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Enrolling in Kindergarten

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Enrolling in Kindergarten at Newman College begins a 14 year learning journey for your child. Students are genuinely cared for and nurtured throughout the journey as they reach their full potential. We continue to develop the values you have instilled in your child through our faith based learning program. This highlights respect, dignity and love for one another. This creates a safe and settled learning environment for children. In turn, students are challenged to be creative problem solvers. They are also encouraged to grow their imagination, and through play, develop social and emotional skills. Above all, they are empowered to build lifelong friends who provide a Wellness base in support of that which is provided by staff and families.Early Childhood Philosophy Statement


Our curriculum is individualised to meet the needs of every student. The gifts and talents of students are fostered and shared.

Newman College is proud of its community focus. Children receive a wellbeing program appropriate to the year level. For this reason, children enrolling in Kindergarten attend our Early Learning Centre during their initial years of education. Pre Kindergarten-Y2 students are exposed to specifically designed programs that offer age specific pastoral care. Therefore, children have the opportunity to develop and grow in a caring space, before transitioning into our Upper Primary campus (Y3-Y6). After which, students are met with a program suited to the next stage of development.

This separation allows for tailored learning for our youngest students, in a specifically crafted environment. Our facilities have been designed to develop and foster individual growth.

Kindergarten is offered as either a three day, four day or five day program between 8.45am and 3.00pm each day.

  • 3 Days – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 4 Days – Tuesday – Friday
  • 5 Days – Monday – Friday

About Enrolling

Parents are encouraged to complete the application for enrolling in Kindergarten as soon as possible. This enables the connection between the College and home to commence. In addition, this allows for quality communication to take place about your child and how we can best meet their learning needs. Furthermore, the option of your child attending the 3 year old Pre Kindergarten program can be offered, giving your child a head start in schooling.

Families have the opportunity to meet with our College Leadership Team as part of the enrolment process from two years prior to the child commencing Kindergarten.

Upon enrolling in Kindergarten, our comprehensive induction process supports both children and parents as they take their first steps in schooling. Parents bring their child to the College before school starts so the students can meet their teacher, see their new class and meet the students they will become friends with. In addition, our Leadership Team communicates to parents the key information about starting school. Parents are able to meet other families who are also commencing their journey at Newman College. Importantly, this is the start of relationships that will grow over 14 years of education at Newman College.

Nature Play

The Newman College Nature Play Initiative aims to provide students at Newman College with natural, adventurous, engaging play spaces that enhance every aspect of their development and early learning. It aims to encourage our children’s love of nature and learning to deliver benefits in health, cognitive, social and emotional development and build resilience, creativity and environmental stewardship in our children.

Natural play spaces use a blend of natural areas, environmental features and plants to engage and challenge children and encourage them to learn about the natural world around them. Swings, slides and elements typically found in ‘pre-formed’ playgrounds can be included, but natural play spaces focus on also offering ‘unstructured’ activities for learning and spontaneous and imaginative play and problem-solving.

Some of the typical elements of a functional and effective nature play space include:

  • a nature zone (e.g. plants/trees and loose materials like pebbles bark, rocks, nuts, sticks etc)
  • sandpit and digging patch
  • water play
  • outdoor meeting spaces/cubby structures
  • equipment for loco motor development (e.g. balancing, swinging, sliding, climbing)
  • music

Ideas Lab

The Ideas Lab at Newman College is the latest edition to our teaching and learning landscape. It is designed to inspire our early learning students from PK – Y2. The Ideas Lab comes from the concept of a ‘Makerspace’. In other words, this is a place for children to explore, create and work collaboratively together. It is a community centre that combines equipment, community and education. This enables students to design, prototype and create in this safe space. At Newman College we aspire to develop creative thinkers. In essence, it is not about the teachers having the right methodology to generate an answer, but rather setting up task where there can be multiple pathways to a finishing point. The Ideas Lab is a tangible resource for students to explore these paths for themselves.
Enrolling in Kindergarten Newman College Idea Lab Learning Enrolling in Kindergarten Newman College Ideas Lab Learning Enrolling in Kindergarten at Newman College Ideas Lab Learning Ideas Lab Newman College - Enrolling in Kindergarten


Parents can use SeeSaw to engage with their child’s learning experience. Teachers use the platform to showcase the work of your child and the work of the class. Think of this as the mechanism to enlighten your understanding of your child’s education. No longer when you ask the question, “what did you do at school today”, will the answer “nothing” suffice. SeeSaw displays images of your child’s work, assessments, tasks and more. It allows parents to interact with this work by liking and commenting, allowing for informal communication with teachers on the child’s curriculum.


Newman College will nurture and care for your children, providing an education that is both innovative and customised. Our Vision for Learning and Ministry Plan underpin our actions, and focus our direction. We encourage you to experience the College community and recommend that you submit your interest to tour the Early Learning Centre via the website. You may also submit an Enrolment Registration via the website.