Year 11 Modern History Excursion

On Wednesday 10 October, the Year 11 Modern History class attended the WA Holocaust Institute to learn more about the causes and events of the mass genocide of the Jewish people that took place across Europe as a result of Nazi ideology. The visit began with a talk by Geoff, our guide at the Institute, and then we had a group discussion about our understanding of the events and causes of the Holocaust.

We were then guided through a selection of videos, interviews and photos that described the treatment and abuses of the Jewish people during the period of Nazi control in Germany. After this, we went into the main room that contained many confronting photos and other primary sources that really opened our eyes to the horrific treatment and conditions that were daily life for the persecuted during this time. Each source also had information attached to help us understand the context of this shameful period in history. We then got to choose a source that interested us, ask questions and had a group discussion on the events depicted.

Our experience at the WA Holocaust Institute was very educational, eye opening, and confronting. As students of Modern History, we gained a much clearer and deeper understanding of the Holocaust and why it occurred. We all left with a more visual understanding of the horrific events that occurred. Personally, the experience was highly beneficial, and I would recommend it to all people with an interest in history and who would like to learn more about the Holocaust.

Emma McGrath, Year 11 Student


The excursion to the WA Holocaust Institute was a highly insightful and educational experience that helped the Modern History students incorporate a new level of knowledge into the Nazi Germany unit of study. Students were shown original sources and artifacts from this terrible period of history, which really helped contextualise our understanding of the period.

Stephen Loreck, Year 11 Student


The WA Holocaust Institute was a hugely enlightening and eye-opening experience. Our guide Geoff Kaye offered extremely insightful and interesting information surrounding the Holocaust. The pictures we saw illuminated the horrors experienced by many during the Holocaust. Seeing this first hand made what we have been learning in class more real. Overall, our visit to the Institute was extremely useful, not only to someone who is learning about history, but for anyone who enjoys learning something new.

Georgia Condon, Year 11 Student