Year 7 2021 Orientation Day

The day provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the College environment and to meet some of their classmates. Students will be given a tour of the College, they will meet their Peer Mentors and will participate in a series of games and activities designed to foster friendships.

Students will also complete an On-Entry Assessment. Students do not need to bring any writing material as all stationery will be provided to them.

What to Wear
Students are asked to wear their current primary school sports uniform and to bring their school hat.

What to Bring
Students will need to bring their lunch and a water bottle. Morning tea will be provided by Newman College. If, however, your child has special dietary requirements, then we advise that they bring their own morning tea. Students will not be able to access the College canteen.

Report Information
To assist us in planning for the academic needs of our students, we ask the parents of incoming Year 7 students to provide the College with a photocopy of the Year 5 NAPLAN report and the Year 5 2019 Semester 2 and Year 6 Semester 1 school report. These reports can be handed in on Orientation Day when the students first arrive at the College.

Please place these reports in a sealed envelope with the following information on the front and place in the boxes provided in the Exam Centre upon arrival.

Problems Attending the Day
If your child is unable to attend the Orientation Day, please inform Mrs Flora Hughes, College Registrar, via email An alternate testing day will take place during normal school hours in 2021.