Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival

Congratulations to all our Year 3-6 students on a competitive day of athletics. It was very successful carnival with students engaged all day in track and field events as well as novelty events and ball games. Students showcased their athletic skills and celebrated the achievements of their team.

This year saw the introduction of the Flag Relay which proved a highlight for many. We were lucky enough to see the Year 3 girls triple jump record being broken by 4 students. Annabelle Lynch set the new record with an extremely impressive jump of 6.71m. The Year 6 boys relay was run in a record time of 1.02.63s by the Delany faction.

Congratulations Brigid for winning the Spirit Shield (captained by Maddy Carroll) and Knox for winning the Carnival Shield (captained by Harrison Warrick).

I wish to extend my thanks to our Physical Education teacher, Mrs Jemma Bulmer, as the planning and organisation that goes into events such as these are substantial. Her commitment and hard work resulted in an exceptionally run carnival. I also thank our administration and teaching staff and our maintenance and grounds staff for their efforts in contributing to the carnival’s success. Furthermore, thank-you to our wonderful and generous parent volunteers who helped throughout the day and to those who attended to encourage our students. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Age Champions were announced at the Lavalla Assembly on Friday 20 September. Congratulations to the following:

Year 3

Year 3 Girls

  • Champions – Amber Tana and Annabelle Adamini
  • 3rd – Addison Campbell and Livia Bogdanov

Year 3 Boys

  • Champion – Dylan Hookway
  • 2nd – Deion Fernando
  • 3rd – Cooper Warrick

Year 4

Year 4 Girls

  • Champion – Bailey Trovarello
  • 2nd – Clancy Boss
  • 3rd – Chloe Rear

Year 4 Boys

  • Champion – Jackson Hall
  • 2nd – Koby Kalebic
  • 3rd – Michael Malaxos

Year 5

Year 5 Girls

  • Champion – Hannah Seaborn
  • 2nd – Sienna O’Rourke
  • 3rd – Jessica Bourke

Year 5 Boys

  • Champion – Cooper Trovarello
  • 2nd – Linus Keane
  • 3rd – James Bornmann

Year 6

Year 6 Girls

  • Champion – Leyla Do
  • 2nd – Livinia Martin
  • 3rd – Olivia Lim

Year 6 Boys

  • Champion – Harry Prentice
  • 2nd – Isaac Robinson
  • 3rd – Oscar Properjohn
Kate Warchomij, Leader of Wellbeing Primary