to classical cello, from tap dancing to lip syncing. The 24:7 Floreat’s very first talent show was spectacular! Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that came and made it such a good night. This week, the story of our Old School Heroes continues with games and activities that will keep you on your toes. So come along and bring your friends to win a prize! We meet each Sunday night (6.00pm – 8.00pm) in the Parish Hall at St Cecilia’s, Floreat. The Youth Group is open to all young people in Years 6-12.” Call Angela 0455 960 174 or Sebastian 0403 230 395 for more information.

Catholic Mission visit to Newman College

Catholic Mission Schools Engagement Coordinator, Judith Nyamuli, visited Newman College on Thursday 8 November to thank the students who attended the Anti-Poverty Mass and share other ideas of how young people can support the work of the Church. The students also had an opportunity to ask Judith questions about the work of Catholic Mission. We thank Judith for taking the time to come and speak to the students.

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry (ACM) is a non-profit organisation, of the Archdiocese of Perth founded in 1975 to meet the spiritual needs of Aboriginal people within the Perth metro and surrounding areas. The ACM promote the spiritual, cultural and social development of people of Aboriginal descent. There latest newsletter can be found here.


Catholic Mission Christmas Concert; In Word and Music

Catholic Mission invites staff, students and their families to attend the annual Christmas Concert on Thursday 6 December at St Patrick’s Basilica, Fremantle from 7.00pm – 8.15pm. A Vulnerable Girl Flyer
Tickets are; Adult $30, Concession $20, 12 years and under are FREE. Tickets can be purchased here.

Catholic Mission are inviting concert goers to consider taking a refugee or single mum along with them. If this is something that they would like to do, as an opportunity for encounter and engagement with someone on the margins in the season of Christmas, they can contact Francis Leong who will make the necessary arrangements for this to happen through the Red Cross and Pregnancy Assistance.


World Day of the Poor

The World Day of the Poor will be held on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, this year on 18 November 2018. In his message for the second World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis has called for a new evangelisation that prompts Catholics “to make tangible the Church’s response to the cry of the poor”. The Australian Catholics Bishops Conference (ACBC) responded through The Australian Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life chairman Bishop Terence Brady encouraging all Catholic communities to be involved and respond to the theme of day: “This poor man cried and the Lord heard him” (Psalm 34:7). For the Pope’s Message, World Day of the Poor, please click here. For Prayers of the Faithful, World Day of the Poor click here; For Mother Teresa Prayer – Who is Jesus to Me, click here. Further info: