Girls in STEM Day

On Friday 6 September, a group of Year 9 girls were selected to attend the annual Girls in STEM event at North Metropolitan TAFE which promotes and encourages opportunities for girls in STEM. Students spent the day experimenting with different components of STEM courses and careers, such as electronics, laboratory work, chemistry sessions and horticulture amongst others.

Student Reflections

“The best thing about girls in STEM was that we got to make lip balm and I also enjoyed the planting.” Aneika Short

“I loved the cosmetics section of the day as the lip balm was fun to make. We could customize it and take it home. The lunch was very nice and the learning we did was fun.” Elissa Campbell

“The Girls in STEM Day was a great experience because I got to learn about the opportunities in TAFE and connect with other girls who like STEM.” Olivia Dixon

“The best thing about the Girls in STEM Day was going in the laboratory and using the microscope, I found this interesting because we got to learn about the different jobs in that specific area of STEM.” Julia Carbone

“I enjoyed the girls STEM Day because it showed me future pathways that I may not have considered. My favourite part of the day was the lip balm making.” Lucy Mullins

“The best thing about the day was the activities we participated in. Doing the activities was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot from them.” Lola Tuite

“The Girls in STEM Day was a great experience because it gave us the opportunity to participate in things that we don’t usually get to do at school.” Leila Arnold

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