REMAR Gold Retreat

On Friday 2 August, the Year 12 Remar Gold Caravel embarked on our very last retreat before our graduation.

We began with a few fun games to raise our spirits and then spent time reflecting on our Remar journey and personal growth. We also enjoyed celebrating Oliver Prudham’s birthday with some cake and good bonding time in between the activities.

A key activity we partook in was planning ways in which we can serve the community, focusing on particular ministry activities that we can do both as an individual and as a Caravel. After being given helpful advice and celebrating Mass thanks to the lovely work of Father Israel, we headed to Wembley golf course for a fun afternoon of mini-golf. Personally I did not perform too well, my teammates didn’t even need to count my score at the end to find the winner!

After mini-golf, we enjoyed an awesome buffet dinner at the Amberley Estate where we took part in a series of meaningful conversations. Throughout the session we all had to move about the tables, which encouraged us to converse with peers we may not have spoke to much throughout the day.

Overall it was an incredible day that all members of the Caravel can look back on and enjoy as we head off into the future. The retreat could not have been successfully held without the tremendous leadership of Daniel Litjens (Class of 2016), Mrs Cole-Carter, Mr Van der Heever and Brother Terry, who were supported by Josh Sampson and Sarah Whitton from the 2018 Gold Caravel.

Ben Miniello, Year 12 Student