Year 10 Retreat Day

The Year 10 Retreat Day, which focuses on servant leadership, is hosted by the Youth Mission Team, a group of young adults who give up a year of their life to minister to high school aged youth all around the country.

Some of the key focal points for the day are:

  • For students to appreciate their own worth as a starting point of their leadership journey; for students to understand what leadership looks like and the relationship between leadership and service
  • That students would encounter the core Gospel values that drive true servant leadership and
  • That students would recognise that it is both possible and desirable to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, only to help them serve as He served.

Each session will have a particular theme following the trait of Integrity, helping students to identify integrity as the most valuable quality in a leader, but also the capacity to be true to themselves and their own beliefs and values, regardless of the pressure that others may place on them.

The day is a great way to be able to spend time as a cohort, to build relationships and community, but also to engage on a more personal level by inviting Jesus to empower us as leaders and to pray for the grace to be instruments of His love.