Newman News Term 2 Week 11: From the Vice Principal

Term 3 Dates 

Monday 19 July Pupil Free Day – COLLEGE CLOSED (Staff Faith Formation PL)
Tuesday 20 July K-12 Parent/Teacher/Student Interview Day
Wednesday 21 July PK-12 Student return
Friday 13 August Pupil Free Day – COLLEGE CLOSED (Staff PL)
Monday 16 August Pupil Free Day – COLLEGE CLOSED (CEWA Faith Day)
Thursday 23 September Y12 last day
Friday 24 September END OF TERM 3

Student Leadership 

Last Friday our student leaders in Year 6 gathered for breakfast with our Year 12 leaders. We used this opportunity to connect with each other and deliver a leadership workshop on ‘Knowing your values’. Students all know that part of leadership is being able to understand, relate, and lead others, but another key component is being able to understand ourselves, and the things that drive our thoughts and actions. Students were able to gain an understanding of what it means to have values and took part in an exercise that allowed to better understand those values that are important to them. The workshop was received well by students, and we are looking forward to our next one in Term 3 already!

Staff Professional Learning 

All staff will participate in Faith Formation Professional Learning on Monday 19 July and Parent Teacher Interviews on Tuesday 20 July. I extend my thanks to staff for their professionalism in preparing for these important professional learning and parent engagement opportunities.

Return to School – Term 3 

Students in PK to Year 12 will return to the College on Wednesday 21 July.  Please ensure that all students adhere to College uniform and grooming expectations from the first day. Thank you in advance for your support.


All PK to Year 9 and Years 11 and 12 reports will be available to access via SEQTA Engage on Friday 2 July by 5.00pm.  Year 10 reports went live two weeks ago. Please find the SEQTA login instructions below.

SEQTA Login 
Download SEQTA Engage Login Instructions

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

The College will host Parent Teacher Interviews for  all students K-12 on Tuesday 20 July from 10.00am – 7.30pm.  

Primary interviews will take place in classrooms and Secondary interviews will take place in the Marist Auditorium.

  • Students from Years 3 to 12 are required to attend the interviews, they do not need to be in College uniform
  • Marian students are not required to attend the interviews

Download PTO Parent Instructions

Year 11 Dinner Dance

In light of the COVID lockdown this week, the College had to postpone our Year 11 Dinner Dance and Leadership Day. We have secured a new booking with AQUA for Friday of the first week back, 23 July. It is anticipated that students will engage in the leadership workshop at school during the day, will leave early and will then attend their Dinner Dance that evening. Attendance at the Dinner Dance is dependent upon attendance at the leadership workshop. Further information will be provided by the Leader of Wellbeing.

Urgent: Enrolment of Siblings 

A reminder that all parents are required to submit enrolment applications for siblings who wish to attend Newman.  The College does not hold records of siblings unless the families have submitted applications for each sibling. If you have not already done so, please submit sibling applications as soon as possible, especially if a sibling is hoping to commence at Newman Kindergarten or Year 7 in 2022 and 2023.

Newman Parents Consultative Committee Meeting Term 3 

The next meeting is being held on Monday 9 August, 7.00pm in the Auditorium Studios.

The NPCC meetings, convened by the Principal and attended by various members of the College Leadership Team, is a representative group, voice and forum to gain insight into our school improvement plan and to discuss school concerns. The NPCC serves to help advance the best interests of those within our College Community. Whilst policy is determined and set by the College Executive and supported by the Advisory Council, the NPCC is a critically important group in providing input and feedback.

Start of Term 3

The College will have limited administration support on the Monday and Tuesday pupil free days of Week One next term. All enquiries need to come through the Marcellin Campus; our Administrative Staff are undertaking professional learning on both days.

Should a situation develop that forces the College to deliver remote learning to our students, we are well-placed to move into that space. Should this be the case, the College will contact families in advance of the return to school date for students.

Staffing Changes

Our Principal Mr Finneran has taken long service leave for the first half of Term 3. We also have several staff members taking long service leave and moving into promotional positions next term. A summary of these changes is provided below. Ms Jamie Pedler and Ms Ruth Ross are leaving our community this term to pursue opportunities in St George’s Anglican Grammar School and Mater Dei College, respectively. We would like to thank Ms Pedler for her significant contribution to the College in the areas of Health and Physical Education and Guild Coordination and Ms Ross for her contribution in Student Services. We wish them both the very best for their new challenges.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Yvette Pearce for her leadership of Year 11 over the first Semester and for her commitment to our students and the College. Ms Pearce has opted to focus on her teaching career and will therefore continue at the College as a teacher, across several learning areas.


  • Jamie Pedler: HPE Teacher
  • Ruth Ross: Student Services Administration

Long Service Leave 

  • Lucy Zambonetti- Year 5 Teacher Term 3 and 4
  • Stella Northey – Early Learning Sports Teacher Term 3 and 4
  • John Spriggins – Physics Teacher Term 3 and 4
  • Allison McCartan – Leader of Learning Diversity Term 3
  • Gill Kennedy – Education Assistant Diversity Education Term 3
  • Cathy Benedetto – Canteen Assistant Term 3 and 4
  • Duncan Pugh – Health and Physical Education Teacher Term 3
  • Ann Joyce – Canteen Assistant Term 3
  • John Finneran – Principal first five weeks of Term 3

New Staff

  • Melissa Heaver – Year 5 Teacher Term 3 and 4
  • Lara Vlahov – Early Learning Sports Teacher Term 3 and 4
  • Joe Ricciardone – Physics Teacher Term 3 and 4

Promotional Positions

  • Simon Martino – Acting Vice Principal (5 Weeks Term 3)
  • Mathew Puljiz – Acting Leader of Wellbeing Year 11
  • Sarah Pagett – Acting Leader of Learning Diversity Education
  • Cristina Guzzomi – Student and Guild Leadership
  • Michael Sullivan – Guild Coordinator Thomas More
  • Aleisha Crump – Guild Coordinator Brigid
  • Hannah Parker – Leader of Ministry and Catholic Identity Secondary (5 Weeks Term 3)
  • Jane Short – Leader of Ministry and Catholic Identity Primary (5 Weeks Term 3)

Code of Conduct

The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

As a Catholic community we are committed to educating the whole person. In order to do this, we need to ensure a safe, supportive and engaging environment. The basis for this environment is that all in the community model what healthy, respectful relationships look like. The Code of Conduct is the definitive guide to the behaviours we want to model to, and expect from, our children and young people. We want to create a culture that assists our children and young people on their learning journey. We can only achieve such a culture in partnership with all who participate in our community. The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum is a program that spans from 3 years up to Year 12.  Our College delivers this curriculum during classroom teaching, and through the Wellbeing Programs and Health curriculum.

A reminder to all families that the Code of Conduct can be accessed via the College website. The Code is mandated by Catholic Education Western Australia and the application of the code extends to all staff, students, parents, guardians, caregivers and volunteers.

Any perceived breaches of the Code can be discussed with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. As always, if students ever need support, they are encouraged to contact their Leader of Wellbeing, a College psychologist, Counsellor or classroom teacher.

The Code seeks to value the dignity of every person, foster positive relationships, ensure confidentiality and accountability and supports professional boundaries. Events held during school hours, and those College associated events outside of school hours are also supported by the Code of Conduct. Additionally, postings on social media platforms that identify the College or College events are bound by the Code of Conduct. We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to a positive partnership that supports our students, your children.