Newman News Term 2 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Highlights from the Past Two Weeks 

Year 11 Biology ATAR Camp 

On Thursday and Friday, the Year 11 Biology ATAR class conducted field work at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre for Western Shield. Students got first hand experience with flora and fauna monitoring techniques and even successfully trapped and recorded data on a brush-tail possum and two chuditch’s before re-releasing them into the forest!

Think Tank Challenge

On Wednesday 5 May, myself and five other students (Ethan Nguyen, Benjamin Borgas, Keira Reynolds, Jaydon Augustus and Ariana Mason) competed in the Water Corporation’s Think Tank Challenge. We caught a bus to the City of Bayswater council offices to compete against five other schools.

The problem that we had to solve was about water and how we can implement Aboriginal techniques to solve the issue of people using too much water. We spent the day working together as a team mixed with Years 9 and 10 students to solve this problem. We had three hours to complete our presentation and then present it to a panel of judges from the Water Corporation and the Innovation Institute. The highlight of the day was presenting and listening to everyone else’s presentations. I think this was a really great day and a good opportunity to learn more about different ways to save water and use our problem-solving skills in real life circumstances. We also learnt about the design thinking process and how to implement it in everyday life.

Thank you to Mr Reeves for accompanying us to the challenge.

Harper Gamble
Year 9


Important Information For Next Two Weeks 

Help your child jump over the mid-term hurdle 

We have reached the halfway point of the school term – a time where students begin to feel overwhelmed with homework, assessments and after-school activities. This can also be a time where students lack motivation towards their learning.  As parents, there are several things you can do to help your child power through with determination and grit and reach the end of the term with a strong finish.

  • Convey a positive attitude: remind your child of past accomplishments and continue to offer positive reinforcement and feedback.
  • Encourage a growth mindset: reframe how your child approaches challenges. Challenging work can be seen as an opportunity to learn something new and grow your skills and knowledge.
  • Set good study habits: this is a good time to review your child’s study routines, habits, and workspace.
  • Encourage breaks: while it is important for students to keep on top of their schoolwork and study, taking short breaks actually increases productivity. Encourage your child to take short breaks to stretch or go for a short walk. Avoid breaks that require screen time, as their eyes need a break also!
  • Family time: spending quality time with your family can help build strong relationships. We live such busy lifestyles and quality family time can sometimes be hard to come by. Take some time to have fun together doing something you all enjoy.
  • Prayer: prayer can be a powerful way of helping us find direction or strength in times that are challenging. Praying together can be done in creative ways such as sharing moments of joy or gratitude and daily reflection. The Marist Daily App is a great resource.
  • Sleep Hygiene: help your child develop good sleep hygiene by ensuring they are getting enough sleep each night. Rather than screen time before bed try a mindfulness activity to help your child wind down.
  • Look at the big picture: while it is important for your child to set short-term goals to complete set work, all these tasks are preparing them for their long-term goals such as graduating high school or getting a job. Discuss your child’s aspirations with them and help them remember that this is what they are working towards.

Canteen Payments

As of Monday 31 May (Week 7), students will no longer be permitted to pay for items at the canteen using a mobile phone. The canteen will only accept cash, card or SmartRider payments. For further information on how to link a SmartRider card can be found here.
Mobile phones cannot be carried by students throughout the school day.  

Photo Day

You should now have received your child’s personalised photo order envelope. The envelope outlines the photo packages available and includes the order form for parents to complete and return. Students must ensure that they bring with them their personalised envelope on their photo day (even if families have opted not to purchase photos).

A reminder of the following dates for School Photos:

  • Monday 21 June: Years 7-12 Sport Photo Day
  • Tuesday 22 June: Years 10-12 Photo Day
  • Wednesday 23 June: Years 7-9 Photo Day

Personal Appearance

Please be reminded about the following uniform and grooming requirements that teachers and Leaders of Wellbeing will be focusing on in the upcoming weeks:

  • Students with hair longer than the bottom of the collar must have their hair tied back and clear of the face.
  • Jewellery is restricted to a watch, a discrete cross or religious symbol on a fine, light weight chain.
  • Girls may only wear one pair of plain studs or sleepers, worn in the lower lobe.
  • Girl’s skirts must be knee-length.
  • The College Blazer must be worn to and from the College and during Periods 1, 2 and PCG.

Thank you for your support in ensuring students adhere to the College Uniform and Personal appearance policy. Click here for more information.

Careers and Pathways Update

Contact details:

Justin Farley
Pathways  Coordinator 
Tel. 9204 9457

Alastair MacNeill
VET Coordinator
Tel. 9204 9415

Year 10, 11 and 12

Newman Careers Expo

The Newman Careers Expo will be held on Monday 21 June (Week 10) after school in the Marist Auditorium. There will be a wide variety of exhibits, including:

  • All Universities: UWA, Curtin, Notre Dame, ECU, Murdoch
  • TAFE
  • Defence Force
  • Private VET providers
  • SAE Creative Media Institute
  • Apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Disability Support

3.30pm to 4.30pm: Year 11/12 students attending

5.00pm to 5.45pm: Year 10 students attending

5.45pm: Year 10 parent information evening

Year 10 

Subject Selection for Year 11, 2022

Please see below the timeline for subject selection for Year 11, 2022.

  • Term 2, Week 5
    Students and families provided with written communication about the subject selection process
  • Term 2, Week 6
    Year 10 students receive their subject selection research booklets, and the Senior School Pathways Information Booklet. Online subject selection handbook ( will be updated and available to students and families.
  •  Term 2, Week 7
    Year 10 Examinations.
  •  Term 2, Week 9
    Year 10 Semester 1 reports available to students and families.
  • Term 2, Week 10
    Monday 21 June
    5.00pm to 5.45pm: Year 10 Careers Exo
    5.45pm:Year 10 Parent Evening
    Tuesday 22 June
    Subject selections will open (online) for students and families.
  • Term 2, Week 11
    Friday 2 July: Final date for Year 11 subject selections to be entered online.
  • Term 3, Week 1-2
    College staff will contact families on an as-needed basis to discuss concerns or questions.
  • Term 3, Week 3
    Information about enrolling in Onsite (work experience) and TAFE will be provided to students and families.

Year 12

University applications open (TISC)

As of 19 April, Year 12s can apply for a place at University in 2022. In Term 3, all Year 12s will be provided with detailed information on how to apply via TISC.

There is no rush to apply and students will not miss out on a place at University. It is better to take your time and think carefully about the right course for you.

Closing dates are 30 September (for Medicine/Dentistry) and 21 December (all other courses).

University Early Offers

Western Australian universities are publishing their Early Offer programs for students entering university in 2022. Please see below for details:

Thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year?

If you are in Year 12 and thinking of studying Medicine or Dentistry next year (either at Curtin, or via direct pathway to UWA) you must sit the Undergraduate Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) this year.

The dates for UCAT testing 2021 are:

  • 1 July: Testing begins
  • 11 August: Last test date

You can find out more about the UCAT at or you are welcome to book an appointment to talk to me. There are many different ways into Medicine and Dentistry so come and ask if unsure.

Students and parents might also find this webinar useful.

Upcoming Careers Events