Year 12 Human Biology Excursion

On Monday 29 July, the Year 12 Human Biology class visited the Harry Perkins Institute. This excursion is hosted and run by very knowledgeable research scientists who work at the facility. Students worked in the lab, where they set up and ran biotechnological processes to better understand how mutations can be identified. In the lab, students explored how to amplify the potentially mutated BRAF gene of three patients. The identification of this mutation can lead to improved treatment options for people with melanoma. The lab offered students the opportunity to set up a PCR reaction to amplify the BRAF gene, followed by electrophoresis to visualize the outcome. Students learnt first-hand from melanoma patients how advances in research directly affect lives. The students thoroughly enjoyed this very rich learning experience. Many were inspired by the work of the scientists at this facility, which enhanced their further aspirations for studying a field of Science at University.

Janette Petrides, Science Teacher