Catholic Education Western Australia STEM Slam Day

On Tuesday 16 October, ten Year 5 students (including Rio, Stefeno, Alex S, Jude, Dyllan, Olivia, Michael, Leonardo, Ava and Liam) were chosen to participate in the STEM day at CEO (Catholic Education Office) in Leederville. We arrived with some spare time so we looked at some solutions that other schools had come up with for things like, plastic pollution, over fishing and bush fires. We then listened to a presentation by the Year 4 students from Santa Clara on their project of Bentley 360 and how they were going to design a skate park. Then we did some STEM activities of our own. These activities consisted of tallest toothpick tower, build a working Lego fan, make your name with coloured beads representing code and researching how many light years each planet was away from us. Thank you Mrs Zelich for taking us on the day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to put our new STEM skills and knowledge into practice in the classroom.

Liam Stannard and Ava Van Dommelen, Year 5 students


A group of Year 5 students were invited to spend the afternoon at the CEO to experience some amazing STEM projects and fun activities. When we arrived we went to look at the Stem Showcase. There were 31 student stalls and four professional stalls. At last it was time to go to the STEM Stage. We sat down and listened to the students from Santa Clara talk about their Bentley 360 project. It was very informative. We then went down to the STEM Slam and got to participate in fun activities like building robotic Lego windmills. Sadly the end of the adventure came to an end so we jumped back in the van and drove back to school.

Rio Angus, Year 5 student