Director of Mission and Catholic Identity – Champagnat Day

Champagnat Day 

This significant day in the life of the College, celebrates our Marist Charism and seeks to raise funds for Australian Marist Solidarity. I am pleased to announce the generosity of our staff, students and families allowed us to raise over $12000. This money will be used to support the Kuya Centre for Street Children in the Philippines, a place where pre-covid we would take a group of Year 11 students on immersion.

The Champagnat Day celebrations at Newman College began with Mass celebrated by Fr Garner in the Gym for Years 7 – 12 and in the Marist Auditorium for Kindy – Year 6 with Fr Kaz. During the celebrations our Champagnat Award winners for Year 7 – 12 were announced. We congratulate the following students;

We also celebrated staff who have served in Marist Education for significant periods of their career.  Thank you to the follow staff for your continued contribution to the lives of our students and staff here at Newman College;

Following Mass our students from primary participated in a range of activities that centred on learning more about the Marist story. Students were able to enjoy a sausage sizzle, animal farm and bouncy castles. Secondary students participated in a range of Fete activities and had a selection of delicious food stalls. Secondary students finished the day with a display of talent in the form of ‘battle of the bands’.

I loved Champagnat Day because we met our buddies for the first time. My buddy was lovely and showed me how to make a St Marcellin puppet and we made a ‘Stop Motion’ video about St Marcellin. I loved playing handball with my buddy, visiting the animal farm and having a hotdog for lunch. 
Harrison Keller – Year 2 Blue

It was finally Marcellin Champagnat Day! We started the day meeting our buddies and then we walked to Mass, we loved singing songs together. We had a great time getting to know our buddies and made posters and puppets about St Marcellin Champagnat. In the afternoon we were lucky to have a go on big inflatable slides. It was sad to say goodbye at the end of the day but we had the time of our life. 
Annabelle Adamini, Emersyn Duck – Year 5 Green

Last Friday the college hosted the annual Champagnat Day. The day began with a Mass where we all had time to reflect and celebrate the school’s patron saint, Marcellin Champagnat. Following this we were given time to relax with our peers. We were free to purchase a variety of food and listen to the live band. On the oval there were many stalls and games set up where students were played games such as; laser tag or live fuse-ball. Finally following these activities there was a talent show where students from the school let their light shine and we all got to listen to some amazing performances. Overall, this was an amazing day on our school calendar! 
Year 11 Students

The day was a resounding success. Many thanks to our families for their support of our fundraising and our staff and students for the spirit in which they participated. The day reminds us of the importance of our Marist characteristics of Family Spirit and Presence. It is through days like this that students foster positive relationships with their peers and staff. We pray that the Charism of Champagnat to make Jesus Christ known and loved continues to be the foundation for our students at Newman College as we seek to form “good Christians and good citizens”.

Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat 

The Marist Association is a group of people who choose to commit to actively living the Marist charism. We meet several times throughout the year for formation and the Eucharist at St Joseph’s Parish. The group is made up of teachers and people who have an affiliation to Marist life.

On Sunday 6 June, members of the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat gathered to celebrate the Eucharist at St Joseph’s Parish in Subiaco. As a group we came together to pray and renew our commitment to the Marist charism and build our Family Spirit. We also welcomed new members to the Association.  It was a wonderful evening celebrating our Marist connection and story.