Year 7 Camp Highlights

Bags came rolling into the packed Auditorium foyer, where screams and chatter of students gave all the teachers migraines. Over the loud shrieks and excitement of giggling Year 7 students, teachers eventually succeeded at calling Guild rolls. Then it was off to camp we went…

After a long hour on the bus, we finally arrived at Woodman Point Recreation Camp. Everyone piled off the bus and unloaded the bags. Soon enough, we had dumped everything outside the dorms and were hungrily munching on our long-awaited recess. We then got straight into some fun team-building games, which included tug of war, tunnel ball and charades. These games took us into lunch. After we had some free time to play sport, look around, and most importantly, eat, we were all impatiently waiting to find out our dorm allocations. Before we knew it, we were all sprinting for the top bunk, unpacking our bags and energetically bouncing around with screams of delight.

Next on the agenda was activity number one. A small crowd of instructors met us outside our dorms, ready to show us one of the things that Woodman Point had to offer. These activities included: flying fox, vertical challenges, search and rescue, archery, orienteering, rock climbing, bike-riding and kite-making. A popular favourite was the adrenaline-filled flying fox!

The flying fox is a 100m long zipline, where you fly through the air at high speed. For some, it was a challenging activity, but for others, an epic ride. One at a time, the steep spiral staircase left each of us huffing and puffing, as we stepped up onto the 10m high platform. I was first and couldn’t wait to be clipped onto the fox. Before I knew it, the instructor had given me the all clear to jump. My stomach turned over as I realised how far I would be going and how high I was. My feet left the platform, and I was off. I could see the bright sun setting under the horizon, felt the wind blowing in my face and the frosty air entering my lungs. I flung my legs up around the rope and felt my hands let go. I was soaring through the air, 10m high, upside down. I felt the adrenaline rush as I slowed down and dropped the rope.

After two days of fun activities, delicious food and sleepless nights, our camp was over. It was time to pack our belongings and bring our bags to the buses. Camp was a fun, exhausting and challenging experience, which we all enjoyed!

Meg McAullay, Year 7 student