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Student Achievement

Student Achievement

At Newman College we work to put students at the centre of the goal setting process, empowering them to set and achieve goals, both academically and personally. And because celebration can motivate a child’s learning and achievement we promote authentic recognition of a child’s effort or accomplishment.

Some celebrations are personal as in private affirmation, assessment results and reports while at other times public recognition through awards or open acclamation may be appropriate.

Attention is given to strategies for student achievement in the classroom and a priority is placed on timely feedback after assessments in order to enhance learning.


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Gifted and Talented

Newman Colleges fosters academic excellence through its gifted and talented programs. Represented as unique programs adapted for specific year groups, they are designed to cater for the needs of our gifted and talented students by providing enrichment to their curriculum. In a Primary context the program is called the Ignis Program. In the Secondary school, our gifted and talented program is called the Lumen Program.

Collectively these programs challenge students to continue to shine in the educational pursuits. A range of activities are presented that encourage healthy participation in co-curricular activities. These include:

  • Chess Club
  • Speak Up
  • Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad
  • Mathematics Challenge for Young Australian’s
  • the Art Gallery of Western Australia Philosophy Day
  • Scitech Challenge Day
  • Codo Dojo
  • The Magis Carnival
  • Philosophy Cafe
  • AGWA Art and Philosophy Day
  • The Bull Hunt
  • State Philosothon
  • Tournament of Minds