Year 6 Family Life Education Program

To support parents in their role as primary educators for their children, we are offering the Family Life Education Program (Personal Development), which is presented by the Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services, to students in Years 6.

These are 90 minute sessions for single sex groups entitled ‘Becoming a Woman’ and ‘Becoming a Man’. The content of both the boys and girls sessions covers ‘Life Before Birth’, ‘Physical and Emotional Change’, ‘Hormonal Change’, ‘Hygiene Practices’ and ‘Forming Healthy Friendships’. The girls session includes the menstrual cycle, ‘Managing Menstruation’ and ‘Boys are Changing Too’. The boys session includes ‘Girls are Changing Too’.

Whilst recognising education of children in human sexuality is primarily the right of parents, these programs are endorsed by our Archbishop and the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.

A Consent2Go will be sent to parents prior to the day to indicate whether you give permission for your child to attend the Family Life Workshop and participate in supporting class lessons. If you would prefer to teach about sexual development to your child personally and do not wish your child to be present either at these sessions or in classes, please indicate this on the Consent2Go.