Newman News Term 2 Week 8 : From the Principal

Champagnat Day

Today we celebrated the ideals and dreams of our Founder St Marcellin Champagnat and who we are as a Marist community. Right across the school today, from our Kindergarten to Year 6 to Year 12, we came to the table to celebrate who we are and our shared purpose. At the heart of our Gospel message is the notion that we can be faith-filled, we can be hope-filled and we do that by how we love one another. Marist education is premised on the notion that we can be present to each other, that we can form relationships and think of the other person, particularly that person most in need.

Congratulations to those Marist award winners in each year group in the Secondary school and those in the Primary who have won the Marist award every week. This award sets the exemplar of what we want for this community. A commitment to excellence, a commitment to service, a commitment to the other person. Congratulations also to those teachers for their Marist service awards.

The proceeds of funds raised today will go to Australian Marist Solidarity, the international agency for the aid and development work of the Marist Province of Australia, which supports those throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. Our fundraising today raises awareness of issues that afflict the minority, the marginalised, the person without a home, without food on the table or a country they can call their own. We need to ask ourselves the question – ‘what would we do if we had no home, had no country, no education?’ In our faith and learning community the people we become, the questions we ask and the actions we take will define our future.

We were indeed fortunate that the weather held. Students and staff participated in all events with great enthusiasm and joy. Further reports of the day can be found in other parts of this newsletter.

Opening and Blessing of the St John Henry Newman Learning Hub, Tuesday 1 June

Thank you to all staff, students and members of our Community for ensuring that last week’s Opening and Blessing of the St John Henry Newman Learning Hub was the great success it was.

This event not only showcased our beautiful new facility, but also provided an opportunity to celebrate our Vision for Learning Shine Through Discovery – Let your light shine…..

This new learning space was designed to animate staff and students to reflect our vision to be flexible, agile and innovative in their learning. The Hub reflects the pedagogical pillar, Collaborate, in our Vision for Learning that will enhance the skills of critical thinking, innovation and a culture of presentation for both students and staff.

We were indeed fortunate to have had special guests contribute to the formalities of the Opening, including:

  • The Most Reverend Timothy Costelloe, Archbishop of Perth
  • Br Peter Carroll, Provincial of the Marist Brothers and the Leader of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat
  • Dr Frank Malloy, National Director Marist Schools Australia (online)

Primary Schools Lifelink Launch

On Tuesday 2 June, Newman College was delighted to once again host the Archbishop of Perth’s Lifelink Launch for Primary Schools, the aim of which is to help raise funds for people in need in our community. We welcomed the following special guests to our College:

  • The Most Rev Timothy Costello, Archbishop of Perth
  • The Most Rev Donald Sproxton, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth
  • Dr Debra Sayce, Executive Director, CEWA
  • Br Peter Carroll, Provincial Leader of the Marist Brothers
  • Dr Frank Malloy, National Director Marist Schools Australia

Year 7 2024 Interviews

As indicated in last week’s Newsletter, the interview enrolment process for Year 7 2024 has commenced and continues over this weekend into next week. Members of the Senior Leadership Team have thoroughly enjoyed meeting prospective students who are showing so much enthusiasm for starting secondary school.

College Canteen Provision of Service

In recent months the College has undertaken a review of the canteen services provided at Newman College to evaluate the efficacy of resources and facilities. The outcome of this review indicated the need for consolidation of provisions across the College. As a result, several changes to the delivery of service will come into effect from the commencement of Term 3 2021. These include:

  • All food and drink will be provisioned through the Marcellin Canteen.
  • Canteen orders for recess and lunch will be delivered to the Marian and Lavalla campuses at the appropriate time. (This recess option for the Marian Campus is new.)
  • All Canteen orders, for both recess and lunch will now shift to the Flexischools online system. Walk up purchases will no longer be available at the Marian and Lavalla campuses.
  • Forgotten or missing lunches will now be reported to the relevant Student Administration where appropriate measures will be taken to support individual students.
  • Canteen services for Marcellin students remain unchanged.

Primary families would have received communication this week about how to access Flexischools and set up an account.

John Finneran