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Newman College remains committed to ensuring staff, students and families are prepared for the possibility of remote learning and that your child continues to receive the best possible education. Through our strong ICT network and established systems, we have access to leading educational online platforms that ensure effective communication, student feedback and dynamic content delivery.

By following our remote learning plan, your child will have access to learning content and explicit instructions for each of their curriculum subjects every day.

Our main platforms for remote learning are:

  • Seesaw (Years PK – 6) Students in the Primary School will continue to use Seesaw which is a platform that provides a digital portfolio solution with tools that provide real-time insight into student learning and parent engagement.
  • Microsoft Teams (Years 3-12) Your child is already part of a Team for their classes. Teams should be used by your child as a communications tool to check posts and a platform for online lessons and check-ins with their teachers.
  • Microsoft OneNote (Years 6-12) Some students have access to a class notebook that resides in Teams. OneNote is an autosaving and collaborative platform gives teachers access to student work with effective feedback options.
  • SEQTA Some classes may be using SEQTA to deliver learning content. Assessment data will also continue to be updated accordingly by teachers on SEQTA.

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