Year 5 Leadership Retreat

Our Year 5 students experienced a highly engaging day last Friday at their Leadership Retreat conducted by 24:7 School Ministry. The focus was on developing the qualities and traits that Jesus demonstrates in his leadership as a guide for aspiring leaders to follow. Through the use of comic superheroes and the fruits of the Spirit, the students were offered practical ways to develop leadership qualities. Year 5 students can use this experience as they become the Student Leaders of the Primary School for 2019.

Dianne Grinbergs, Religious Education Coordinator Primary

Student Reflections

  • The Leadership Retreat was very helpful and made us feel more confident about going into Year 6 – Lara Esler
  • I learnt about all the fruits of the Holy Spirit and which superhero used them – Tyson Edwards
  • It was fun! – Dean Gazis
  • Our presenters were very nice. They taught us lots that everyone is a superhero in different ways – Cal Martin
  • We learnt about the different qualities to be a good leader – Sophia Nardi
  • I learnt about the fruits of the Holy Spirit – Chelsea White

Friday 12 October was a special day for the Year 5 classes, for we were invited to a special Leadership Retreat with the 24:7 School Ministry team.
As the school year is drawing to end, we are preparing for our new leadership roles for next year when we become Year 6’s. The Leadership Retreat focused on how to become leaders. We talked about DC and Marvel superheroes, watched superhero movie clips and discussed the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The fruits that we discussed are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We also discussed which superhero has which fruit/fruits of the Holy Spirit. We broke into groups and got our hands cleaned by our group leaders and filled in and discussed some booklets and work sheets. We also discussed more on God and all about the superheroes and who each superhero is. Thank you to the 24:7 School Ministry. We learnt so much and are very grateful to have been involved with the Leadership Retreat. – Isaac Martin-Booth 

On Friday 12 October, the Year 5’s enjoyed having the 24:7 School Ministry team come in to teach us about leadership. Everyone thought the retreat was really fun!
We learnt about how superheroes can teach us about the fruits of the Holy Spirit. We got put into small groups and played games about the different superheroes. We also watched parts of the movie that showed us that fruit.

Some of the highlights were; Frisbee game (knock over plastic cups with frisbee), acting out “patience” with a specific topic and a Spider Man game where we had to throw a baby doll into a pillow case that someone (Spider Man) was holding.

We all loved the Leadership Retreat and we can’t wait to have them back again anext year! – Jessica Scally