Newman News Term 4 Week 4: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

Exam season has begun with the commencement of Year 12 ATAR exams this week and Year 11 Semester Two exams next week. 

The exam period can often be a time doubt and worry for both students, parents, and guardians. Below are a few practical tips for parents and guardians to help their children survive the exam season. 

Help them to keep perspective: Discourage conversations that focus on ‘What if I fail?’ or ‘What if my mark isn’t good enough?’ Try to help them focus on what is happening now and what they can achieve now. Mindfulness and Guided Meditations can be a great resource, and there are plenty available on iTunes or YouTube. 

Try not to nag 😊: This can be difficult, especially if it seems they are trying to avoid their study. Help your child build in breaks and social time into their study plan; that way, they don’t feel as though you are monitoring their time. 

Keep them fed and encourage exercise: Ensure that your child has access to plenty of healthy foods or show your support by making them their favourite meal. Exercise can help to provide a fresh perspective and can revitalise a tired child. A walk with the dog, a swim or a run can make a big difference. 

Promote sleep: ensure that your child is getting enough sleep. Fatigue can have a detrimental effect on the brain processes, especially memory. Students will perform better, and be bright and alert for their exams. 

Make yourself available to help: Whether it is quizzing them on Human Biology concepts, driving them to an exam or timing them while they complete a practice exam – it all helps! 

I wish all our Year 11 and 12 ATAR students and their families all the best for the exam period! 

Guild Representatives 

The 2023 Guild Representative Nomination Process is underway. We encourage students to nominate those who are a positive role model to their peers and an active participant in Guild activities. A Guild Representative should also have good interpersonal and organisational skills, demonstrate initiative and adhere to College policies.  

Students can find the Guild Representative nomination form by visiting their cohort’s Teams page. The nomination process closes on Monday, 7 November.  

I am extremely proud to say, the standard of applicants is once again exceptionally high. Once the nominations close, students will be informed about the following stages. 

Year 7 2023 Transition Workshop 

Last Tuesday, 25 October, the 2023 Year 7s joined us for their first workshop. Our Year 10 Peer Mentors and Guild Coordinators assisted in the running of the afternoon, which included afternoon tea and ‘Getting to Know You’ activities. The 2nd and final workshop is on Tuesday 15 November. The focus will be ‘Getting to Know the School’ and understanding what it means to be a Newman College student. Our Year 7 2023 cohort will learn how to use their locks and practice, using a timetable, getting around the College. The Peer Mentors are looking forward to this second opportunity to get to know our Year 7 2023 students. 

Year 11 

There has been a lot happening across the Year 11 cohort in their final weeks of 2022. This week, our Year 11 students under the guidance of Miss Beekink, orchestrated a cricket tournament on the oval at lunch time which was viewed by many across Marcellin Campus. It was wonderful to see the comradery and enthusiasm amongst the Year 11s as they participated in the match whether it was by playing, cheering or assisting in the organisation.   

In Week 2 this term, our Year 11 students were provided with an opportunity to reflect on our Marist theme: Known and Loved – Dignity for All. Miss Beekink arranged for Sol and Rivka to come and speak with all Year 11 students – Sol’s late father Chaim and his mother Rivka, were both survivors of Auschwitz during World War II whose stories of survival were a testament to the strength of the human spirit in the face of the greatest adversity.  

Year 12 students – School Documents 

Please be reminded that you will need to print off all school documents before the end of December 2022, in advance of student data being rolled over for 2023.


Students and visitors to the College are reminded that WACE exams are currently taking place and Year 11 exams commence next week.  The final exam date for both is Friday 18 November.  We therefore ask you are quiet when walking around the Marcellin Campus, especially around the Auditorium and the Exam Centre.

Uniform – Bathers and Rash Vest requirements  

As previously communicated, the College has introduced New College bathers and rash vests. In keeping with College uniform expectations, students are required to adhere to the following changes relating to College bathers and rash shirts.  

  • Years 1-2: No change. Students continue to wear their own personal bathers and rash vests.  
  • Years 3-9 (2022): College bathers and rash vests (old or new) are compulsory.  
  • Years 3-10 (2023): New style College bathers and rash vests will be compulsory. No old bathers or rash vests can be worn.  

** Due to stock issues earlier in the year, students in Years 7 to 10 may wear the older version of the College bathers and rash vests for the remainder of 2022. New bathers and rash shirt must be purchased for 2023.